Chapter 511 - Establishment of Authority

“The Young Pavilion Master of the Immortal Weapons Pavilion?”


Hearing the shouts of the guards, the upper echelons of the major powers in the great hall shuddered.


The Immortal Weapons Pavilion's Young Pavilion Master is here!


The auction has really invited the Immortal Weapons Pavilion!


“The Young Master of the Immortal Weapons Pavilion is here!” The Moorish Wind Hall Master's heart filled with joy, as if he had seen hope.


"We are saved! There is help." The hearts of the top brass and geniuses of the great powers were incomparably excited, the former fear and panic having been replaced with excitement.


"Feng Wushen, you can't be complacent for long, don't think that with the backing of the Zhang family you can do whatever you want!" The Moorish Wind Hall master coldly yelled.


"Feng Wushen, when it comes to intimidating people with power, I think it's you who does the talking!"


“I know the Young Master of the Immortal Weapons Pavilion, and I will definitely inform Young Master Chi of your misdeeds later!”


“The Immortal Weapons Pavilion is above the Zhang Family, I am going to see if the Zhang Family still dares to back you!”


The talented disciples and young masters roared with unprecedented relief.


The top brass of the great powers are all relieved at this time.


In his opinion, with the intervention of the Immortal Weapons Pavilion's Young Pavilion Master, he would definitely be able to resolve the dilemma at hand, and even kill Feng Wushen for Heaven's sake.


"Oh? Is that so?" Feng Wushen sneered.


The Divine Martial Patriarch looked grim to the core and secretly said, “Feng Wushen has just refined a spirit weapon in the blink of an eye, not to mention that no one in the Zhang Clan can match him, not even the Immortal Weapons Pavilion. can do it!"


"Feng Wushen is not the slightest bit afraid, even the Master of the Zhang Family and the others do not have the slightest concern, I have long heard that the Zhang Family is at enmity with the Immortal Weapons Pavilion, but now there is not the most minimal movement". The head of the Jiang family frowned, and his expression was also very serious.


“Feng Wushen is still emboldened, he is also not afraid of the Immortal Weapons Pavilion?” Jiang Minkong was secretly puzzled.


Not long after, the Young Master of the Immortal Weapons Pavilion, Chi Kong, entered the room with several powerful people of high cultivation.


"My humble servant, Chi Kong, pay my respects to Chairman Lin!" Chi Kong bowed politely.


"You're welcome, young pavilion master!" Lin Moyang laughed happily.


"Big Brother Kong!" A young master called out to Chi Kong, his face full of excitement and triumph.


"Young Pavilion Master!" The other talented disciples greeted each other respectfully.


"See you, Young Master of the Pavilion!" The high officials of the great powers bowed respectfully.


However, what shocked the higher-ups and geniuses of the great powers was that Chi Kong completely ignored them, directly treating them as if they were air.


Some of the Chi Kong men approached Feng Wushen and bowed respectfully: "The disciples see the Old Master! See Master Zhang and the three elders."


Seeing Chi Kong's movement, in a split second, the faces of the higher-ups and geniuses of the great powers instantly went rigid, as if the image had frozen and everyone was motionless.


The Young Master of the Immortal Weapons Pavilion addressed Feng Wushen as Old Master.


My God, what the hell is going on here?


The great powers and geniuses gaped again, looking at Feng Wushen as if he were a wooden chicken.


None of them could believe that Chi Kong was Feng Wushen's disciple.


Is this possible? Chi Kong is the young pavilion master of the Immortal Weapons Pavilion, with a superb status. Although his refinement is not as good as Zhang Junlan's, he is definitely the second most talented refiner on the continent.


The Immortal Weapons Pavilion was terrifyingly strong and was the most fearsome giant in the Infinite Domain, and the Immortal Weapons Pavilion Master was even a terrifyingly strong person capable of refining Immortal Weapons.


With such a deep background, there was no reason for Chi Kong to address Feng Wushen as Old Master!


Not only the powerful of the great powers, but this time even the auction chairman Lin Moyang and the three elders were shocked.


"Emperor Dan is still the Senior Master of Chi Kong!" Lin Moyang's heart trembled so much that his old eyes bulged.


It is rare for great powers to travel from hell to heaven, but in the blink of an eye, they fall from heaven to level 18 hell.


The Jiang family, the Divine Martial Sect, the Ge family, and various other major powers were secretly glad that they had not intervened, but they were also scared to the point that their clothes were wet with cold sweat.


The Moorwind Hall Master and the others were now completely desperate, there was still a glimmer of hope, but it was a pity that they did not know how to appreciate it and destroyed it themselves.


"The realm of refining has improved a bit, but alas, it has also failed to break through the sixth grade of refining." With his eyes looking at Chi Kong, Feng Wushen nodded his head and said.


At these words, Chi Kong respectfully said, "I would also like to ask Master for further guidance."


"There will be an opportunity." Feng Wushen smiled nonchalantly.


"Old Master, what are they?" asked Chi Kong, who didn't know what had happened on Lin Moyang's big birthday today, but could guess something.


Zhang Junlan kindly replied, "You have offended Master."


The higher-ups and geniuses of the great powers were utterly desperate, even the young Pavilion Master of the Immortal Weapons Pavilion was a disciple of Feng Wushen, and there was absolutely no one in the entire Infinite Domain who could save them.


"Offend the Old Master?" Chi Kong's face instantly grew cold.


“Young Pavilion Master, we didn't know that Emperor Dan was your old master, nor did we know that Emperor Dan was Young Master Zhang's master, I still hope that Young Pavilion Master will forgive us this time and there won't be a next time.” . The Moorwind Hall Master wept and begged, bowing his head nonstop.


"Young Pavilion Master, spare my life! Emperor Dan spare my life!" The high command and geniuses of the great powers begged.


They had no other recourse but to ask for mercy or wait for death.


"Spare life?" Zhang Junlan was full of disdain as he said, “Moorwind Hall Master, that's not what you just said, didn't you want Chi Kong to do your bidding? Didn't you want to inform him of my master's wickedness?”


"Kill!" Chi Kong said in a cold voice.


One of the strong men who had followed Chi Kong was gone in an instant.




The speed was terrifying, and with a bang, the Moorwind Hall Lord was blown up into ashes, not even knowing what was going on, and without the cultivation of the Extreme Heavenly Realm, no one could see when this man struck.


“Father…” The Moorwind Hall's Young Hall Master collapsed to the ground in fright, unable to get up.


"I didn't want to kill you, it's a pity you didn't take the opportunity." Feng Wushen said coldly, devoid of human emotions.


"Not a single one will be left behind!" Chi Kong said morosely, but whoever knelt down and begged for mercy, Chi Kong was not going to forgive him.


Chi Kong was able to hear what Feng Wushen wanted to say, and he knew exactly what kind of result Feng Wushen wanted.


"Brother Chi, it's me! I'm Zhou Haotian! Don't kill me." A genius screamed in panic.


But unfortunately, Chi Kong ignored him and didn't even look at him.






The Chi Kong order, that ministry did not dare to have the slightest disobedience, his figure flashed again and disappeared, almost instantly, the high commands and geniuses of the great powers who knelt and knelt asking for mercy, they were all murdered.


Today they are not here to celebrate the birthday, they are here to die!


Only the Jiang family, the Ge family, the Divine Martial Sect, and half a dozen other great powers were spared in the entire room.


"Good kill! They were just looking for death." Liu Qingyang said with relief.


"Old Master, do you want to kill?" The strongman from the Immortal Weapons Pavilion asked respectfully.


The man's words immediately scared the Divine Martial Patriarch and the others.


"It has nothing to do with them, but no one can leak what happened today, the brothers of the Dragon God Temple need to be perfected." Feng Wushen said nonchalantly.


"We will never divulge a word!" The Divine Martial Patriarch and a dozen other powerful people responded respectfully.


"Clean up these corpses, Chairman Lin's birthday party continues, don't let these people spoil the fun." Feng Wushen said with a slight smile, with so many people dead, Feng Wushen did not even frown.

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