Chapter 502 – Know Your Flaws

Inside the VIP room.

Xu Nan Dong stood up, full of smiles, and shook hands with the distinguished guest opposite.

"Brother Wang, it's decided! Within half a year, the Southern City film and television base will definitely be finished. You can rest assured."

"Hahahaha, since Boss Xu dares to say such words, what else do I have to worry about? Is half a year enough? If not, I will give you a few more months of grace..." Wang Qing, in front of him, He laughed and harangued.

"Enough! If I delay your new play, I'll have to apologize!" Xu Nandong patted the back of his hand and said happily.

"Oh, no more jokes, how's the old man?"

"He's eating well, drinking well and in a good mood, no need to worry!"

"Okay! I'll go visit him first thing in the morning."


"You're welcome! Let's go down for a drink, Mr. Xu!"

"Please please please!"

The two greet each other and prepare to leave.

But a man standing next to them took a few steps forward and whispered a few words into Xu Nandong's ear.

Hearing his voice, Xu Nandong's face changed and his smile disappeared, and he hurriedly ran to the window and took a look at the room below.

With a single glance, Xu Nandong's scalp exploded.

"Wasn't that man Park Smiley? Was it Park Smiley?" Xu Nandong's lips trembled as he hurriedly asked.

"Boss, it's him, yes!" The man next to him said.

"What does he want? What is he going to do? Quickly, stop Park Smiley for me and ask him what he wants." Xu Nandong pointed to his head and trembled, his whole body was a little incoherent.

"Boss Xu, what's wrong?" Wang Qing in the background asked in confusion.

"Brother, there is no time to explain to you now, I apologize!"

Xu Nandong said hurriedly, after which he turned around and ran away.

At this moment, Lin Yang walked out of the hotel with Su Yan in his arms.


Brother Park lit a cigarette and winked at Lin Yang, then walked to the unoccupied hallway next to him.

Without saying anything, Lin Yang also followed him.

And as soon as he passed, the two sturdy men who followed Brother Park approached.

The corners of the duo's lips raised, their faces were playful.

"Tell me, do you want your hands or your feet?" Park asked lightly.

"If it were you, would you want your hands or your feet?" Lin Yang asked in turn.

"I want my feet, after all, it doesn't matter if I lose my hands, if I lose my feet, I can still run next time I encounter something like this." Park said lightly, then threw the cigarette on the ground and stubbed it out forcefully.

Lowering their voices, the two men took out two machetes directly from their backs and headed towards Lin Yang.

These men were quite professional, they had all the boys on them.

I don't know where they had hidden the boys at the beginning.

Lin Yang put Su Yan down and held her with one hand.

Although the red wine was not too strong, he couldn't hold it at all and could only lean against Lin Yang limply, like mud, falling into a sleepy sleep.

"Don't hurt that woman!" Brother Park shouted again.

"Don't worry brother Park, we have the measure!"

The two men laughed, and one of them suddenly showed a sneer on his face and without saying a word directly slashed at Lin Yang's face.

But just in time, a furious roar came out from him.

"For now!"

The duo trembled instantly.

"Who is it? Do you dare to interfere in my affairs?" Park frowned and glanced sideways.

However, with just one glance, Brother Park froze.

He hurriedly trot and bowed to the visitor: "Master Dong!"

"Master Dong!" The two men also hurriedly bowed.

But the next second, Xu Nan Dong raised his hand and slapped him twice.


A crisp sound emerged.

Brother Park stepped back, covering his face and looking at Xu Nandong in disbelief.

Seeing his angry face, he realized what was happening and hurriedly lowered his head, not daring to say anything.

Xu Nan Dong walked over again and slapped the two men twice.

The two men gaped and looked at Xu Nandong in disbelief.

Only after hitting these two, Xu Nandong rushed towards Lin Yang's heels, and then…


Xu Nandong knelt on both knees and trembled as he said.

"Lin...Mr. Lin...Nan Dong knows he is wrong..."

When this scene appeared, Brother Park and the others were completely speechless.

The three men's eyes were about to pop out of their sockets and their hearts almost burst.

What was happening here?

That man… Wasn't he the notorious waste of Jiangcheng? How did he make Xu Nan Dong, the popular figure of Southern City, kneel on the ground?

And... He didn't even say a word!

Why had Xu Nan Dong acted like this?

The hearts of the three people were beating wildly, and they already vaguely guessed something.

Most likely it was because he was afraid.

Xu Nan Dong was afraid!

And I was very scared!

If not, why did he kneel on the ground without even thinking about it?

When they thought of this, the three of them felt their legs become weak and their brains became dizzy.

Could it be that this time they have kicked the bucket?

"Your man, huh?" Lin Yang asked as he looked at Xu Nandong.

Xu Nandong hesitated and said in a low voice: “Yes…Yes…”

"I remember you're not a businessman? Since when do you raise bullies?" A trace of coldness passed through Lin Yang's eyes: "Moreover, I am a person... I don't like to be deceived, Nan Dong, do you understand what I mean?"

Xu Nan Dong's body shook, he opened his mouth and said with a trembling voice: "I'm sorry, Mr. Lin, they are... It's Ah Tian's people..."

"Is that so?"

Lin Yang nodded gently and said in a light voice: “Then what do you think of this matter, what should be done?”

"Mr. Lin, we didn't discipline our men well, it was our fault, please... Please forgive us, give us another chance, we will definitely punish these people appropriately and severely! " Xu Nandong hurriedly shouted and then slapped himself twice.

The most powerful thing about entrepreneurs is their vision.

Xu Nandong was considered a successful businessman, and he was well aware of Yang Hua and the Xuan Medical School, and he also deeply understood how terrifying this Chief Lin's energy really was. The reason why the Xu family was able to sit in the southern city was not him, nor Xu Tian, but this Divine Doctor Lin.

If it weren't for Yang Hua's support, could their Xu family be so comfortable?

The old master of the Xu family, Xu Yaonian, had ordered him more than once to help Mr. Lin in his work.

But he never expected that the people under his hands would find trouble with Lin Yang.

If Lin Yang had gotten angry.

The Xu family... I was afraid that they would have to disappear overnight.

In his heart, Xu Nan Dong couldn't wait to dismantle Brother Park.

But it had already happened, so the only thing he could do was do his best to close the margin.

"Get up first, tomorrow you and Xu Tian will come to the office to find me." Lin Yang swept his eyes into the distance and saw that many of the guests coming and going were looking this way. Fortunately, they couldn't see anything in the dark, but if someone saw them, it would be bad after all, so he decided to settle the score later. of autumn.

Xu Nandong nodded his head like a pile of garlic: "Don't worry, I will give you a satisfactory explanation tomorrow."

But Lin Yang didn't even look at him, he simply carried Su Yan and left.

Xu Nan Dong was bitter in his heart, repeatedly sighing and cursing his own incompetent brother, who couldn't even take care of his men properly.

However, at this moment, a man suddenly rushed over and stopped Lin Yang.

"Damn, where do you want to run away, dog?" The man pointed at Lin Yang and cursed.

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