Chapter 500 - Lu Ming's Illusion Formation



The red-colored trees surrounding the area were directly cut down and then crushed under the torrent of resonance power.


His cold eyes looked towards the origin of the shock wave, where a deep sword mark had appeared on the ground, scorched black as if it had been struck by heavenly lightning, and the mark spread forward until it was lost in the smoke. and the dust.


With that previous sword, he didn't hold back even half a beat.


Not only had he activated the power of his own Unification Realm Double Resonance, he had even executed that thunderous sword, the power of which he knew very well that not even some Third Transformation Stage Transformation people would be able to receive it.


Instead, Li Luo chose to take it personally.


Normally, this sword should have been able to separate the winner from the loser.


But Lu Ming did not let down his guard, his eyes still staring at the vanishing smoke and dust. A few breaths later, his eyes narrowed weakly as he saw a figure slowly emerging from the smoke and dust.


That's Li Luo.


At this moment, Li Luo was holding his ancient sword straight, his arms seemed thicker, and the skin on his arms was torn, with blood flowing and dripping down the blade, but Lu Ming did not see any thunder sword marks on his body. .


Apparently, his quick and violent punch earlier was heavily knocked down by Li Luo.


"You really are a bit strange." Lu Ming said slowly.


The strength of Li Luo's resonance was beyond his expectations.


This is not the Resonance Strength that a normal double-resonance resonance section of the second variation would possess.


"Is it a cultivation of some kind of storage resonance technique?" She pondered, but quickly guessed something, this kind of resonance technique was quite rare, capable of storing some resonance power to temporarily enhance combat power, but as far as she knew, the resonance power provided by the resonance technique Storage also had some limits, but Li Luo's strong resonance power was a bit beyond this limit.


And while Lu Ming was pondering, Li Luo didn't talk any more nonsense, he stretched out his palm, straight to the position where Lu Ming was with a fierce grip.


"The binding of ten thousand trees!"




Instantly, the trees under Lu Ming's feet trembled, and the tree trunks, as if they had the power of life, turned into pythons and quickly coiled around Lu Ming's feet.


However, from those sweeping trunks, lightning illuminated Lu Ming's delicate body and he pointed his toes.




As if lightning had struck, the entire tree was instantly scorched black and the trunks of those trees were reduced to silver-black ashes that crackled downward.


With a flash of his gaze, Li Luo continued to throw the wood


The power of resonance, urging the trees around him to coil towards Lu Ming, while the power of Water Resonance also launched another resonance technique: “Heavy Water Technique!”


With the release of the Heavy Water Technique, a film of deep blue water emerged on the tree trunks that extended towards Lu Ming, while their power also increased, and they swayed with a wind-breaking sound, fiercely punching Lu Ming.


Lightning leaped from the tips of Lu Ming's slender fingers, and a dozen jets shot out in an attempt to destroy those tree trunks.




This time, however, the lightning did not have the same effect as before, and some of the tree trunks directly passed through the lightning and appeared in front of Lu Ming, shooting towards his limbs like tentacles.


Obviously, Li Luo still wanted to limit Lu Ming's speed, after all, his thunder resonance was too fast, which would also pose a great threat to Li Luo.


"The technique of water and wood resonances is a skillful combination."


After seeing this, Lu Ming gave a praise, then his feet flashed with lightning and a ray of shadow appeared in the air, directly avoiding all the branches, and with a leap of his body, he appeared in front of Li Luo as if in a flash. instant.


Lightning light leaped from the golden sword in his hand, and as the sword vibrated, it split into several lightning sword shadows as Li Luo looked on in surprise, the sword shadows cutting at complicated angles and stabbing into Li Luo's body.


These lightning and sword shadows are so vague and unreal that it is impossible to defend against them.


Apparently, this was also a combination of Lu Ming's use of the power of illusory resonance and the power of thunder resonance.


The counterattack, on the other hand, came quite quickly.


Li Luo couldn't tell which of his opponent's thunder sword lights were real and which were fake, so he simply ignored them all and forcefully grabbed the Golden Jade Elephant Blade in his palm, and with the power of the twin resonances as well as the Power of the Elephant God activated at the same time, he slashed.


The power of that slash was so strong that even the void was directly cut with faint traces.


Sonic boom.




As the blade slashed, a thunderous sword shadow kept shattering, finally colliding with that single real lightning bolt with a bang, and as the thunder rolled, the figures of both of them shook.


The next instant, they burst into an extremely fast and furious attack.


The ground around them constantly split open with deep footprints, as if they had turned into a storm of tornadoes, destroying everything in their path.


Within a few minutes, the two faced each other directly for hundreds of rounds.


A collision of such intensity caused both of them to gasp.




When the last clash occurred, Lu Ming's delicate body was the first to retreat, his eyes were already full of gravity at this moment, and his palm, which was holding the fine golden silver sword, also trembles slightly.


Li Luo's power is terrifyingly strong.


"Is it because of that sword in his hand?"


Lu Ming's eyes glanced at the Golden Jade Elephant Blade in Li Luo's hand, in every previous moment of contact of the sword, he could feel an enormous force surging from that blade, the ferocity of that force made her feel like you were fighting with a ferocious beast.


"Li Luo, you are really very good." Lu Ming said seriously.


In front of Lu Ming, Li Luo stood with his sword in his hand, looking indifferent, except that his hair was standing on end at this moment, because he had been electrified by the power of Lu Ming's thunder resonance during the exchange of words. blows a moment ago.


He opened his mouth with a smile and said, "I thought so too."


Then, a puff of black smoke came out of his mouth, and he hurriedly closed his mouth, annoyed in his heart that this Lu Ming's thunder resonance power was really troublesome.


Looking at Li Luo's miserable appearance, the corners of Lu Ming's lips raised slightly, and then he said weakly: "But I won't lose this battle to you."


“Oh? Is that so?" Li Luo's eyes narrowed slightly.


Lu Ming stretched out his face and smiled. It was a little stunning when he showed this smile, but Li Luo felt some danger in his smile.


But before he could make any move, Lu Ming was slowly taking a step back.


With this step, Li Luo was shocked to see Lu Ming's figure disappear directly from his eyes.


"Li Luo, this was originally a means to deal with Jing Taixu, but now, it must be used on you first." Lu Ming's voice came from all directions.


At the same time, Li Luo noticed that the surroundings were beginning to change.


The empty forest receded and was replaced by an invisible sea of flowers that spread out, and he, in the middle of it, was in the middle of it.


Li Luo's expression was shocked.


"An illusion formation?"


This so-called sea of flowers was inevitably an illusion, which meant that he was now once again falling into Lu Ming's illusory formation.


Boom boom.


And as the sea of flowers appeared, above Li Luo, dark clouds began to rapidly converge, gradually covering the area of the sky.


In the dark clouds, lightning illuminated the sky and a loud roar could be heard.


Li Luo's face became more and more gloomy.


This time, the illusion formation also incorporates the power of thunder.


The combination of the power of Illusory Resonance and the power of Thunder Resonance culminated in the formation of an Illusory Thunder Formation?!


This Lu Ming is more than deceptive.

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