Chapter 498 - Meeting Lu Ming Again

The path winds along the rugged peaks, and as Li Luo walks, sunlight falls, silhouetted by the dense crimson trees, turning into fine specks of light that fall on the moss-covered path.


The mountain road is unusually quiet.


Along the way, however, we see the remains of the battle.


One can only imagine how many fierce battles had broken out on this mountain trail before.


Li Luo made his way upwards, so smoothly that it was as if he was climbing a mountain safari.


Until he crossed half the mountain and entered a dense forest where, from time to time, black scorched marks could be seen in which the furious power of the thunder resonance still lingered.


On the ground in front of them lay three other figures.


The three men were charred and skinned, and still lay on the ground moaning in pain.


Li Luo looked at the three of them, his footsteps continuing incessantly, heading towards the dense forest ahead.


"Li, Li Luo?" At this moment, one of those three people made a difficult sound and struggled to get up.


As Li Luo gazed at it, he smiled, wasn't this Zhao Xingying the one who had previously fought at the first medium-sized Spiritual Gathering altar? I didn't expect this colleague to have sneaked in here too, it hasn't been easy.


"It looks like you are going to be eliminated." Li Luo laughed.




Li Luo looked towards the dense forest and said, “Is it Lu Ming?”


Being able to defeat the three of Zhao to do it.


Zhao Xingying gave a pained smile and then nodded.


"Jing Taixu is not on this road?" Li Luo asked again.


Zhao Xing Ying said, “Both Jing Taixu and Sun Da Sheng are not here… It is said that they met on another mountain road.”




Li Luo smacked his lips, Jing Taixu met Sun Da Sheng, this is really a meteorite collision, I don't know if Sun Da Sheng's so-called "Marquis Technique" is stronger, or Jing Taixu's grade 9 Void is better...


But there is no need to regret that side, because here, I fear, it is no weaker than the other when it comes to attracting attention.


From Double Resonance to Double Resonance.


It's just as interesting to watch.


Li Luo smiled weakly and did not say anything more to Zhao Xingying, but directly took a step towards the depths of the dense forest.


Although Jing Taixu was technically the culprit, Lu Ming was also considered an accomplice.


That last move of Lu Ming put them on the brink of total annihilation.


If it weren't for Lu Qing'er's "Ice Nightmare Armor" technique, even he wouldn't have been able to get this far.


And although in the end he was lucky.


But the efforts they had made before had been almost in vain, so much Heavenly Spirit Dew had been collected for nothing, which made people feel a little suffocated when they thought about it.


So, after all, it's a bit of a mouthful.


Li Luo was worried that he wouldn't see it, but now that he has found it here, it is perfect.


While thinking this in his mind, Li Luo was already walking deeper into the forest when a clearing appeared in front of him, his steps slowly stopped, but his gaze looked ahead with a certain calm and indifference.


In the branches of that large tree, a silhouette was leaning against the trunk, a pair of cold and beautiful eyes looking at her from above.


It is none other than Lu Ming.


“Li Luo… I didn’t expect you to have come out of the Dragonblood Fire Domain.” Lu Ming's eyes stared at Li Luo, showing a trace of surprise on his pretty face.


"Thanks to you".


Li Luo smiled and said, "My teammates who were eliminated told me that I should come to Dragon Bone Island and beat you up to take their breath away."


Lu Ming looked indifferent and said lightly, “Then I think you have let them down.”


Rather a very cold and arrogant character.


With a smile on his face, Li Luo clenched his palm and the sword shot out, resonance energy flowing above the ancient straight blade, a subtle hum resonated as the blade vibrated, silently cutting through the air, leaving weak traces like a surface of water being cut.


The layout in the Dragonblood and Fire Domain was actually extremely perfect, with the teams from the Xuan Xing Sacred Academy and the Bright King Sacred Academy almost completely destroyed, while their side was able to lead their companions to Bone Island. of Dragon, and already had an advantage in terms of numbers.


But, unfortunately, luck did not always favor her.


Shortly after entering Dragon Bone Island, he encountered the group led by Sun Da Sheng and naturally a bloodbath began between both sides.


Both sides seemed damaged, and it was nice that they finally compromised and moved away from each other.


But there was already attrition on both sides, and after that he led his team to the final round, facing a deliberate siege from the other academies, and his side began to be eliminated incessantly until now, he was left with only one person .


In a sense, however, its purpose has been fulfilled.


Because Sun Da Sheng and Jing Tai Xu had clashed, one of the two was destined to be eliminated in the end, and whoever it was, she would still be able to reap the benefits, after all, she no longer had a major enemy on her side. .


But what he didn't expect was Li Luo's late arrival at this time.


This means that their previous machinations over the Dragonblood Fire Domain still allowed the two bigwigs, Jing Taixu and Li Luo, to escape.


But he also immediately put that mentality aside; At the end of the day, the situation was still in their favor.


If he had to choose between the three strongest opponents, that is, Jing Taixu, Sun Da Sheng and Li Luo, he would of course prefer Li Luo, after all, although Li Luo was also a double resonance, he himself was only second. transformation stage transformation, and all the dual resonances he possessed were of lower rank than hers.


So on every level, she was crushing Li Luo.


There was no reason for him to lose this battle. So be it, let's warm up with this Li Luo first.


Speaking of which, it is the first time he has encountered an opponent who is also double resonance.


Let's hope it's a little more interesting.


She held the golden hairpin in her hand and stretched out her hand, slowly taking out a golden hairpin from her hair, with golden light flowing from it, faint lightning patterns could be seen emerging, with flashes of lightning from time to time.


However, rather than a fine sword, it seems more graphic to say that it is an extremely long golden needle.


And with the hairpin removed, Lu Ming's long hair fell like a waterfall, fluttering gently in the wind.


She jumped down from the branch, her delicate body lightly landed in front of Li Luo, with a majestic resonance power gushing out from her body. Lu Ming's resonance power took on a silvery, with lightning leaping furiously in it, but it vaguely gave off a not-quite-real feeling.


Thunder and Illusion, double resonance.


Lu Ming clearly had no intention of holding back, and as his resonance power exploded, a silver resonance power aura had surged above his slender golden needle hairpin, emitting astonishing energy fluctuations.


The power of double resonance, the realm of unity.


Surprisingly, it immediately occurred to him to display his own double resonance power.


A feeling of oppression spreads.


"Li Luo, reveal your realm of unity, I don't want to waste any more time here." Lu Ming said indifferently, the thin golden sword in his hand, leaping out with lightning light pointing at Li Luo.


When Li Luo heard this, he didn't say anything, but double resonance power surged within his body, and an aura of resonance power equally surged from the sword as it vibrated.


He looked up and smiled at Lu Ming, but just as his smile appeared, his eyes jumped behind him and a surprised expression appeared on his face.


"Jing Taixu?!"


When Lu Ming heard the words, his heart also shook sharply, and he couldn't help but glanced askance behind him.


However, at a glance, it was empty and Jing Taixu's figure did not appear.




And at this moment, a harsh resonance power fluctuation suddenly erupted in front of her, and the unusually sharp blade light seemed to be enveloped in the sound of flowing water waves, mercilessly slashing across her face.


A hint of irritation flashed in Lu Ming's eyes.


This Li Luo was handsome, but I didn't expect him to be so treacherous as well as ungentlemanly.


Even a girl?


The sword light was as fast as wind and thunder, and in an instant, it stabbed directly into Lu Ming's snow-white and thin neck without mercy.


What a spicy show.

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