Chapter 501 - A Merciless Strike

Young Master Wang's cultivation is not weak, his entire cultivation has reached the third level of the Heavenly Human Realm, and his strength is extremely strong.


Among many geniuses, Young Lord Wang's strength can definitely be in the top five.


The Prosperous Sect is a major power in the Infinite Realm, with a large number of strong people, and it is an absolute giant in the Infinite Realm.


Now the oldest members of the Prosperous Sect are invited to the auction.


"Young Master Wang, give them a taste of their own medicine."


"I don't know how high the sky is, Young Master Wang, teach them a good lesson."


Talented disciples and young masters rose up in arms, and even the people downstairs followed suit.


On the contrary, the strongest geniuses had calm faces, but their eyes did not stop looking at Feng Wushen.


They had seen too many powerful people and had seen too many geniuses, and although they could not see Feng Wushen's cultivation level, they could intuitively feel that Feng Wushen was not simple.


Instead, they are much more stable than those arrogant and overbearing geniuses.


“This is the City of the Star Realm, the auction territory, not a place for you to go wild!” Liu Qingyang coldly yelled, his face fearless.


"I know it's the auction house's territory, but if I help Young Master Zhang teach him a lesson, the auction house won't do anything to me!" Young Master Wang coldly shouted, his fists clenched.


"I forgot to tell you that we are friends with Young Master Zhang, are you sure you want to teach us a lesson?" Liu Qingyang said nonchalantly.


Hearing those words, Young Master Wang froze slightly, as did all of the geniuses present, their smiling faces stiffening.


"Who are you scaring? Are they the only ones who are still friends with Young Master Zhang? I think they are imposters, trying to flaunt their power with the mighty name of Young Master Zhang."


"How dare you pose as Young Master Zhang's friend! The offense is aggravated."


"Young Master Wang, don't talk nonsense with them, waste them!"


After a stunned moment, the geniuses came to their senses, and no one believed Liu Qingyang's words.


"If they are friends with Young Master Zhang, then why isn't Young Master Zhang coming?" Young Master Wang's eyes flashed fiercely, his face curved into a cold and playful smile.


With those words, Young Master Wang lashed out at Liu Qingyang with a single punch, showing no mercy.




The moment Young Master Wang threw a punch, Feng Wushen punched, without even looking back, his right hand flexed its claw and caught Young Master Wang's fist with a thud.


Although he did not use his true essence, the power was terrifying, and he blew away a fierce wind.


The attack was instantaneous, and Young Lord Wang's face changed slightly, his brows narrowing slightly as his gaze shifted towards Feng Wushen.


The restaurant was instantly silent, and all eyes turned to Feng Wushen.


"This person is really not simple!" A genius with a powerful cultivation level said in a low voice.


"This person's strength is above Wang Yue's! I'm afraid that he has reached the fifth level of the Heavenly Human Realm." Another young genius frowned slightly.


"So powerful! To be able to fight against Young Master Wang!"


"Oh? This boy is not weak."


"I really can't say that he is truly at the Heavenly Human Realm cultivation level, I am afraid that he is not below Young Master Wang."


The geniuses present were all very surprised when Feng Wushen stepped in and easily blocked Wang Yue.


"Brat, you have some skills! Do you want to have a match?" Wang Yue provoked, with an arrogant look and a hint of contempt.


"If you have something to say, why do you need to get your hands dirty?" Feng Wushen said nonchalantly, directing his gaze towards Wang Yue.


Wang Yue was about to speak when her face suddenly changed, feeling the strength of Feng Wushen's hand's grip increase violently, and a sharp, chilling pain shot out from her fist.


"What did you just say? I didn't hear it clearly." Feng Wushen looked at Wang Yue and asked, his hand clenching with increasing strength.


"Oh! Stop!" Wang Yue, who couldn't bear it, shouted violently and miserably.


Seeing Wang Yue's miserable scream, the faces of the geniuses present changed greatly at the same time, no one had expected the ending to be like this.


Feng Wushen is above Wang Yue's strength!


"What power!" A young master with a powerful cultivation was secretly surprised.


"I wonder what kind of person he is and what power he comes from, the Endless Domain doesn't seem to have heard of this person." Another genius had a lot of curiosity in his heart.


Feng Wushen's strength grew stronger and stronger, and Wang Yue's face twisted in severe pain, screaming in agony.


The geniuses that were gathered around were too scared to speak.


"Yang... Brother Yang, help me!" Wang Yue yelled as she forced herself to endure the severe pain.


A man slowly got up, his icy gaze fixed on Feng Wushen, his icy voice carried a tinge of menace: “Let go!”


The man was none other than the older brother Yang that Wang Yue had spoken of. This man's cultivation level was not weak, and he was extremely strong at the fourth level of the Heavenly Human Realm.


At this time, Feng Wushen gave the man a glance and said nonchalantly: "Are you talking to me?"






As Feng Wushen spoke, the strength of his hand grip increased instantly, and as the words fell, there was a sudden sound of breaking bones, crushing Wang Yue's fist with force, and the latter immediately let out a cry resembling that of a pig, its fist bloody and splattered with fresh blood.


The face of the man known as Big Brother Yang instantly sank, a strong murderous aura spread out, instantly covering the entire restaurant, the atmosphere in the entire place was cold, and the only sound in the entire place was miserable screams. of Wang Yue.


Feng Wushen's ruthless tactics scared those geniuses to the point that their faces turned a bit pale.


Who would have thought that the low-key and calm Feng Wushen would attack with such ferocity?


"My hand! My hand." Wang Yue cried out in horror as many geniuses were scared to the point of breaking into a cold sweat.


"Anyone who still wants to defend Young Master Zhang, feel free to try." Liu Qingyang sneered playfully.


No one dared to face the geniuses, and all their previous arrogance disappeared.


"Brother Yang! Kill him! Kill him now!" Wang Yue roared in terror and fury.


"Young Master Yang, this boy is too arrogant! Can you even tolerate this?"


“He… How dare he crush Young Master Wang's hand?! Lord Prosperity will know, and this boy will definitely die!”


“Young Master Wang’s hand was… crushed…”


The numerous geniuses were stunned for a moment, and then seethed, unable to believe that Feng Wushen had dared to crush Wang Yue's hand.




As the crowd bustled, Feng Wushen kicked out with a thud, sending the screaming Wang Yue directly flying and destroying several dining room tables, startling a group of people who rushed to avoid him.


The moment Feng Wushen kicked Wang Yue, Young Master Yang finally attacked, bursting into fire, with his furious aura.


Young Lord Yang's speed was astonishing, almost dodging, his fist gathering terrifying power as he charged fiercely at Feng Wushen, the terrifying wind from the fist spread out, blowing the long hair on Feng Wushen's few clothes.


Sensing this furious power from Young Master Yang, Feng Wushen slightly frowned, even though Young Master Yang did not wield his true essence, his power was above Wang Yue's.






Feng Wushen instantly drew his gloves and met him with a fist that erupted with a terrifying burst of power that spread ferociously, smashing every wine table he passed, driving back large swaths of young masters, the entire restaurant. buzzing and shaking violently, and bursting into a crack that threatened to collapse at any moment.


"So you can fight me?" Young lord Yang felt shocked.



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