Chapter 508 Resistance

The Prosperous Sect is extremely prestigious in the Infinite Realm, and the Prosperous Sect Master is a high-level powerhouse that has shaken the Infinite Realm to its core.


Today, Lin Moyang's 70th birthday brought together the top figures of the major powers of the Infinite Domain.


However, Feng Wushen had struck the Prosperous Sect's young master with a serious injury.


The news spread throughout Starworld City, and all the great powers of the Endless Domain knew about it. As the master of the Prosperous Sect, how was he going to stop?


Wouldn't the Prosperous Sect Master become a laughingstock to others if he let it go?


The Prosperous Sect is a powerful force in the Infinite Realm, the Dragon God Temple is only a small third-rate force, how could the Prosperous Sect put it in their eyes?


If we don't pursue this today, won't the rest of the Prosperous Sect be laughed at for being afraid of a third-rate powerhouse?


“President Lin, this clan doesn't care what your relationship with Feng Wushen is, but if you and the others continue to indulge him like this, it will only cause discontent among the top powers of the Infinite Domain!”


"A small Dragon God Temple is so rampant that the auction can tolerate it, but I'm afraid the Immortal Weapon Pavilion and the Zhang Family can't!"


"President Lin, think about it, don't drag the auction with you!"


The upper echelons of the major powers were very unhappy, and both the Zhang Family and the Immortal Weapons Pavilion had shifted, but neither of them dared to be the one to take the lead in front of the auction.


The faces of Lin Moyang and the three elders were extremely ugly and unspeakable as well.


"Tolerance?" Feng Wushen made a slight face: "I have not offended the Immortal Weapons Pavilion or the Zhang Family, why can't they tolerate me? Don't use the Zhang Family and the Immortal Weapons Pavilion to make yourself look good."


"Not disciplining your own children and letting your elders step in when they get into trouble, what an accomplishment." Liu Qingyang sneered.


"Father! Stop fooling around with them! Kill them now!" Yang He stormed out, his heart could be described as hating Feng Wushen and the others so much that he couldn't wait to tear them apart alive.


"Father! Kill them!" Wang Yue also yelled angrily.


Liu Qingyang's words had stimulated even the upper echelons of the great powers.


The Wang Family Master's fierce gaze was directed towards Liu Qingyang and without saying a word, he boosted his true essence and waved his hand, a terrifying force rushing towards Liu Qingyang without mercy.


"Qingyang be careful!" Feng Wushen's face instantly turned icy.


With the sudden terrifying energy, Liu Qingyang was also shocked, he did not expect that the head of the Wang family would strike without saying a word.


Ling Xiaoxiao swung forward and was about to form a cyan boundary.






However, at this moment, Lin Moyang was the first to dodge, and with a wave of his hand, a boom exploded, directly dissolving this terrifying force.


Even though the terrifying force was deactivated, Feng Wushen's face was completely frozen, and a bitter murderous aura glowed from his coal-black eyes.


Lin Moyang sensed Feng Wushen's incomparably cold face and helplessly sighed in his heart, feeling truly pathetic for the head of the Wang family and the others.


The head of the Wang family asked with a gloomy look, “President Lin, are you really going to continue to house Feng Wushen and the others?”


Lin Moyang's obstruction immediately caused a grimace on the faces of the top brass of the great powers.


The fact that Lin Moyang would rather be an enemy of the major powers of the Infinite Domain than side with Feng Wushen shows Feng Wushen's status in Lin Moyang's heart.


Although the Jiang family, the Ge family, and other great powers such as the Divine Martial Sect felt that Feng Wushen was arrogant, they had no intention of intervening.


Lin Moyang said in a deep voice: "Master of the Wang family, don't forget that this is an auction! This is not a place for your Wang family to overflow."


"President Lin, it is not necessary to use the auction to put pressure on us, even if the auctioneer is strong, can it be stronger than our major powers joining forces?" The Prosperous Sect Master asked, in a morose tone.


Directing a cold and fierce glare at Feng Wushen, the Prosperous Sect Master added, “President Lin, we've given you enough face already, if you still want to stop us, then don't blame us for being impolite!”


"Shoo shoo shoo!"


As the Prosperous Sect Master's words fell, a figure appeared in an instant at the first opportunity!


At the head of the group was Tian Kui, who were the most powerful of the Hidden Auction, six powerful of the Heavenly Extreme Realm!


The auction strength is definitely not as simple as it seems, and if there were no high-level powerhouses sitting in the city, the auction would have changed hands long ago.


Among the six powerhouses of the Extreme Heaven Realm, Tian Kui's cultivation was the most powerful, having reached the fifth level of the Extreme Heaven Realm, his strength was absolutely terrifying!


"Tiankui!" The Prosperous Sect Master frowned deeply, guessing just from the aura that it was the Tian Kui.


Tian Kui's face was indifferent as he shot a glance at the Prosperous Sect Master and turned around him: “Those who spill the beans at the auction, let them die!”


Outside the palace, dozens of powerful people from the Heavenly Human Realm also appeared in an instant.


This lineup is terrifying!


"Prosperous Sect Master, if you and the others don't listen to the advice, feel free to try!" Lin Moyang said coldly, his previous courtesy all but gone.


“President Lin, with just you, I'm afraid you won't be able to stop us!” The Moorish Wind Hall's hallmaster coldly called out.


At the auction there were only six Extreme Heaven Realm powerhouses, while the top brass of the great powers present, combined, were nearly twenty Extreme Heaven Realm powerhouses, including those at the fifth level of the Extreme Heaven Realm.


And the strongest power, which is the Divine Martial Patriarch, is at the sixth level of the Extreme Heavenly Realm, but he has no intention of intervening, just being a bystander.


"Hallmaster Moorish Wind, don't underestimate the auction! Be clear if you want to make a move." Nie Fengyun slowly went down, facing the strongest of the great powers, Nie Fengyun was not the slightest bit afraid.


Nie Fengyun is a sixth grade alchemist, with supreme status and knows a lot of powerful people. As long as he says the word, there is no telling how many powerful people will be willing to work for him.


Hearing these words from Nie Fengyun, the faces of the Prosperous Sect Master and the others froze in concentration.


Although his forces also possessed alchemists, none of their alchemy realms were as good as Nie Fengyun's.


"What exactly is the identity of this Feng Wushen? Why is the auction going out of its way to cover it up?" The Divine Martial Patriarch's heart became more and more puzzled, and he became more and more curious about the origins of Feng Wushen.


The Young Patriarch's solemn gaze was also sizing up Feng Wushen.


"Who the hell is Feng Wushen?" The head of the Jiang family was incomparably curious, apart from not being very sure that Feng Wushen was Zhang Junlan's friend, he knew that Feng Wushen was the Master of the Dragon God Temple.


Aside from the Divine Martial Patriarch, they were also very curious, having never seen an auction that went out of their way to antagonize great powers for anyone.


Feng Wushen watched with cold eyes, in the eyes of Feng Wushen, the Prosperous Sect Master and the Wang Family Master and the rest of them, they were already dead men!


After a moment of silence, the stern-faced Prosperous Sect Lord, who couldn't take it anymore, gritted his teeth and said angrily, “Lin Moyang! You are merely insulting our major powers by harboring a small Master of the Dragon God Temple!"




A terrifying power surged, the palace trembled violently, and a terrifying murderous aura instantly swept through it.


Tian Kui blinked, and said morosely: "Prosperous Sect Master, don't regret it!"


Nie Fengyun took out a talisman tattoo, attached it to his sword finger, and poured out his true essence. The talisman tattoo instantly turned into a white light that shot up into the sky and finally disappeared.


"Summoning Charm!" The faces of the powerful of the great powers changed a lot.



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