Chapter 509 A small seed

Time passed silently within the Cang Xuan Sect, and unknowingly, another half month passed.


Deep in the mountains.


On a green stone, Zhou Yuan looked at the light mass of light between his palms with a heavy look on his face, and within it, Genesis Qi spread with subtle fluctuations. After almost a month of condensation, this Holy Spirit seed is gradually approaching a small seed.


"Eighty-nine beast spirits have already fused..."


Zhou Yuan licked his mouth, his eyes burning, all his energy during this time was put into condensing this Holy Spirit Seed, and the final result was quite remarkable.


At this moment, only one more beast soul is needed to successfully fuse with this Holy Spirit seed, which is close to a small achievement, so that it can integrate into the body and reveal the power of the Omega Holy Spirit Art.


Zhou Yuan carefully held the ball of light, and with a wave of his palm, a beast soul crystal whistled out, which was crushed by him, and the beast soul roared.


Zhou Yuan quickly erased the beast spirit in the soul, and finally took a deep breath, A determined look passed through his eyes, without any further hesitation, and with a slap of his palm, the beast soul was sent into the Holy Spirit Seed.



As soon as the two came into contact, a violent and disorderly fluctuation erupted, and the Spiritual Seed, which had been stable, immediately swelled, with signs of explosion.


Deep in the pupil of Zhou Yuan's eyes, the Deciphering Saint Rune was at work, and the Saint Rune sensed the spread, skillfully invading the Holy Spirit Seed and giving its all to suppress it, balancing the Genesis Qi in disarray in that place.


When the beast spirit was fused to such a degree, the Holy Spirit Seed was already extremely difficult, even with Zhou Yuan's preparation for more than a month, cold sweat was dripping on his forehead at this moment.


But he did not dare to let up in the slightest, This seed of the Holy Spirit had cost him more than a month of effort, and if the slightest mistake occurred at this point, he feared that all the hard work that had been done before would have been lost.


This situation, which Zhou Yuan had experienced several times before, was enough to frustrate a person to the point of losing his mind.


At the edge of the cliff, there was silence, only the mountain wind howling.


In his eyes, countless turbulent fluctuations appeared like waves and tried to spread, and he was like a fire extinguisher, constantly suppressing them everywhere, and he had to suppress them before they spread completely.

This kind of high-intensity reset required Zhou Yuan to tighten his spirit to the extreme, which was no less than a spar with a top-notch strongman, and even Zhou Yuan was starting to feel a little fatigue.


However, he knew that he should not give in at this time, so he directly suppressed that tiredness.


On the green stone, the chaotic mass of light between Zhou Yuan's palms grew brighter and brighter as time passed, and amidst the chaos, it seemed like something was gradually brewing and taking shape.


Not far away, Elder Xuan leaned on a tree trunk, swallowing the green smoke, his cloudy eyes staring at Zhou Yuan, while the astonishment on his pale face grew stronger and stronger.


"This guy..."


Time passed, and a stick of incense passed quickly.


At this moment, Zhou Yuan was already drenched in cold sweat, wetting his clothes, and his forehead was slightly fierce, even his breathing had become a little heavy.


Apparently, he was also about to reach his limit.




Suddenly, a low roar erupted from Zhou Yuan's throat, and both palms slammed together, directly above the chaotic mass of light.




A low sound rang out, only to see the chaotic mass of light seemingly exploded by Zhou Yuan, a violent and incomparable wave erupted, and even Zhou Yuan's figure was shaken and sent flying.


Zhou Yuan hurriedly stabilized his figure, his eyes deadly fixed on the center of that raging light.


There, a light slowly rose, the light spread, vaguely, as if forming a shadow of light that could not be seen.


The shadow stood silently in the air, vaguely exuding a wonderful feeling.


"Boy, draw blood and refine it!"


As Zhou Yuan was stunned, Elder Xuan's voice passed into his ears.


Zhou Yuan smiled and ran out, biting the tip of his tongue and releasing a mouthful of blood essence, enveloping the Genesis Qi and landing on that light shadow, which quickly mixed together.


This Holy Spirit seed was originally made by Zhou Yuan's meticulous refining, and it was incomparably familiar, so when the essence blood fell, the refining was extremely smooth.


When the essence blood fused with the Holy Spirit Seed, Zhou Yuan felt a wonderful connection with the light and shadow in front of him.




But before he could taste it, he saw the light shadow shoot out with a whoosh, transforming into a small beam of light, which rushed into his body, and finally sank into his Qi Dwelling.


Zhou Yuan quickly looked inside, only to see a vague shadow light sitting in the Qi Dwelling, in the middle of the Golden Genesis Qi, a wisp of Genesis Qi gushing out and being swallowed by it, and between the absorption of the Genesis Qi, the vague shadow light became vaguely brighter.


Amongst this blurry light and shadow, Zhou Yuan was able to sense a massive force.


“This is… the seed of the Holy Spirit in preliminary form?” Zhou Yuan opened his eyes and murmured with a note of surprise in his eyes.


"I initially didn't expect you to condense the Holy Spirit Seed in such a short time..."


Elder Xuan's voice came, and he stared at Zhou Yuan in amazement, saying, "As long as I fuse the nine major beast souls, the Holy Spirit Seed will truly take shape, and then transform into its final form."


Zhou Yuan smacked his lips, with these ninety beast souls he was pushed to the limit, how difficult would it be to fuse the nine major primary beast souls? Just thinking about it, Zhou Yuan had a slight chill in his heart.


He sighed, wanting to fuse those last nine main beast souls, he still had to do it step by step, he couldn't do it too quickly.


"Your progress is already the fastest among the disciples I have seen, there is no need to rush, and now that the Holy Spirit Seed is small, this Omega Holy Spirit Art is already able to show some power" Elder Xuan He also nodded his head and advised him not to be in a hurry.


"Come on, there is someone waiting for you on the mountain." Elder Xuan waved his hand.


Zhou Yuan nodded his head, clenched his fist and saluted, then stepped on the Genesis Qi and rose into the air, up the mountain. Finally, he was at the foot of the mountain and saw Zhou Tai, Zhang Yan, and Luyan.


"What's happening?" Zhou Yuan looked at the three of them and asked.


The three of them looked at each other, and Lu Yan's red lips pursed as she said, "Earlier, Baili Che sent a message from Sword Peak, saying that they would give us one last chance to Saint Genesis Peak, if repent, then go to Sword Peak yourself and put an end to this matter."


“And if you don't go this time, Sword Peak won't be polite afterwards.”


Zhou Tai's voice was low, "This is too much."


Let Zhou Yuan take the initiative to go to Sword Peak, he will be humiliated by then.


Zhou Yuan laughed, his face calm, and said, “Also send a disciple to Sword Peak to deliver a message to Baili Che…”


"What do you mean?"


Zhou Yuan walked directly towards the mountain, and a voice came out.


"Tell him that I will also give them one last chance for the Sword Peak to come to the Holy Genesis Peak to make peace, and if he doesn't come this time, I am afraid that I will no longer be polite at the Genesis Reservoir Festival."


Zhou Yuan's voice was far away, while Luyan and Zhou Tai looked at each other, obviously stunned by Zhou Yuan's domineering gesture.


"Are you serious?" Lu Yan couldn't help but ask.


"If word gets out, won't Sword Peak be bothered anymore?"


Zhou Tai froze, then shrugged and said, "Big brother Zhou Yuan is now the boss, he said, let's do what he says, and, I actually believe it, I feel quite relieved, haha!"


Lu Yan couldn't help but laugh bitterly and sigh.


He really doesn't know if his Genesis Saint Peak could withstand the wrath of Sword Peak after the Genesis Reservoir Festival began…

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