Chapter 510 - Killing one by one

"Master, what should we do with them?" Zhang Junlan asked as he looked at Feng Wushen.


Feng Wushen's gaze turned to Yang He and sneered: "I ask one question, you answer another."


"Yes Yes Yes!" Yang nodded his head repeatedly, horrified. "Qingyang, what's going on?" Zhang Junlan asked quietly. Liu Qingyang then told Zhang Junlan what had happened.


With a wave of Feng Wushen's hand, the iron from the meteorite, as well as other blacksmithing materials, floated onto his palm.


With a thought, the green flame is urged to ignite in the palm of the hand, enveloping all forging materials.


A magical scene followed.


Feng Wushen's palm rotated slowly, all the refining materials instantly melted and fused together, the open palm, clenching into a fist, refined into an exquisite dagger, a high-grade spirit weapon!


A thought becomes a weapon!


The magical aptitude shocked the public.


The powerful men of the great powers gaped, their expressions stiff.


Feng Wushen's refining speed was so terrifying that it was completely as if his palm had opened and closed and the spirit weapon had already been refined!


"One moment... to refine a spirit weapon!"


"How is this possible…?"


"What realm have you reached... in your smithy field?"


The great powers were so surprised that their eyes were glazed over, as they had never seen a weaponsmith with such terrifying skill.


By showing this hand, it can be said that Feng Wushen has had a deterrent effect.


At this time, the major powers truly understood why Feng Wushen was Zhang Junlan's master. With such a terrifying Divine Weapon Refining Skill, not to mention Zhang Junlan, no one could be found in the entire Zhang family.


“Have we offended you in the House of the Drunken Immortal?” Feng Wushen asked as he came over playing with his dagger.


"Nerd!" Yanghe shook his head in fear and shock.


"Is it true that you have beaten us to please my students?" Feng Wushen asked again.


Yang He was silent for a moment, his face hard to see, but he could only nod in horror, "There... There is."


"Yesterday I said that I would kill you today, is that true?" Feng Wushen asked again.




Yang swallowed in horror, this he did not know how to answer.


The Prosperous Sect Master was also shocked and bowed in a panic, begging for mercy, “Emperor Dan forgive me, please spare Yang He's life.”


"Teacher is asking a question, it's not your turn to interrupt!" Zhang Junlan coldly yelled, directing his icy gaze at the Prosperous Sect Master.


"Answer me". Feng Wushen said lazily, with an icy voice that made people hear as if he had fallen into an ice cellar.


“There…” Yang He replied with a trembling voice, desperate to the point that his heart already regretted going to provoke Feng Wushen.


Feng Wushen's identity is so terrifying that his father couldn't even save him.


"Good! Then you can go to hell." Feng Wushen said nonchalantly, the dagger in his hand plunged into Yang He's heart with cold blood and ruthlessness.






The dagger pierced his heart and Yang He cried out in despair, watching in horror as blood gushed out.


"Son!" In a panic, the Prosperous Sect Master hastily turned on himself, but unfortunately he was too late.


Feng Wushen mercilessly struck, and the dagger had already pierced Yang He's heart.


"Son! Yang He!" The Prosperous Sect Master cried out in embarrassment, but he couldn't even wake Yang He up.


The talented disciples and young masters of the great powers were terrified, fearing to the core that one of them would be the next to die.


Feng Wushen's gaze then looked at Wang Yue and asked indifferently: "You were the first to attack, right?"


Wang Yue nodded in fear, and then shook his head, very confused.


Seeing Feng Wushen approaching, Wang Yue became very scared and fell to her knees crying. "Emperor Dan spare my life, I know that I am wrong, I know that I am wrong, I still hope that Emperor Dan will give me another chance."


"You instigated Yang He to hit, didn't you?" asked Feng Weshen.


“I… I…” Wang Yue did not know what to answer, he already sensed the smell of death.


"It's too late to repent! You can't live with your own sins." Liu Qingyang shook his head.


Lin Moyang and the three elders slightly shook their heads, they had long guessed that this would be the outcome, it was only a pity that the Prosperous Sect Master and the others did not listen to their advice.




The dagger in Feng Wushen's hand pierced Wang Yue's heart mercilessly, and blood spurted wildly.


“I… I won't let you go even if I die…” Wang Yue still roared at Feng Wushen before dying.


"Then I'll let you fly to the ashes!" Feng Wushen said nonchalantly, green flames erupted, and with a wave of his hand, Wang Yue was instantly engulfed by the flames and turned to ash in the blink of an eye.


To the side, the head of the Wang family, staring fearfully, his motionless body.


"Master of the Wang family, isn't it? If Chairman Lin hadn't stepped in to stop you, I'm afraid you would have killed Qingyang by now, what are your last words?" With an icy gaze towards the fearful Wang Family Master who was so immobile, Feng Wushen coldly asked.


"......" The Wang Family Head was unable to speak.




The head of the Wang family did not reply, and Feng Wushen did not hesitate to wave his hand, the dagger flashed with light, and a bloodstain appeared on the neck of the head of the Wang family.


The head of the Wang family had been about to kill Liu Qingyang, and no matter what, Feng Wushen would not forgive him.


One by one, Feng Wushen slaughtered them mercilessly, as if they were gods who control life and death, and no one dared to half disobey them, let alone yell.


If anyone dared to disobey, Zhang Tianyun and the others would definitely kill them in a split second.


Prosperous Sect Master , you just heard that I killed your son, do you have a problem with that?” Feng Wushen asked nonchalantly.


The Prosperous Sect Master was so embarrassed that he did not answer Feng Wushen's question.


Once again, the head of the Zhang family and the three elders, the head of the Prosperous Sect simply did not dare to take revenge on Yang He.


"Since there are no comments, then it's your turn." Feng Wushen said nonchalantly, the dagger in his hand thrown violently.






Seeing that he was about to hit the Prosperous Sect Master, he struck out suddenly, two fingers clenching the dagger in an instant.


An extremely terrifying murderous aura and rage surged up, and the Prosperous Sect Master, with a face full of ferocity and eyes full of blood, roared: “I want you to go up in smoke!”




Just as the Prosperous Sect Master roared, before he could make a move, a black shadow had already arrived in an instant, a palm strike on the Prosperous Sect Master's sky spirit deck, terrifying energy, shaking the Prosperous Sect Master into dust and ashes.


The person who struck was Zhang Wufeng, the Great Elder of the Zhang Family.




Zhang Wufeng struck personally, scaring the great powers to new heights of panic.


"The Wang Family and the Prosperous Sect have offended the Dan Emperor, should they be removed?" Zhang Wufeng asked respectfully.


None of those present could believe these words from Zhang Wufeng, as long as Feng Wushen gave the order, Zhang Wufeng would not hesitate to send his men to destroy the Wang Family and the Prosperous Sect.


"They don't know, it has nothing to do with them." Feng Wushen slightly shook his head.


"Moorwind Hall Master, do you have anything to say?" Feng Wushen asked as he looked at Moorwind Hall Master.


"Dan… Emperor Dan, I…" The Hall Master was so surprised that his head went blank, not knowing what to say.


“The Young Master of the Immortal Weapons Pavilion has come to pay his respects!”


Right at that moment, the shout of the guards came.


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