Chapter 499 - A battle between double resonances



The sparkling sword light was enveloped in biting cold air and directly cut into Lu Ming's slender neck, but the moment the sword light passed by, Li Luo's face, however, changed slightly.


Because the blade does not hit a physical touch.




Li Luo's heart stirred, and when he swept the light from the corner of his eye, he saw Lu Ming's figure dissipating little by little; obviously, it wasn't his real body.


This woman is literally clever.




At the moment Li Luo's slash fell short, a thunderous sound suddenly erupted from his right, and a bolt of lightning came out, it was a thin golden silver sword leaping with thunder, the speed of the thin sword was even faster. faster than Li Luo's previous sneak attack.


Between the roar of thunder and lightning, he was already stabbing extremely viciously at Li Luo's head.


The speed of thunder resonance is extremely fast.


However, just as the fine gold and silver sword was about to pierce Li Luo's head, on his right side, an octagonal shield shining with golden light suddenly flashed, and then collided with the fine sword.




The sound of gold and iron resonated, along with a violent burst of Resonance Force.


Li Luo's figure retreated sharply, and with a wave of his palm, the octagonal golden shield fell into his hand again. He looked at it, and his heart chilled, only to see that a deep mark had appeared on the top of the shield, almost piercing it.


And this octagonal golden shield, although it was only a white-eyed treasure tool, its defensive power was quite good. Previously, after Li Luo obtained it from the Golden Dragon Dojo, he had been restoring it, but he didn't expect that now, right after it came to light, it was about to be ruined again by a sword from Lu Ming.


This woman, so fierce!


So complicated and difficult too.


One hand of Illusion Resonance was divine, and the other hand of Thunder Resonance was swift and fierce in attack, which was obviously a little more dominant than his Water Resonance and Wood Resonance in terms of aggressiveness, and if Even if he didn't have the two auxiliary resonances to add to it, he would have truly been overwhelmed by his opponent across the entire board.


Li Luo raised his head, his gaze fixed on Lu Ming, who was emitting a strong resonance power, and laughed: "Classmate Lu Ming, this is insincere in your dealings with people, isn't it? It's really unkind to use illusions to deceive people as soon as you appear."


Lu Ming sneered, you who are full of lies and sneak attacks at every turn, still have the face to speak sincerity to me?


She didn't bother to talk to Li Luo about such nonsense, her green silk stood up abruptly, while her figure was already swept away, her golden satin sword hand entwined with thunder light, amidst the roar of thunder, it was already against the body. of Li Luo around the vital envelope.


Li Luo looked at the thunderous sword shadow rapidly enlarging in his pupils, and his eyes also became much heavier, as Lu Ming's attack was too fast, so fast that even he could only see a blurry sword shadow. .




Li Luo's palm grabbed the sword, the blade tilted to the side, and a sword shadow intertwined with lightning stabbed into the blade.


The piercing sound of gold and iron rang out as the two resonance forces exploded.


The ground creaked under his feet.


On the one hand, the ground turns a charred black color; on the other, it becomes moist.


Li Luo grabbed the Golden Jade Elephant Blade, his complexion condensed slightly, he could feel an extremely violent Resonance Force passing along the blade, this Resonance Force was like thunder, when it invaded his body, it truly caused a shock. paralyzing feeling, it was as if the Golden Jade Elephant Blade in his hand could not hold it and would fall.


And even his steps were shaken by the raging force, causing him to take several steps back.


Mud and water splashed onto the ground as the paws hit.


Obviously, this time, in a simple resonance power competition, Lu Ming had the absolute advantage, but it was normal, after all, she was the third transformation, and she also carries double resonance, although Li Luo's double resonance is the primary and secondary attributes, but the other party at least also has the advantage of resonance range, so the first real encounter, Li Luo was not surprisingly suppressed by her.


Li Luo, on the other hand, had no undulations, and as his figure receded, the dual resonance power within his body surged like a torrent, rapidly surging against the strange and violent dual resonance power that had invaded his body.


The water-light Resonance Force, Wood-earth Resonance force constantly divides at this point, dissolving the Resonance Force that invades the body.


In this situation of intrusion from the outside enemy, his two power resonances seem to be exceptionally resilient.


A dozen breaths later, the double resonance power that had invaded his body finally dissolved.


Li Luo steadied himself, his eyes solemn.




On the other hand, Lu Ming let out a cry of surprise at that moment, as he could feel the double resonance power that had invaded Li Luo's body dissolving, a surprisingly quick dissolution for her.


"Your resonance power is... It's a little weird." He said slowly as his gaze locked onto Li Luo.


Although both sides were dual resonance powers, and his dual resonance power was undoubtedly more powerful, Li Luo's dual resonance power, for some reason, gave him a strange feeling.


It is more continuous and stronger, and more difficult.


But it was clear that Lu Ming was not expecting a response from Li Luo, as he directly attacked again, only to see the roar of lightning as her figure once again swept towards him like a bolt of lightning.


Li Luo's face was expressionless as his figure retreated, while his palm formed a seal.




On the wet ground in front of him, a hand of mud and water suddenly transformed at this moment, and then grabbed Lu Ming's bare feet.


This Lu Ming is too fast and must be limited.


But at those hands of mud and water grasping her, Lu Ming smiled disdainfully as he pointed his toe, as if thunderous lightning burst beneath his feet in a dazzling display.


"General Tiger Technique, Thunder Shadow Pass."


In that instant, it was as if a ray of thunder light swept through the air, and in just a few breaths, his figure had appeared in front of Li Luo like a ghost, he was high above him, his eyes looked down at Li Luo. Li Luo, his jade hand gripped the thin gold-stained sword, the thunder light in it jumped wildly.


At the tip of the sword, lightning passes through it.


It emanates an extremely dangerous resonance power fluctuation.


Lu Ming's hand tightened the sword seal, her long hair danced, and thunder light surged and moved, making her like a thunder general at this moment, stern and brave, exuding strong oppression.


Obviously, he wanted to take down Li Luo directly with the speed of a blitzkrieg.


"General Tiger Technique, Golden Thunder Xuan Sword!"


The sword in his hand shot out as if it had turned into a three-meter-sized golden beam, shooting towards Li Luo's position with unstoppable momentum.


A deep black charred mark was torn from the ground.


The golden thunder whistled, and Li Luo's face also became extremely serious at this moment, he could feel the strength of this blow from Lu Ming, even if some people who also entered the third transformation of the transformation stage, facing This punch of hers, under harsh contact, they would definitely be crushed.


It seemed that Lu Ming was not in the mood to fight him, but instead intended to fight quickly and then continue preparing for the final confrontation.


"It is quite underrated."


Li Luo's eyes were slightly downcast as his palm slowly grasped the Golden Jade Elephant Blade.


At this instant, the power bubbles resonated in the body, except for the two filled with poisonous gas, the rest, all silently shattered.


A large amount of resonance energy rushed in like a flood.


This doesn't end here.


Li Luo did not hesitate to activate the Golden Jade Elephant Blade in his hand.


First posture, Power of God Elephant.


Li Luo's arms instantly swelled at that moment, veins like small snakes gathered under the skin, a majestic force rushed into them from within the Golden Jade Elephant Blade, and immediately the skin on both arms was torn. , blood flowed down the arms.


Feeling the surge of power within his body at this moment, Li Luo smiled as he looked at the rapidly enlarging golden thunder sword aura in his pupils, his body slightly crouching, like a lion and tiger about to pounce. he.


The ancient straight blade in his hand cuts through the air with a sonic boom.


It collided directly with the golden lightning bolt!

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