Chapter 507 - The conflict escalates

A Yang Longevity Pill shocked the entire crowd.


What is the Yang Longevity Elixir?


As the name suggests, the Yang Longevity Pill increases longevity and those who ingest it can increase their yang life based on the strength of the pill.


Precisely because it was possible to increase yang life, this shocked the crowd in the Great Hall.


This Feng Wushen Yang Longevity Pill is of the sixth grade and is of extremely high quality, enough to help increase Lin Moyang's life expectancy by ten years!


A normal Yang Longevity Pill can only increase life expectancy by one year at most and it is very difficult to do.


Out of ten alchemists, nine and a half would not be able to refine it.


Because of this, the Yang Longevity Pill is extremely precious and not usually seen at all, like a legendary elixir.


“Sixth Grade Yang Longevity Pill!” Nie Fengyun exclaimed in vain, breaking the silence of the great hall.


“Sixth Grade Yang Longevity Pill?” Hearing Nie Fengyun's startled cry, Lin Moyang's body trembled and he was unable to even get up a bit.


"It's actually a Sixth Grade Yang Life Pill! How is it possible? It must be a fake."


“There really is someone who can refine a sixth grade Yang Longevity Pill! Not even an eighth grade alchemist can refine it! How is it possible for that boy to possess a Yang Longevity Pill?”


"It can't be true, right? There aren't many alchemists who can make a Yang Longevity Pill, let alone a sixth grade one!"


As Nie Fengyun broke the silence, the mighty people of the great powers instantly boiled over, gasps echoing throughout the hall.


No one believed that Feng Wushen could come up with a Sixth Grade Yang Longevity Pill, and they even suspected that the pill was a fake.


A pair of astonished eyes stared at the Yang Longevity Pill, such a powerful elixir that anyone would want to possess for themselves.


"President! This is a true Sixth Grade Yang Longevity Pill." Nie Fengyun said with great confidence, as a sixth grade alchemist, his words had absolute authority.


Nie Fengyun said that it was true, and all the great powers believed that it was true, but what they couldn't believe was where a little Master of the Dragon God Temple could obtain such a precious Life Yang Pellet.


I am afraid that only Lin Moyang and the others knew that this Yang Longevity Pill had been refined by Feng Wushen himself. As Emperor Dan, it was just as easy to refine a sixth grade Yang Longevity Pill.


"Thank you very much, Master of the Dragon God Temple! Thank you very much, Master of the Dragon God Temple!" Lin Moyang was very excited and grateful. She never expected that Feng Wushen would give her such a big birthday present.


"President Lin is very kind!" Feng Wushen said with a slight smile.


Feng Wushen's Yang Longevity Pill was without a doubt the most precious existence among the birthday gifts present.


“Your Excellency is the Dragon God Temple Master who badly injured my son Yang He, right?” At that moment, the Prosperous Sect Master asked sadly.


"Yang He?" Feng Wushen faintly froze and looked at the Prosperous Sect Master, and also saw the figure of Yang He.


Feng Wushen smiled faintly: "Not bad, it's me!"


"So my son's hand was crushed by you too?" The head of the Wang family asked in a gravelly voice.


Feng Wushen's face did not change as he said jauntily, "Not bad, it's me!"


With his eyes on the other four heavily injured youths, Feng Wushen nonchalantly said, “Including the four, who were already injured by me.”


"What an arrogant guy, but he has the guts to admit it." Young Master Ge whispered.


Not only Young Master Ge felt that Feng Wushen was arrogant, everyone present felt that Feng Wushen was arrogant to a fault.


"Who is this boy? How can he be so wild, and President Lin is still very polite to him, even saying that he is respectful." The Divine Martial Patriarch frowned as he carefully sized up Feng Wushen.


The great powers that have just arrived today are also quite curious about this arrogant Feng Wushen before them.


"This is asking for trouble!" Liu Qingyang chimed in.


With these words, Liu Qingyang instantly enraged the Prosperous Sect Master and the Wang Family Master.


“Brat! You have a lot of courage, even a small Dragon God Temple dares to be so rampant!” The Prosperous Sect Master yelled in a deep voice as his emerging aura surged through the entire room.


"It's your son that's running amok! You know better than anyone what your own children are, and, even though the Dragon God Temple is small, you still can't eat it." Feng Wushen replied without patronizing.


"Your son, who tried to stand up for Zhang Junlan in the House of the Drunken Immortal, didn't know if it was to please Zhang Junlan or if he felt strong, and ended up like this!" Liu Qingyang laughed weakly.


"How dare you?!" The Prosperous Sect Master was furious.


"Master of the Prosperous Sect, the Master of the Dragon God Temple is friends with the old man, I hope that the Master of the Prosperous Sect will let this go." Lin Moyang spoke, with a slightly cold voice.


When Lin Moyang opened his mouth, he couldn't help but shock the other great powers.


The fact that Lin Moyang would rather help Feng Wushen than be afraid of tearing his face off with the Prosperous Sect could not help but make the higher-ups of the great powers curious about Feng Wushen's identity.


"President Lin is really defending this boy, it seems that this boy is not simple!" The Divine Martial Patriarch secretly speculated.


"Father, this time you believe it, don't you?" Jiang Minkong whispered.


The head of the Jiang family turned slightly in front and did not make a sound.


The fact that Feng Wushen was able to take out a Sixth Grade Yang Longevity Pill was enough to prove that it was not simple.


"President Lin, this happened yesterday, I'm sure you all know, today is his 70th birthday, this sect master just didn't count, he's already given enough face, this sect master doesn't care what his relationship with this boy, his life will be taken by this sect master!" The Prosperous Sect said forcefully, not in the least afraid of the auction gaze.


"Prosperous Sect Master, right? I didn't kill your son yesterday, so I've given you enough face already, and your son spreading savagery in Star City, the auction didn't count, so I've also given you face enough, but you have the nerve to say that you have given President Lin enough face." Feng Wushen smiled weakly.


Feng Wushen did not kill Yang He because he guessed that the Prosperous Sect Master would definitely seek revenge on him today.


"You!" The Prosperous Sect Master's face twitched with violent anger.


Feng Wushen's gaze swept across the genius disciples and the great power young masters and then he said, “All of the so-called geniuses, aside from those few geniuses with higher cultivation levels, are the rest just bullying others? and harass the weak, as well as curry favor with others?"


With these words, Feng Wushen had undoubtedly offended all the great powerhouses present.


"How dare you! You bastard! What do you mean by that?"


"He is very arrogant!"


"President Lin, this brat is speaking out of turn and simply disregarding us!"


All the great powers present, except for a few, were enraged by Feng Wushen's words.


"Brat! You are tired of living." The Prosperous Sect Master gritted his teeth in rage as a terrifying killing aura swept through, having become intolerable to finish off Feng Wushen.


Still fearless, Feng Wushen grimaced: "Is that so?"


Lin Moyang also did not expect Feng Wushen to say such arrogant words, and his expression was a bit stunned.


"To!" Nie Fengyun released a fierce and stern shout.


It had to be said that the status of a Sixth Grade Alchemist was superb, and Nie Fengyun's stern shout immediately made the higher-ups of the great powers tremble.


"Today is the president's big birthday, I hope you don't forget the purpose of coming here today!" Nie Fengyun coldly yelled, not facing anyone.


"Second Elder, Chairman Lin's birthday, our Sect Master has come to congratulate him on his birthday, do you still want to house this brat?" The Prosperous Sect Master said firmly, not backing down in the slightest.





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