Chapter 505 – The True Yellow

When they saw Song Jing's hand actually heading towards Lin Yang, everyone present gasped and rubbed their eyes.

Liu Manshan, who had taken out his mobile phone to take a photo of his hand and send it to his friends, also stiffened, and then laughed: "Director Song, you are taking the wrong hand, we don't know this person, and It has nothing to do with his work!"


Song Jing looked at Liu Manshan somewhat strangely.

She met Liu Manshan because after she confirmed that her daughter would play the female lead of War Tiger, she deliberately shared a small clip of herself having dinner with Su Yu in a short video and emphasized that she was Su Yu's mother, gaining a lot of attention. and his short video account currently had more than 10,000 followers, and was also made into gossip news by several self-publishers to rub it in.

Song Jing had also seen that video, so she knew Liu Manshan.

But... Since this old woman was Su Yu's mother, how could she not know the identity of this person next to her?

It could be that...

Song Jing felt something.

And at this moment, Xu Nandong on the side whispered: "Brother, Boss Lin doesn't like high profile."

The simple sentence made Song Jing wake up immediately.

He had met Lin Yang, of course, not in person, but two days ago, when he was negotiating matters at Yang Hua, he saw Ma Hai standing with Lin Yang, and at that time, Ma Hai's demeanor was extremely respectful.

Although Song Jing didn't know why Divine Doctor Lin was two-faced, he was sure that in all of Yang Hua, the only one who could make Ma Hai bow down was Divine Doctor Lin.

Although Xu Nandong said so, Song Jing shook Lin Yang's hand first.

"Hello sir, I am Song Jing." Song Jing said with great respect.

"Hmm." Lin Yang just responded with little reaction.

However, the person next to him was anxious.

"Alas, my great director Song, you are wrong, this man na is a famous door-to-door son-in-law from Jiangcheng next door, a king of soft rice!"

"It is related to our big star Su, that is why it has come here."

"Don't be fooled by him!"

A few people who had met Lin Yang explained one after another.

They weren't really to blame, after all, the media was trying to get to the bottom of Su Yu's story, and Lin Yang, the family's son-in-law, was a favorite topic for headline editors, so which those who had nothing better to do naturally saw.

Furthermore, this son-in-law's wife was a stunning beauty, even more beautiful than Su Yu, how could they not pay attention to her?

"Lin Yang, get out of my way!"

Liu Manshan, who was next to him, became upset and immediately shouted.

"This lady, she's very rude, isn't she?" Xu Nandong couldn't sit still and immediately said to Liu Manshan.

He already carried a sin, so he was naturally anxious to behave.

Liu Manshan didn't know Xu Nandong, and the family was not there when he came to the door, plus Song Jing was here, so Liu Manshan stiffened and shouted: "I say, this gentleman, I am teaching my nephew or politician a lesson . " , this is my family's matter, what is yours?"

"What have you said?" Xu Nandong's eyes grew cold, his heart harboring fire, but when he saw Lin Yang making eyes at him there, he immediately stopped speaking.

"Who are you, you, Director Song is here, it's your turn to speak? Come, come, come, Director Song, let's go have a drink, don't be ordinary with these people, it's the first time we've met, I want to toast you properly." Liu Manshan said proudly, then greeted Director Song and the others and headed to the largest round table in the center.

Song Jing didn't refuse either.

The group headed to the wine table with a clatter.

"Nonsense, why don't you go and move the seat for Director Song and pour the wine?" Liu Manshan stared at Lin Yang and scolded him.

Lin Yang looked cold and was about to get angry, but at this moment, Su Yu called sharply: “Mom, can you be a little kinder, what has brother-in-law done wrong, why do you always address him?”

"Aiming? Xiao Yu, you don't know how arrogant this kid was before, he cursed you in front of your mother for not being able to shoot the scene! This guy has a very poisonous heart, why are you so polite to him?"

Song Jing looked up slightly, pondering.

Su Yu snorted.

"I'll pour the wine." Cao Xiaojiao was very sensible and busily ran to fill the wine for everyone.

That eased the awkward atmosphere.

Everyone was talking about unimportant things.

"Let me introduce, this is General Manager Xu and this is General Manager Wang, they are the investors of our South City Film and TV Base, our new movie will start filming at the South City Film and TV Base , we'll have to ask the two old masters to take care of us, come on, let's toast the two old masters!" Song Jing said with a smile as she raised her glass.

"Come come come".

People raised their glasses and stood up, each with a smile on their face. They clinked their glasses one after another.

The atmosphere was cordial.

Suddenly, an irritated scolding sounded.

"What are you doing?"

The people at the table looked around.

It turned out to be Liu Manshan who was pointing at Lin Yang's nose and shouting curses.

"What kind of status do you have, is this place where you can sit? Don't you see what kind of virtue you have? Get lost." Liu Manshan scolded unceremoniously.

"Mom, you... What are you doing? You... You've gone too far." Su Yu was so angry that the wine in her hand was shaking violently.

"Manshan, forget it, stop this nonsense, are you going to be rude in front of Director Song? Let them make you look funny to everyone."

“But Xiao Yang ah, your eldest mother is also right, we have to talk about important matters later, so you should go aside first, after all, those sitting here are important and valuable guests.”

Su Tai said seriously.

“You… You… You…” Su Yu’s eyes were red with anger, and tears fell from her eyes.

He couldn't take it anymore.

I couldn't take it anymore!

What his own parents had done was too much. It was obvious that brother-in-law had given them all this, so why did they say things like that, and always refuse to believe him!

Su Yu put his wine glass down on the table forcefully and was about to speak.

But at that moment, a large hand grabbed his shoulder.

Su Yu trembled.

It was Lin Yang.

"Don't be angry, sit down and drink, I'll go eat something next to you." Lin Yang smiled lightly and patted Su Yu's shoulder before getting up and leaving the table.

Many people who were next to him and who knew Lin Yang sneered.

Song Jing and Xu Nandong also looked at them.

"Well, well, Director Song, the unpleasant people are gone, let's continue drinking, I am a woman, I am not strong enough to drink, but I will definitely accompany Director Song to get drunk today, come on Director Song, I will drink for you!" Liu Manshan raised his glass with a smile on his face and proceeded to drink it all in one go.

"Wife, slow down." Su Tai was busy whispering.

"It's okay, I'm happy." Liu Manshan laughed.


He drank this wine, but Song Jing did not raise his glass.

Liu Manshan was stunned and looked at him strangely: “Director Song, why aren’t you drinking?”

"There is no rush to drink the wine, I have to make an announcement first." Song Jing said calmly.

"What is it?" The crowd was busy asking questions.

"It's about the new drama, the new drama may have to change the female lead, our team has decided to cancel Miss Su Yu's contract for the female lead, and the new female lead should be reconsidered, I'm sorry Miss Liu, Miss Su." Song Jing said.

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