Chapter 506 Conditions

The Cangxuan Sect was enveloped in a busy and excited atmosphere.


However, Zhou Yuan paid no attention to any of this, hiding deep in the mountains as he poured all his heart and soul into practicing the Omega Holy Spirit Art.


The Omega Holy Spirit Art was a high-grade Heaven Genesis technique, which was also the highest level of technique he had come into contact with over the years. He was naturally filled with anticipation for him, and was dying to witness his powers firsthand.




Deep in the old mountains.


Zhou Yuan was sitting atop a giant rock overlooking a deep gorge. His expression was solemn as he concentrated every fiber of being on the glowing ball of Genesis Qi between his palms.


Inside the ball was a mysterious light that seemed similar to primal chaos, making it impossible to see clearly inside.


The primal chaos like ball of light was the Holy Spirit Seed that Zhou Yuan was trying to create.


Ten Genesis beast spirits had already been refined and fused into this seed. Zhou Yuan had discovered that the difficulty would increase with each Beast Spirit he successfully fused into.


As the number of fused Beast Spirits increased, the incomplete Holy Spirit Seed became more and more complex. All it would take would be one slight mistake for the seed to crumble and collapse.


If that happened, all of their hard work would go up in smoke.


Zhou Yuan gazed at the slowly stabilizing Holy Spirit Seed between his palms. With a wave of his hand, another Beast Spirit crystal flew out from a copper chest next to him.


The copper chest was currently filled to the brim with Beast Spirit crystals.


In the past ten days, Zhou Yuan used many Beast Spirit crystals. If it weren't for the support of Holy Genesis Peak, he would have run out of resources a long time ago.


This made Zhou Yuan sigh a little. Cultivation resources were indeed too important in the path of cultivation.


However, he was also quite horrified by his progress after using so many Beast Spirit Crystals. Until now, he had managed to fuse ten Beast Spirits into the seed, and it was still a far cry from ninety, let alone the last nine core Beast Spirits…


Zhou Yuan looked at the floating crystal in front of him as he lamented. He had only managed to achieve such progress because of his Spirit cultivation that was far more advanced than any ordinary person. Otherwise, it would basically be impossible to achieve a fusion of ten Beast Spirits in ten days.


After lamenting for a bit, Zhou Yuan ordered the Beast Spirit crystal to slowly descend towards the primal chaos like the Holy Spirit Seed, before they finally touched each other.


Bzz Bzz!


Chaotic ripples immediately erupted, causing Zhou Yuan's expression to stiffen. His spiritual senses quickly revolved around the seed, neutralizing and resolving the conflicting undulations.


However, there were too many conflicting undulations, which made him a little nervous for a while.


“The process of fusion of Beast Spirits is too complicated. It is still very difficult, although the wills of the beast spirits have already been erased.” A grave look crossed Zhou Yuan's eyes as he tried his best to stabilize the seed.


While he was completely focused on eliminating the chaotic seed undulations, a thought suddenly struck him.


"I wonder if... the Deciphering Saint Rune will work..."


The Deciphering Holy Rune was one of the four Holy Runes. It was not offensively oriented, but more analytical in nature, and was especially effective against Genesis techniques.


Previously, Zhou Yuan had barely managed to control the situation with his spiritual senses, but as the number of fused beast spirits slowly increased, things became increasingly difficult.


If Zhou Yuan had enough time to slowly work on the seed, he was sure that he could complete it within a year. However, with the Genesis Reservoir Ceremony quickly approaching, he needed to increase his strength as quickly as possible.


As such thoughts flitted through his mind, Zhou Yuan rejected his hesitation. With a thought, a mysterious glowing rune began to flow from the depths of his pupils.


The Holy Rune Decipherer!


The world before him began to change immediately. Zhou Yuan looked at the Genesis like ball of light between his palms, as places that were previously invisible became impossibly clear in his eyes.


Most importantly, he found the source of the seemingly endless chaotic ripples within the beam of light, the resistance of two different Beast Spirits merging.


It was because of this lack of harmony that caused the fusion process to become very problematic.


As long as he precisely eliminated and suppressed the sources of disharmony and chaos, the fusion process would become smooth.




Zhou Yuan was delighted. Since he could now see the sources of the disharmony, things would undoubtedly become much simpler.


While Zhou Yuan was elated, his control over the seed weakened a bit, allowing one of the chaotic ripples to spread, causing a chain reaction that started a series of explosions.




The ball of light between Zhou Yuan's hands exploded, turning into smoke that quickly vanished.


The embryo of the seed of the Holy Spirit was gone just like that.


Zhou Yuan was stunned, but he did not feel any regrets. Instead, a smile emerged on his face. His assumption had not been wrong, the Saint Rune Deciphering had once again displayed its almost magical abilities.


Then, he only needed to use the miraculous powers of the Deciphering Saint Rune to cultivate the Holy Spirit Seed, which would drastically improve his chances of success.


However, it was also good to note that the Deciphering Saint Rune would only allow him to discover the sources of resistance and disharmony beforehand, and he would still have to rely on his own abilities to suppress them before they spread.


Anyway, Zhou Yuan was now confident of cultivating the Holy Spirit Seed with the help of the Deciphering Saint Rune.


Zhou Yuan raised his head to look at the sky, before nodding in satisfaction and standing up. With a wave of his sleeve, he kept the copper chest filled with Beast Spirit crystals as his figure rose into the sky.


He left the mountains and headed straight to his cave. Several dozen minutes later, the cave dwelling came into view as his figure slowly descended.


However, he was a little surprised when he landed, due to the three figures outside the cave. One of them was naturally Yaoyao, while the other two surprisingly belonged to Li Qingchan and Ye Ge.


Zhou Yuan walked to Yaoyao's side, and curiously asked while looking at his two guests, "What are you doing here?"


"Junior Brother Zhou Yuan."


Ye Ge smiled at him, a kind and gentle expression on his handsome face.


Zhou Yuan had a rather favorable opinion of this individual, because he could not sense any of the usual arrogance of Ye Ge's Chosen. Compared to the likes of Zhao Zhu and Kong Sheng, Ye Ge was undoubtedly much better company.


The only complaint Zhou Yuan had was that Ye Ge seemed to have his sights set on Yaoyao and hoped to draw her away from Zhou Yuan.


Li Qingchan's beautiful face was icy as usual, like the goddess of a frozen mountain. He looked at Zhou Yuan and said, “Holy Genesis Peak seems to be in a hurry for the upcoming Genesis Reservoir Ceremony.”


Zhou Yuan chuckled, but did not make any comments.


Seeing her carefree appearance, Li Qingchan's brows furrowed slightly as he said, "Don't think for a second that your Genesis Saint Peak will be able to match Sword Peak just because you managed to get Yaoyao on board."


Zhou Yuan smiled and said, "What else can we do? Since they plan to vent their anger on us during the ceremony, we can't just stand by and wait for death, right?"


Li Qingchan exchanged a look with Ye Ge. "Our Snow Lotus Peak and Rune Spirit Peak can help."


Zhou Yuan was quite surprised. Although both were Chosen, the Genesis deposit ceremony affected all the disciples from their respective peaks. If they decided to help Saint Genesis Peak, it would undoubtedly pit them against Sword Peak, which did not seem worth it from the point of view of their two peaks.


Although she was on good terms with Li Qingchan, she clearly had yet to reach the level where she would go against the majority to help Sword Peak.


Seeing Zhou Yuan's surprise, Li Qingchan calmly said, "There is one condition, of course."


"What condition? Do we have to pay a protection fee again?" Zhou Yuan's eyebrows raised slightly.


"How much Genesis Essence can you collect...? The condition for our help is that Yaoyao joins any of our peaks after the Genesis Reservoir Ceremony. As for which peak, our two peak masters will discuss it when he arrives." the moment".


Zhou Yuan was surprised. It turns out that Snow Lotus Peak and Rune Spirit Peak were behind Yaoyao. In fact, it seemed that this was the will of the two main masters.


Li Qingchan looked at Yaoyao and said slowly, "I am personally more than happy to help, but as the Chosen One of Snow Lotus Peak, I have to prioritize the interests of my fellow peak disciples and therefore, I cannot selfishly choose to help in my own agreement”


There was no doubt that he admired Yaoyao very much, and hoped that she would come to Snow Lotus Peak. His peak master would surely regard Yaoyao very highly, which, in Li Qingchan's opinion, would be countless times better than her current treatment here at Saint Genesis Peak.


"If Junior Sister Yaoyao needs me, I am ready to risk my ultimate master's punishment to help." Ye Ge laughed softly as he calmly looked towards Yaoyao.


Li Qingchan immediately glared at him.


Zhou Yuan frowned and said, “Yaoyao is not a bargaining chip, and it can go wherever it wants. Likewise, if she doesn't want it, I have no interest, regardless of what good she offers."


Li Qingchan looked at him in surprise, before she joked, “If you perform too poorly in the Genesis Repository Ceremony, your position as head disciple may attract criticism.”


Zhou Yuan let out a carefree laugh. "A mere head disciple position cannot be compared to even a single hair of Yaoyao."


Li Qingchan immediately became sick from his cheesiness. "Enough!"


Yaoyao also shot a glance at Zhou Yuan, but a faint smile seemed to have appeared on her lips.


Li Qingchan looked towards Yaoyao. The former still wanted to know what the latter thought.


Under his gaze, Yaoyao gently shook her head, her eyes looking towards the cave as she spoke with a tenderness rarely seen: "I like this place very much and I don't want to go anywhere else."


As for how well the peak masters looked at her, she couldn't match even a single blade of grass in the cave.


Li Qingchan sighed helplessly upon hearing this, before saying with concern, “Although you are helping, Saint Genesis Peak cannot defeat Sword Peak because your foundation is too weak.”


Yaoyao removed a stranger from her black hair as her light eyes turned a little cold.


"I originally didn't have much interest in the Genesis Reservoir Ceremony, but I keep hearing people say that Sword Peak is impossible to surpass, aren't I a little more interested..."


“Well, let’s see how Sword Peak tries to vent his anger on Holy Genesis Peak.”


The beautiful girl's clear voice sounded outside the cave, but instead of the usual indifference in her tone, there was a rarely seen firmness that surprised both Li Qingchan and Ye Ge, who had never seen this side of Yaoyao before. .


Zhou Yuan's mouth hung slightly ajar as he looked at her glowing face from the side, somewhat torn between wanting to laugh or cry.


Yaoyao had previously agreed to participate on his behalf, but now, it seems like she was serious about it...


A serious Yaoyao was a sight that even Zhou Yuan rarely saw.


However, Zhou Yuan couldn't help but give a thumbs up at this Yaoyao queen attitude as he wildly cheered in his heart.


"Senior Sister Yaoyao, you really have loot!"

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