Chapter 503: Show Strength

Those few geniuses were only at the first and second levels of the Heavenly Human Realm, and they were no match for Feng Wushen.


They were more scared than anyone else in their hearts, but they couldn't pretend that they hadn't heard Young Master Yang's roar.


Desperate, the four of them had no choice but to rush towards Feng Wushen.


"Insubordinate!" Feng Wushen's icy gaze turned towards those four people.


"Shoo shoo shoo!"


"Boom boom boom!"




With a few flashes, only a few explosions could be heard, and the four men were seen spitting blood and their bodies flew out of the restaurant almost simultaneously.


The four men were severely injured by Feng Wushen's ferocious blows, but Feng Wushen was restrained in his blows and did not kill them.


"Watch out! Someone's flying again!"


“Which is so powerful that the powerhouses of the Heavenly Human Realm are being wiped out one by one.”


“I have heard that the House of the Drunken Immortal has gathered the talented disciples and young masters of the great powers of the Endless Domain, who is bold enough to dare to make a move against them?”


The streets were full of people and there was a lot of talking.


At that moment, Wang Yue did not dare to fart, her face full of panic.


"They are big". A superior heavenly figure broke through.


“Did Young Master Jiang see where they came from?” asked a heavenly pride next to him.


Young Master Jiang's gaze looked at Ling Xiaoxiao and said: "The limit of his body is terrifying, don't look at his aura, but he was able to block the powerful force from just now without the slightest ripple, he is not ordinary at all. , plus the body technique from just now, even we weren't aware of it."


The heavenly pride next to him nodded, his expression stiffening for a moment as he said, “Maybe they really are Young Master Zhang's friends, that boy gives me a very unusual feeling, I'm just afraid that I'm no match for him.”


Young Master Jiang snapped: "It's not easy to say."


Even Young Lord Yang was no match for Feng Wushen, not to mention the four geniuses who were much weaker than Young Lord Yang.


Feng Wushen's strength and fierce prowess are unmistakable, showing that he is emboldened.


These genius disciples and young masters weren't all fools, they were just curious as to what power Feng Wushen came from, as Heavenly Pride of the Endless Domain, there was nothing they didn't know, the only exception being Feng Wushen.


"Qingyang, go check on Brother Er's injuries." Feng Wushen barked a warning.


"All right!" Liu Qingyang nodded and jumped directly to the first floor, no one dared to make a move, and the people on the ground floor even stepped back to make way for the empty space.


Liu Qingyang looked at the heavily injured shopkeeper, and immediately took out a Small Blood Return Pill and gave it to him.


The shopkeeper's cultivation level was only at the Yuan Dan Realm, and the Small Blood Return Pill was enough to allow him to recover and heal.


The potion was so powerful that, in moments, the shopkeeper was on his feet.


"What a powerful healing elixir!"


"What healing elixir possesses such a powerful effect? Such an elixir has never been seen before."


"The injury recovers quickly! I can't believe it."


The crowd was in shock and looked at the shopkeeper with dumbfounded eyes.


"Thank you! Thank you" The clothesline thanked him repeatedly.


Liu Qingyang smiled and said: "There is nothing for you here, you will not participate, withdraw."


At this moment, the wounded Young Lord Yang, flew in, his fierce gaze fixing on Feng Wushen with a deadly gaze, as if he would not rest until Feng Wushen was killed.


Feng Wushen's icy gaze swept a glance towards Young Master Yang, and said nonchalantly: "Aren't you afraid of death?"


"It is you who is going to die!" Young lord Yang yelled with terrifying fury and murderous rage.


"If you seek death, I can make it happen for you!" Feng Wushen said in a morose tone, as his body began to float from the first floor balcony.


Seeing this scene, many geniuses held their breath and looked horrified.


Feng Wushen is about to attack!


From the very beginning, Feng Wushen had never boosted his true essence, but now that he had taken the initiative to fly out, anyone could see that Feng Wushen was going to do it for real.


The fact that he had injured Young Master Yang in three or two blows showed just how strong Feng Wushen was.


Seeing Feng Wushen flying towards him, Young Master Yang also felt a bit of panic in his heart; Feng Wushen's speed was so terrifying that he couldn't see it at all.


In various streets, the gazes of many pedestrians were looking at Feng Wushen.


"Eh? Isn't that Dragon God Temple Master Feng Wushen?"


"That's it! It's him! He really dares to antagonize these geniuses, doesn't he want to live? Do you really think that by defeating two third-rate powerhouses you can fight a major powerhouse? The Dragon God Temple is simply asking for death".


"It hasn't been long since the Dragon God Temple was established, and the Master of the Dragon God Temple has offended these great powers, this is too rampant, isn't it?"


Many recognized Feng Wushen's identity and considered him to be too arrogant for a newborn power temple master.




Young Lord Yang's aura changed, rising rapidly as he exploded out the terrifying power of the fourth level of the Heavenly Human Realm.


With a fierce gaze fixed on Feng Wushen, Young Master Yang gritted his teeth and said angrily, "Give me your life!"


Feng Wushen slowly pushed out his true essence and activated the power of the second stage of the Supreme Body, the power of the second level of the Heavenly Human Realm surged, his entire body flashed with blood, like an Evil God, his aura surged.


Feng Wushen's aura instantly rose to the level of the fourth level of the Heavenly Human Realm.


“Second level of the Heavenly Human Realm?” Sensing Feng Wushen's aura, Young Master Yang first froze and looked at Feng Wushen in some disbelief.


“A cultivation level of the second level of the Heavenly Human Realm has the aura of the fourth level of the Heavenly Human Realm! How is that possible…” The faces of the geniuses in the tavern also showed dismay.


"The second level of the Heavenly Human Realm was able to crush Young Master Wang's fist! And easily injure Young Master Yang! This is simply impossible! Does he really have the strength of a fourth level?"


"Is he hiding his cultivation level? How can he only be at the second level of the Heavenly Human Realm?"


“I must have seen wrong! There is no way that a cultivation level of the second level of the Heavenly Human Realm could have injured Young Master Yang!”


The geniuses gasp in amazement, shocked to the core.


Young Lord Jiang's face also looked stunned, he also couldn't believe that Feng Wushen's cultivation level was only at the second level of the Heavenly Human Realm, but the truth was that Feng Wushen was really only at the second level of the Realm. Heavenly Human.


Everyone wondered very much how it was possible for the second level of the Heavenly Human Realm to display such ferocious strength.


They could accept Feng Wushen easily crushing Wang Yue's fist, but easily injuring Young Master Yang was not something they could accept.


“Brother Jiang, what do you think? Do you really think that he is only at the second level of the Heavenly Human Realm?” The heavenly pride at Young Master Jiang's side asked in surprise.


Young Master Jiang snapped: "His gloves are high-quality spirit weapons, his aura has reached the fourth level of the Heavenly Human Realm, and he may be hiding even greater power! This person is not simple."


Young Lord Yang stood in a daze for a long time before coming to his senses. Seeing Feng Wushen's cultivation level, Young Lord Yang's face couldn't help but break into a cold and playful smile.


"Brat, today is the day you die!" Young Lord Yang sneered, and immediately took out his mid-grade spirit weapon spear, Young Lord Yang's aura instantly rose to the level of the fifth level of the Heavenly Human Realm.


A terrifying force that completely crushes Feng Wushen.




Young Lord Yang erupted with a ferocious bang, carrying a loud roar, a majestic aura, and astonishing speed that could be described as a blink of an eye.


Young Lord Yang stabbed at Feng Wushen with his spear, a terrifying force of spear mane permeated his body, the air scattered, the attack was fierce and relentless.

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