Chapter 513 - Heading to the Burning Cloud Sect

Opening the teleportation array, Feng Wushen took Feng Zhengxiong and the others with him to the Dragon God Temple.


Although the teleportation array is more convenient, it is not possible to reach the Dragon God Temple in an instant.


The colorful and beautiful passage of the teleportation array was a source of wonder for the crowd.


Due to the distance, it takes at least half an hour to get to the Dragon God Temple, but it is much faster than flying.


“Mother, Father, Emperor, when we arrive at the Dragon God Temple later, I have other things to do, and I am pressed for time, so I will not accompany you.” In the magical passage, Feng Wushen smiled and said.


Feng Zhengxiong smiled proudly and said: "If Dusty has something to do, go take care of yourself, don't worry about us."


Duster, be careful. Xiao Qingqing admonished, equally proud to have such an outstanding Dao son.


"Don't worry, father and mother." Feng Wushen nodded.


“Feng Wushen, what is your current cultivation level? Why does this emperor think that your current strength is very powerful?” Duan Tian Hun couldn't help but ask curiously.


“Second level of the Heavenly Human Realm.” Feng Wushen smiled slightly and did not hide it.


“What? Heavenly… Second level of the Heavenly Human Realm?” Duan Tian Hun was instantly stunned, his expression stiffened, and a huge wave rose in his heart.


"He really made it to the Heavenly Human Realm!" Feng Zhengxiong and Feng Qianyang were shocked, simply unable to imagine how terrifying Feng Wushen's cultivation speed was.


"This... This is too fast, isn't it?" Situ Zhentian said dumbfounded, his voice tinged with tremor.


"He's too strong! The Pavilion Master is just incredibly powerful." The crowd from the Heavenly Pavilion was shocked.


Feng Wushen smiled faintly and said, “Cultivate diligently, and you too will be able to break through to the Heavenly Human Realm!”


"Wonderful! Bravo! Ha ha! Worthy to be my Feng Zhengxiong's son!" Feng Zhengxiong became very excited.


After returning to the Dragon God Temple, Feng Wushen brought Ling Xiaoxiao to the auction first, and motioned for Liu Qingyang and the others to receive Feng Zhengxiong and the others.


Arriving at the auction, Lin Moyang and the others were personally greeted.


"Emperor Dan, you have come at the right time, the thousand-year immortal spirit stone, the Qi Yun Mountain Burning Cloud Sect in the Western Region has been asked about." Lin Moyang said respectfully.


“The Burning Cloud Sect?” Feng Wushen asked: "How strong is the Burning Cloud Sect? It seems that there is no Burning Cloud Sect for the President's birthday, right?"


Nie Fengyun said, “The Burning Cloud Sect is of medium strength and was not included in the invitation.”


Feng Wushen nodded and said, “I am going to the Qi Yun Mountain Burning Cloud Sect, and I hope to get the thousand-year Immortal Spirit Stone as soon as possible.”


“Wait, Master, our people said that if you want the thousand-year immortal spirit stones, you still have to fulfill the conditions of the Burning Cloud Sect.” Nie Fengyun said.


"Conditions? What conditions?" asked Feng Weshen.


Nie Fengyun laughed bitterly, “One hundred sixth grade pills, one hundred spiritual weapons, and helping the Burning Cloud Sect destroy a strong enemy, Emotionless Valley.”


Hearing this, Feng Wushen frowned and said, “Spirit pills and weapons are not a problem, thousand year immortal spirit stones are worth much more than spiritual pills and weapons, but helping them destroy a strong enemy. It's a bit of an imposition, isn't it?"


"Emotionless Valley's strength is comparable to that of the Burning Cloud Sect, but Emotionless Valley is backed by the Extreme Royal Sect, which is one of the five major powers in the Western Region and is extremely powerful, but the Sect Royal Extreme is not a proper sect, so I did not invite the Royal Extreme Sect." Lin Moyang snapped.


"Emperor Dan, I will let Tian Kui and the others go with you." Lin Moyang said.


"No need, I have my own way, Xiaoxiao, come on." Feng Wushen shook his head and took Ling Xiaoxiao's jade hand to leave the auction.


"The teacher must be careful." Nie Fengyun said worriedly.




The two figures left the auction and flew at full speed towards the western region.


An hour later, Feng Wushen and Ling Xiaoxiao had arrived at Qi Yun Mountain.


“Brother Feng, that palace must be the Burning Cloud Sect.” Ling Xiaoxiao pointed to a palace on top of a mountain not far away and said.


"The strongest is the fifth level of the Heavenly Human Realm." Feng Wushen said, looking in the direction of the palace.


"Does Brother Feng intend to steal it?" Ling Xiaoxiao asked in surprise.


"Am I that kind of person?" Feng Wushen rolled his eyes.


Ling Xiaoxiao looked at Feng Wushen strangely and said nothing.


"......" Noticing Ling Xiaoxiao's strange gaze, Feng Wushen turned his face black.


(NT: Hahahaha xdxdxd)




Above the Burning Cloud Sect, Feng Wushen and Ling Xiaoxiao flew up.


The palace below is none other than the Burning Cloud Sect.


"What's that?" Noticing someone's appearance, one of the disciples immediately shouted, and the disciples in the plaza looked suspiciously into the air.


Feng Wushen and Ling Xiaoxiao descended on the plaza, and Feng Wushen said nonchalantly: “I come for the thousand-year immortal spirit stone, go report to your patriarch.”


"A thousand-year immortal spirit stone? So it's from the auction." The crowd of disciples relaxed, but all of the disciples' gazes turned to Ling Xiaoxiao at the same time.


"It is so beautiful!" The disciples' eyes widened one by one, completely absorbed by Ling Xiaoxiao's beauty.


An icy aura emanated from Ling Xiaoxiao's body, immediately startling the disciples and causing them to tremble in fear, their eyes drifting away from Ling Xiaoxiao with extreme reluctance.


At that moment, a great disciple entered from a palace, and his eyes took in Feng Wushen and Ling Xiaoxiao.


"Big brother, they are from the auction." A disciple said.


"This person is hiding very deeply, I can't see her cultivation level, and this woman is only at the seventh level of the Heavenly Yuan Realm." The man secretly said in his heart, but he didn't care.


Li Mu slightly clenched his fist and said, “I am Li Mu, the great disciple of the Burning Cloud Sect, are the spiritual pills and weapons ready?”


“I have to take a look at the Thousand Year Immortal Spiritual Stone first to see if it is a true Thousand Year Immortal Spiritual Stone.” Feng Wushen smiled and said.


Li Mu nodded and said, "Please come with me."


Leading Feng Wushen and Ling Xiaoxiao into the main hall, Li Mu instructed a disciple to address the Patriarch and the Elders at the same time.


Shortly after Feng Wushen and Ling Xiaoxiao entered the main hall, the patriarch and elders of the Burning Cloud Sect arrived one after another.


A middle-aged man at the head of the group was none other than Zhao Huaifeng, the Patriarch of the Burning Cloud Sect, and the three elders behind him were Liu Jiantian, Gao Yuanshan, and Lin Xuan.


“Sovereign, they are here for the Immortal Spirit Stones.” Li Mu respectfully reported.


Zhao Huaifeng shot a glance at Feng Wushen and Ling Xiaoxiao and said with a slight smile, “Welcome to the Burning Cloud Sect, you two.”


"Greetings, Sovereign Zhao!" Feng Wushen greeted politely.


“Since you are here for the thousand-year Immortal Spirit Stones, this clan will not mince words.” Zhao Huai Feng smiled, “You must know the terms of this clan, one hundred sixth grade pills, one hundred spirit weapons, and help this clan destroy Emotionless Valley, as long as you can do that, the Immortal Spirit Stones will naturally be yours! "


“Patriarch Zhao, pills and spiritual weapons are not a problem, but we don't have any enmity with Emotionless Valley, this condition is too strong, even if I can help you destroy Emotionless Valley, but Emotionless Valley has the Extreme Royal Sect behind, with the strength of the Extreme Royal Sect, the Burning Cloud Sect is only afraid of not being able to fight, how about another one?" asked Feng Weshen.


At these words, Zhao Huai Feng's face sank, and he said impatiently: "None of the clan's conditions are going to change, if you can't meet the clan's conditions, you can go back."



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