Chapter 508 – Impersonation?

The matter was urgent and the Tang family had no choice.

They all fixed their clothes and makeup and their expressions became serious.

Lin Yang was about to leave, but Tang Hui Xue pulled him hard.

“Brother Lin, help me, at least prove me right, we can handle this group of people without depending on that young Han!” Tang Hui Xue's autumn eyes were slightly red as she said with tears in her eyes.

Lin Yang smiled and nodded silently.

If she could take care of this group of people, Tang Hui Xue would not have to be forced to marry Han Shao by her family.

If Lin Yang couldn't achieve it, then his fate would be miserable.

As he had promised Su Yan, Lin Yang did not want to flee from the battle.

He straightened the collar of his shirt and sat quietly in his chair to sip his tea.

That carefree but calm appearance made people know at first glance that he was not an ordinary person.

"Me? You're pretending to be something else." Tang Xiaohong, who was putting on makeup, looked at Lin Yang and said with a light smile.

"Those who don't know think he is a character! It's a pity that he is a useless soft king." Tang Xiaoshi also laughed disdainfully.

"Alright Xiaohong, Xiaoshi, stop talking, don't talk nonsense later, let Lin Yang stabilize you first, wait for Young Han to arrive." Tang Zonghao said soberly.

"Elder Uncle, can't we tell those people directly that Young Han is coming soon? If those people know that we are lying to them, I'm afraid they will be even more angry." A son of the Tang family said.

"Little Fei, you don't understand, although these people are afraid of Young Han, but if Young Han is not here, there is no deterrent effect, not to mention that with Hui Xue's nature, if we mention Young Han, if "She denies it on the spot, what should we do? Anyway, you guys take it easy and don't talk nonsense, uncle will take care of them!" Tang Zonghao lowered his voice and said.


When the Tang family finished arguing, they greeted the waiters and served the food.

And at that moment, the door was pushed open and a group of people entered the house two by two.

"Hahahahaha, Boss Hou, Boss Ding, you have finally arrived! Come, come, sit, sit." Tang Zonghao and Tang Song smiled and immediately stood up to welcome them.

But the other party obviously didn't eat this.

Hou Nan sat down on a chair, poured himself a cup of tea, and said expressionlessly: “Mr Tang, let's not beat around the bush, today I have come for my sum of money, I have already given your Tang family enough time, have you? Isn't it time to pay me back?"

"And the one for me! Don't say I'm not being merciful, we had a deal last time!" Ding Qiu, who was next to him, also drank.

The people behind him chanted, and the compartment became quite animated.

Tang Zonghao smiled and said, "Boss Hou, Boss Ding, don't be in a hurry, about the money, do you think you can give us a month's time? Within a month, when our Tang family's goods come out, we will definitely be able to pay back." all your money, without a single penny missing, what do you think?"

"Boss Tang, don't take everyone for fools! We know your Tang family's business a little bit, and I personally think it's too risky. Whether it works or not is anyone's guess, one month? I'm afraid I can't wait that long." Either you pay me back today, or we kill each other with a net.”

After saying that, Boss Hou slammed his teacup on the table.


The loud sound made those present shudder.

Ding Qiu didn't say a word, but it was clear to everyone what he wanted to say.

Tang Zonghao's face looked unnatural, and after exchanging a secret glance with Tang Song, he silently looked at Tang Hui Xue.

Tang Hui Xue realized that it was her turn to intervene at this moment.

“Uncle Hou, Uncle Ding, don’t be angry yet, about that money, our Tang family will definitely give it to you, but please give us some time, if you don’t believe me, I can make my boyfriend answer for our Tang family!” Tang Hui Xue said as she stood up.

"Your boyfriend?"

Several people looked towards Tang Hui Xue, before their eyes fell on Lin Yang, who was sitting calmly next to them.

"Girl, who is he? Can he guarantee tens of millions?" Ding Qiu asked with a frown.

"His name is Lin Shi Zu, he runs a factory overseas, have you heard of Guangzhu International Limited? My boyfriend has a stake in it, if you two uncles don't believe me, you can have someone check it right away. " Tang Hui Xue said carefully, following what she had made up before.

This Guangzhu International existed, and in it there was a young majority shareholder named Lin Shizuo.

But this Lin Shizu is very low-profile, there is no photo of him on the Internet, and very few people have seen him, so Tang Hui Xue put up a Lin Shizu, this group of people can't verify it for a while.

"Oh? So the purpose of this meal today is him?" Hou Nan looked at Lin Yang and said.

"Boss Hou, give me face, suspend the Tang family's debt, and within a month, the Tang family will definitely pay it in full." Lin Yang opened his mouth appropriately.

His words were firm, his expression indifferent, and he kept his words to the right measure, without any hint of panic.

Beside him, Tang Hui Xue's heart was pounding and her palms were sweating.

"Mr. Lin, Guangzhu International is a large international company with tens of billions of dollars in assets, and its shareholders are worth a lot of money, we actually hope to cooperate with Guangzhu International, and we are very happy to meet a young man talent like Mr. Lin, but... But... one size does not fit all, this is a matter between us and the Tang family, if Mr. Lin gets involved, I am afraid it will not be easy to resolve this matter, TRUE?" Hou Nan stared at him and said in a low voice.

"Not bad, besides Mr. Lin, you are a shareholder of Guangzhu International, you can pay off this debt of tens of millions for the Tang family with a wave of your hand, why do you need to be indebted to us? Why don't you "You pay them first, and then repay the debt a month later, when the Tang family has released the assets, wouldn't that be better? The best of both worlds?" Ding Qiu also spoke.

This question was to the point.

But Tang Hui Xue had already prepared a response to it.

"My boyfriend has recently been working on a big project and has invested most of his money in it, so he can't really withdraw that much cash, otherwise he would have returned the money to your uncles a long time ago, and Today I just want to make things clear to you, and I hope you can give us a chance…” Tang Hui Xue smiled and explained.

At these words, Hou Nan and Ding Qiu looked at each other and both brought their heads closer together, as if they were discussing something.

A moment later, Hou Nan opened his mouth.

"If this gentleman is really Mr. Lin Shi Zu, then no matter what, we have to sell him a point, after all, we are all businessmen, one more friend is one more way!"

"Thank you". Lin Yang nodded his head.

The Tang family secretly sighed in relief.

"It's just that we haven't even seen Mr. Lin Shizu, we can't be sure if it's really Lin Shizu or not!" Ding Qiu said suddenly.

As soon as those words fell, the hearts of the Tang family were immediately in the air.

"What do they mean?" Lin Yang pretended to be angry.

This was what Tang Hui Xue had explained before.

"Mr. Lin please don't be angry, we don't mean anything else, after all, none of us have met Mr. Lin, it's normal for us to have such worries." Hou Nan was busy explaining.

"So what do you want?" Lin Yang asked with a cold snort.

"This way, please wait a moment Mr. Lin, I'm going to invite a friend, my friend, meet Lin Shi Zu!" Hou Nan laughed and said.

As soon as these words fell, everyone in the Tang family gasped.

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