Chapter 514: Run!

When Master Qingyang's majestic voice resounded from heaven and earth, the entire earth seemed to vibrate violently at that moment, only to see the cloud and mist surrounding the Genesis Pond in front of him begin to retreat at a speed visible to simple view.


An endless ocean of water reappeared in the sight of all the disciples.


The purple band disciples are still calm, after all, they can enter several times a year, but those disciples who are not purple band, they are all excited, waiting for it, after all, in the past, they can only watch from the outside. , and they have no qualification to enter.


Above the sky, Master QingYang looked at the open genesis pool, and his hands suddenly made seals, and a vast and endless power descended from the sky, directly enveloping heaven and earth.




The earth shook as if it were a Dragon, and the mountains shook violently, as if a Dragon was roaring from the depths of the earth.


Many disciples did not know what was happening, but they were able to feel a terrible fluctuation beneath their feet.


Zhou Yuan's eyes were slightly frozen, he carried Dragon resentment poison and had also practiced the Ancestral Dragon Sutra, he was quite familiar with this kind of abnormal fluctuations, there was Dragon Qi in it, if it is what he thinks, it must be the source of the Dragon vein in the underground of the Cangxuan Sect.


He raised his head and looked into the Genesis Pool, and in his perception, there seemed to be a great force surging in the Genesis Pool at this moment.




In the middle of the ocean, the river began to spin, and huge ten thousand foot waves rolled up, covering the sky and the sun.


Within a few breaths, the Genesis Reservoir, which was still calm, became violent and ferocious, and even the purple band disciples' faces changed slightly at this scene.


The Genesis Reservoir at this time was undoubtedly more sinister than when they entered it regularly.


O w! Wow!


Amidst the huge waves, everyone could see that there were countless water beasts whistling in the Genesis Pool, and they were constantly being born under the influence of the Origin Dragon Qi, while their size was also expanding.


A dangerous aura silently rose in the endless fountain pond.


The Genesis Pond Festival is obviously the most dangerous time of the year, and of course, there are opportunities in this danger.


Those water beasts, containing Dragon Qi, were able to provide them with baptism and strengthen their foundations.


Sect Master Qingyang with a wave of his sleeve and robe, there was a huge surge of Genesis Qi, which directly swept across the disciples of the seven Peaks and, with a wave, submerged them all on the island outside the Genesis Pool. .


At the same time, his grand voice echoed through the disciples of the Seven Peaks.


"Genesis Pond Festival, it starts right now!"


"Disciples, please do your best to compete."


On that island, the disciples of the various peaks also had their eyes gradually burning.


The Sword Peak disciples, at the first moment, cast their unkind gaze towards the island not far away, where hundreds of Holy Genesis Peak disciples gathered.


"Boss Zhou Yuan, what to do?" The two disciples asked, Sword Peak had nearly ten thousand disciples making their scalps numb, the other side's advantage is too great, if they besiege them, they are afraid of being destroyed instantly.


"To do?"


Hearing this, Zhou Yuan smiled and said, "Of course run!"


(NT: Hahaha run first xD)


"Take out the milk energy and run, all of you! Whoever gets caught can only be blamed for their bad luck!"


As his voice fell, he exchanged a glance with Yao Yao, and his figure took the lead and rose into the sky, directly pushing his speed to the limit and zoomed away towards the depths of the genesis pool.


Behind them, Zhou Tai, Zhang Yan and Luyan looked at each other and finally laughed bitterly as Genesis Qi surged and chased after them in a hurry.


The other disciples, seeing the situation, shouted bitterly, but they did not dare to say anything, and could only chase them with all their strength.


So, while the disciples of the other peaks were still analyzing the situation, the hundreds of disciples of Saint Genesis Peak had already brought out their milk strength and fled frantically, and in an instant, they disappeared from sight.


They acted in such a way that the disciples of the other peaks were all a little stunned.


In particular, the Sword Peak disciples, some of the people who had already begun to prepare their hands to block the path back from Saint Genesis Peak, were all staring at those silhouettes that had disappeared into the distance with stunned eyes.


And after a moment of stupefaction, the Sword Peak disciples suddenly burst into laughter, some disciples are covering their stomachs, laughing wildly.


It was because of the movement of the Holy Genesis Peak, which was too pitiful.


His side hadn't even started, and as a result, the other side was like a frightened bird, and even that Chief Zhou Yuan was leading a mad escape.



The disciples of the other peaks also couldn't help but shake their heads, this Saint Genesis Peak this time, it's really funny.


And that Zhou Yuan, his past performance was very brilliant, but now when facing Sword Peak, he can only choose to flee...


Li Qingchan's brows furrowed as he watched this scene, his silver teeth grinding slightly as he said, "This guy, who was still trying to be strong back then, thought he could avoid Sword Peak by running away like this?"


This was obviously impossible, when Sword Peak also enters the depths of the Genesis Pool it will surely begin to besiege them.


This move from Saint Genesis Peak was nothing more than a delay for some time.


The most unpleasant thing for Li Qingchan is that Zhou Yuan has lost face, but this guy wants to bring Yaoyao with him!


On the other side of the Sword Peak, Kong Sheng, Zhao, and Baili Che were also shocked by the action of the Saint Genesis Peak, and then joked, "This Zhou Yuan, he is really decisive."


Indeed, the current Zhou Yuan fleeing wildly with his disciples is a very wise choice, but the price is too great a shame.


The Chosen One Kong Sheng looked at Zhou Yuan where they had gone far away, with mockery in their eyes, they were not worried that Saint Genesis Peak could escape there, in a short time Saint Genesis Peak will suffer.


Kong Sheng and Zhao Zhan looked towards Baili Che and nodded.


The latter agreed and turned to the many Sword Peak disciples, "Don't bother with them for the time being, hurry to the depths of the genesis pond first, occupy the territory, investigate the movement of the water beasts and hunts genesis crystals".


“Big brother Baili Che, shall we leave them alone?” There were disciples who asked in disbelief.


"What's the rush?" Baili Che laughed weakly and said, “They can’t escape, let’s let them do something for us first, although they might not be able to collect many genesis beast crystals either.”


The other disciples nodded their heads upon hearing this.


Baili Che raised his head and looked into the distance, with a playful smile on the corners of his lips.


"Zhou Yuan, just run, I'll see how long you can run..."




In the distance, Zhou Yuan led the hundreds of disillusioned Saint Genesis Peak disciples in a mad rush, and seemed to have sensed the gaze behind him, tilting his head slightly, the corner of his mouth also raising a ripple.



"Sword Peak..."


"Now you will laugh, and then there will be a time for you to cry."


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