Chapter 503 Appeal for help

The cooling night enveloped the land like a layer of gauze.


When Yaoyao returned to the cave dwelling in Rune Spirit Peak, she saw a sumptuous meal placed on the stone table in the cave. With a glance, he discovered that they were all light dishes, which happened to be the ones he liked.


Beside the table, Zhou Yuan was smiling as he looked at her and politely said, “You are back at last, Senior Sister Yaoyao. “Quickly, come and take a seat.”


Yaoyao looked at him puzzled as he sat down elegantly. "You suddenly flatter me for no reason, what do you want?"


An uncomfortable expression was immediately revealed on Zhou Yuan's face. "Come on, you make me sound so pragmatic."


However, Yaoyao ignored him. He picked up a pair of chopsticks and casually tried a script. Her red lips shined a little, making her even more charming as a lazy voice sounded from her mouth, "So you're really not going to ask for any favors?"


Zhou Yuan coughed softly and said, “Is Senior Sister Yaoyao interested in the Genesis Repository Ceremony?”


Baili Che had come today to declare that Sword Peak was going to vent their frustrations on Holy Genesis Peak, and someone like Zhou Yuan was naturally not going to give in easily, or let them get their way.


Since both sides had burned the bridge between them, Sword Peak was definitely going to do something during the Genesis Reservoir Ceremony that would make Holy Genesis Peak's life difficult.


As the new head disciple of Saint Genesis Peak, if Zhou Yuan did not guarantee some benefits for the disciples at the ceremony, many of them would undoubtedly feel very disappointed and might even begin to have doubts about their new head disciple.


Zhou Yuan naturally did not feel much attachment to the position of head disciple, but this did not mean that he would allow Sword Peak to have its way.


Although Zhou Yuan was very adamant, he had to face reality. The Saint Genesis Peak was really too weak.


Just two factions were not even a tenth of other peaks.


Furthermore, Saint Genesis Peak only had a single core disciple to represent them, and no Chosen Ones at all.


As such, his top level power was extremely fragile.


Therefore, if Zhou Yuan did not want Saint Genesis Peak to perform too poorly in the Genesis Reservoir Ceremony, he needed to reinforce the forces on his side. After reflecting on it, he came to the conclusion that there was no power that was more trustworthy than Yaoyao.


Although his power base was still too weak, as long as he could attract Yaoyao to the ceremony, he would no longer have to fear the other party's Chosen, which would be a great worry.


"So this is what it's about." Yaoyao seemed to smile as she looked at Zhou Yuan.


The truth was that she had already heard about this at Rune Spirit Peak today. Everyone could clearly feel the resentment emanating from Sword Peak at this moment, and yet, Shen Taiyuan still chose to chase Lu Hong's faction out of Saint Genesis Peak. This was certainly similar to pouring oil on the fire.


The Genesis Reservoir Ceremony was essentially a competition between the various peaks. Therefore, Sword Peak will surely take the opportunity to teach Saint Genesis Peak a painful lesson, and release some of the bitter feelings pent up within him.


Even if Peak Master Ling Jun found out about this matter, although he would not openly show his support, he would definitely not reprimand them for it, which was basically a form of silent approval.


It was obvious that Peak Master Ling Jun was also angry due to the recent events.


Since the other peak masters had consumed a portion of Sword Peak's resources, they would naturally turn a blind eye towards this matter. Therefore, it would be very difficult for the ally of Saint Genesis Peak to escape from receiving a lesson from Sword Peak.


Zhou Yuan nodded as he looked towards Yaoyao with expectant eyes.


Yaoyao simply continued to slowly chew her food. Soon after, a slight smile appeared on her face as she said, "I'm not very interested in the Genesis deposit ceremony."


Given his character, it was clear that he would prefer to take refuge in the Rune Spirit Hall or the cave dwelling to study the Genesis Runes. As for the Genesis Reservoir ceremony where the various peaks would compete, it would undoubtedly be a very chaotic and troublesome affair.


Zhou Yuan's face stiffened as a miserable look appeared. If Yaoyao did not wish to participate, it would really be a big headache for him.


Yaoyao did not even look at Zhou Yuan as she continued to eat bite after bite. A long time later, he finally put down his chopsticks with satisfaction and stood up, the corners of his lips curling up a little, as he finally looked at the distressed Zhou Yuan.


"Although I have no interest in the Genesis Reservoir ceremony, since you did not choose to move to a new cave dwelling earlier, I will reluctantly make a trip to the reservoir."


Hearing this, Zhou Yuan's head immediately rose in happiness. "Really?"


Yaoyao joked, "What choice do I have? If I don't go, you'll probably go crazy after being bullied by those two Sword Peak Chosen."


Zhou Yuans face turned black. "Do you think I'm afraid of them?"


At that moment, he couldn't admit defeat even if he had to endure an act.


But his rationality told him that there was indeed a gap between his current self and the Chosen Ones.


Yaoyao did not expose Zhou Yuan's harsh act. He walked slowly towards the stream under the peach tree and sat on the simple swing that hung from one of its branches. While gently swaying back and forth, he said, “Even if I participate, I will only be able to deal with those two Sword Peak Chosen. “This will not be enough to compensate for the weak foundation of Saint Genesis Peak, so the final result will still depend on your abilities.”


“At the very least… the head disciple of Sword Peak will be a formidable adversary for you. To have fought through the many geniuses of Sword Peak and gained the position of head disciple, Baili Che is not an individual.” simple".


Zhou Yuan nodded with a serious expression. Although he had no affection for Baili Che's arrogant attitude, he had to admit that the latter possessed the qualifications to back it up. Although Yuan Hong used to be quite high on Sword Peak, there was undoubtedly still a gap between him and Baili Che.


Therefore, in Baili Che's opinion, a core disciple like Zhou Yuan, who had gained his position by defeating Yuan Hong, was not much of a threat.


"It's a pity that the Genesis Reservoir is a body of water, or I will really want to try the Holy Earth Rune." Zhou Yuan said pitifully.


He had already given the Earth Saint Rune a spin in the past few days. He could absorb the Genesis Qi within the earth to increase his physical abilities, a domineering, forceful and direct power.


However, the rune had its limits. It could only bring out its full capabilities with the right terrain.


In the Genesis Reservoir, which contained only a few small islands, the power of the Earth Saint Rune would be greatly diminished.


The scope of the Holy Rune's powers was immeasurable and only limited by its user. If Zhou Yuan became stronger in the future, he might be able to overcome the terrain problem, but at this current moment, he was clearly far from being able to do so.


Without this powerful card, Zhou Yuan's battle power was undoubtedly much weaker.


“It seems that he will have to think of some way to increase his strength over the next two months. Although Baili Che seems arrogant, he is not a fool, and he will definitely be well prepared for the Genesis Repository Ceremony.” Yaoyao warned.


Zhou Yuan nodded. After considering it, his mind sent out a thought, and a transparent jade bottle appeared in his hand. A golden glow shone from the bottle, as light seemed to flow within it.


It was the remains of the golden sun that the stone's divine mark had shattered during the trial.


Zhou Yuan did not recognize the contents of the bottle and therefore did not dare to absorb it. This was the perfect opportunity for him to let Yaoyao take a look at him.


Yaoyao received the bottle as surprise crossed her face. She pondered for a brief moment, before saying, “This should be the rumored Spiritual Refining Saliva, a strange but rare item that is a great supplement to Spirit.”


“Outside, a single drop can create a giant commotion. “How did you manage to get so much…?”


Joy faintly crossed Zhou Yuan's face. "Will you allow my Spirit to reach the advanced corporeal stage?"


"Of course." A small smile appeared on Yaoyao's face. “However, it is extremely tyrannical in nature and needs to be modulated before consumption. I will take care of the process for you.”


"If I succeed, you will only need a third to achieve a breakthrough."


"As for the rest..."


He put the bottle into his sleeve and looked towards Zhou Yuan as he slowly said, “I will take it as a respectful gift to myself.”


Zhou Yuan smiled helplessly. However, there were no feelings of reluctance. He was satisfied as long as he could reach the advanced Corporeal stage, and he knew that someone like Yaoyao wouldn't take advantage of him for no reason, so it probably would have served him well.




Zhou Yuan let out a small sigh. Once he reached the advanced corporeal stage, what would he have to fear from Baili Che?


Of course, this didn't mean he could relax. Over the next two months, he planned to begin immersing himself in the newly obtained Omega Holy Spirit Art…


If he could master this technique, Baili Che would not be able to create even a small splash.

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