Chapter 504 – What if the play goes wrong?

"Manshan is right! Say! Do you really want this?"

Zhang Qingyu turned his head and glared at Lin Yang.

"What does this want?" Lin Yang asked sadly as his fists clenched secretly.

"Are you still pretending to be here? Lin Yang! I can see you clearly, you're seeing that you can't climb up to Xiao Yu, so you're putting your attention on my daughter again? You won't be trying to cook the rice so that Xiao Yan won't divorce you, right? I'm telling you, you're dreaming! This marriage is a final divorce! The Su family is not worthy of you! You also don't deserve to eat my Su family's soft rice!" Zhang Qingyu pointed at Lin Yang's nose and cursed.

Lin Yang was stunned.

Zhang Qingyu really thought so.

"Auntie, how can you say that about brother-in-law? Maybe it's that Sister Yan really drank too much and brother-in-law sent her back." Su Yu was busy saying.

"Yes, this aunt, she's a bit spiteful with her mouth, isn't she? Besides, they are legally married, even if they really want to go to a room, that's still traveling the normal rights of a couple, what's wrong with that?" ?" Beside him, Cao Xiaojiao couldn't help but open her mouth as well.

Song Jing had been introduced to them by Lin Yang, they were naturally grateful to Lin Yang and would not sit idly by in this situation.

"Xiao Yu, where do you have the right to speak here? Shut up!" Liu Manshan immediately turned to Su Yu.

"Wow, you dare to lecture me? What need do you have to worry about my family's affairs?" Zhang Qingyu's face was red with anger as he looked at Su Yu and Cao Xiaojiao.

"I can't bear to look at it, what did the others' big brother Lin do wrong? What has brother Lin done wrong to be scolded like this? They are too much." Cao Xiaojiao also became energized and crossed her arms, shouting loudly.

“You… You…” Zhang Qingyu’s lungs were about to burst with anger, and he couldn’t wait to move forward and hit this girl who didn’t know the limits of the sky.

But at this moment, Su Tai, in the back, said in a deep voice.


This voice made the few people stop arguing.

"Qingyu, you should stop talking, and Xiaoyu, you should also advise your classmates, so that you don't talk back to your aunt, he is her elder, so it's not like that!" Su Tai said seriously.

"Yes Dad". Su Yu nodded his head in a low voice.

"Alright Qingyu, Xiao Yan is already drunk like this, you two couples should hurry up and send her back, it's terribly cold and she is poorly dressed, don't catch a cold." Su Tai Shen said.

"Okay big brother." Su Guang nodded.

"Come on! Lin Yang, take your time to settle this account with you!"

Zhang Qingyu looked at Lin Yang with a bad face before he and Su Guang helped Su Yan out.

This family left the hotel early.

Su Tai didn't bother to continue talking to Lin Yang and said to Su Yu, "Let's go in."

"Brother-in-law, why don't you come in with us too!" Su Yu pulled Lin Yang expectantly.

"No need, it's a very unpleasant mess, I'd better go back." Lin Yang shook his head and refused.

"Brother-in-law, please come in with me, I have a lot to tell you." Su Yu's eyes were watery as he looked at Lin Yang thirstily.

"Yes brother-in-law Lin, we haven't thanked you properly yet, why are you leaving? Come in and take a seat, I still want to toast you ." Cao Xiaojiao, beside him, also advised, with a petulant and unbearable tone.

Lin Yang hesitated and finally sighed and said lightly: "Okay, I will sit with you for a while longer, but Senior Uncle and the others already have a big stigma against me, if they stay with me, they might attract a lot of trouble for me."

"Don't worry brother-in-law, I'll take care of my parents' part!" Su Yu spit out his tongue mischievously and his mood suddenly brightened.

Lin Yang smiled helplessly, and then was dragged by Su Yu towards the front door.

"Xiao Yu, what's going on?"

Just after entering the front door, Liu Manshan and Su Tai saw Lin Yang who had followed them, Liu Manshan's face darkened and he immediately asked.

“Mom, brother-in-law had to be here, do you know that the director Song Jing who made the movie for me is the one brother-in-law introduced me and Xiao Jiao to?” Su Yu said immediately.

"What big talk are you talking about here? Just this useless thing like Lin Yang, would he know Director Song? Daughter, if you want to protect him, there is no need to tell such a lie." Liu Manshan was not happy.

"Mom, I'm not lying, what I said is true, don't believe me, ask Xiaojiao!" Su Yu was anxious.

“Okay, okay, Manshan, if Lin Yang wants to come, let him come, this kind of occasion, don’t make a scene, not only will you lose your manners, but you will invite trouble to our daughter, that will be troublesome.” Su Tai said with some impatience.

"You're right!" Liu Manshan nodded and looked at Lin Yang again: "Your cheek is very thick, you followed your wife before, right? Now that your wife is gone, you can't come in, so you let my Xiao Yu bring you to see the world? You are a thief."

In his opinion, people like Lin Yang were definitely not invited and could only follow others to mingle.

Lin Yang said nothing, not bothering to argue with Liu Manshan.

If it weren't for Su Yu's sake, he would have left long ago.

Su Tai's family had a specific place, and once they entered the banquet hall, they were led by a waiter to the first floor.

And the guests seemed to have sensed something and looked this way.

"Hey, aren't those the girl and girl two from Director Song's new drama there?"

"They look cute!"

"Let's say hello!"

Many guests looked at them, and some even ran around Su Yu and Cao Xiaojiao to ask for a photo.

Su Yu and Cao Xiaojiao were especially timid, they hadn't even rolled yet and turned into stars, the back and forth was too much.

The video of his conversation with Song Jing at the restaurant had already gone viral on the Internet, and Song Jing intended to create publicity for his new movie, so not only did he not hide it, he pushed it.

Seeing her daughter surrounded by stars, Liu Manshan felt especially proud of herself.

He cast a glance at Lin Yang and sneered: "Dog, see? My daughter is now a big star! Do you remember what you told me before? Oh, people like you will only be able to admire our family in the future, what?" "Do you have more to say now?"

Lin Yang didn't get angry and asked lightly, "What if Xiao Yu's work was scrapped?"

"How is it possible? What are you dreaming? Director Song is very positive about our Xiao Yu, how can it be possible? Are you crazy?" Liu Manshan said with displeasure.

Lin Yang shook his head and did not respond.

And at this moment, I don't know who shouted.

"Director Song is here!"

The scene immediately calmed down considerably.

When they set their sights, they saw Song Jing, Xu Nandong, and a group of men and women in suits and pearls walking towards here.

"Miss Su, how are you?"

Song Jing walked forward with a smile on her face and wanted to shake Su Yu's hand.

But when he saw Lin Yang standing next to him, his hand stiffened and then he subconsciously reached out towards Lin Yang…

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