Chapter 514 – Turn the Other Cheek


Han Qian narrowed his eyes and looked at Lin Yang playfully: “Interesting, what kind of opportunity is Boss Lin going to give me?”

"Leave Jiangcheng and don't harass Xiao Xue anymore!" Lin Yang said calmly.

“Hahahahahahaha…” Han Qian laughed loudly.

The sound of laughter ran through the compartment.

It took a while before he stopped and said with a contemptuous smile: "Lin Shi Zu, do you really believe anything? As far as I know, your share in Guangzhu is only 30%, right? People call you Boss Lin , and you really think you are the boss of Guangzhu? Or do you think you are Dr. Lin of the Yang Hua Group? Ridiculous, you are nothing in front of me, you know?"

Han Qian was qualified to say such things.

Throughout the country, there were quite a few people who could go against Huang Entertainment, but not many who wanted to do so.

As for the foreigner… Those people's hands still couldn't touch Huang Entertainment!

A mere Lin Shi Zu, Han Qian wouldn't care.

What's more, this Lin Shi Zu hadn't given him any face either, so why would he bother to patronize?

"Is that so?" Lin Yang responded calmly.

Director Zhu was already so angry that his lungs were about to explode.

The others didn't know, but he knew the identity of this man, so he immediately slammed the table and pointed at Han Qian, shouting angrily: "Han Qian! Don't go too far! Mr. Lin “He is our Yang Hua guest, if you touch him, Yang Hua will never let you free.”

"Hey! You're a small manager, how can you represent Yang Hua? What's more, I don't think Yang Hua is going to go to war with Huang Entertainment over Lin Shi Zu! I heard that Yang Hua just invested a thousand million dollars on a big drama, so messing with Huang Entertainment at this juncture? Do you think it's a wise choice?" Han Qian said with a satisfied smile.

Director Zhu's body was trembling and his mouth was open, unable to speak.

Yes, Yang Hua had just ventured into the film and television industry and had invested in a big drama, it was Yang Hua Group's first step into the entertainment industry!

If he were to offend Huang Entertainment right now, the damage and impact would be incalculable.

Director Zhu hesitated and silently looked at Lin Yang.

Lin Yang didn't seem very upset and just asked calmly, "So, does that mean you're definitely going to make things difficult for Xiao Xue?"

“Lin Shi Zu, don’t be shameless, for the sake of your relationship with Yang Hua, I will give you some face and let you leave this restaurant with dignity, if you keep jabbering at me here, then don’t blame me for turning my back on you!” " Han Qian ran out of patience and said with a cold face.

"Is that so? Then I would like to see your tactics." Lin Yang also felt annoyed and his eyes stared, a flash of ice coldness swept through the depths of his pupils.

But in the next second, a figure rushed over.


You almost hear a scream.

The crowd was stunned and looked to see that it was Tang Hui Xue.

He straddled Lin Yang's heels and looked at Han Qian with teary eyes, his voice trembling: “Young Han, you've had enough!”

"Little Xue!" Han Qian stared.

But looking at Tang Hui Xue turned around violently and looked at Lin Yang in pain: "Lin Yang, can't you listen to a word I say and get out of here? Haven't I already said what happened here?" It has nothing to do with you, why are you still here?"

"Xiao Xue, Xiao Yan explained to me that he wanted me to help you resolve the matter here..."

"It has nothing to do with you anymore!!!"

"I am able to solve it..."

"I don't want to hear it! I'm just asking you to get out of here! Get out of here, will you? You're just a useless son-in-law! You're just a soft-skinned loser! Who are you to help me?" Tang Hui Xue screamed hysterically, then grabbed a table knife and put it directly against Lin Yang's chest, shouting frantically, "If you don't come out, do you think I will stab you to death? You piece of shit! Get lost."

Looking at Tang Hui Xue's red, tear-filled eyes, and the hand that was holding the knife but trembling slightly, Lin Yang vaguely understood something.

He had given up.

He didn't want to get involved...

Lin Yang took a deep breath and said, “Alright, Xiao Xue, since you have said so, then I will leave for now.”

"That's the best, hurry up and get out, now!" Tang Hui Xue hissed.

Without saying anything, Lin Yang turned around and headed towards the front door.

"Boss Lin!"

Director Zhu also hurried to follow.

Only after seeing Lin Yang leave, Tang Hui Xue weakly lowered the dinner knife, and the person secretly sighed in relief.

He lightly wiped the tears from the corners of his eyes and turned around.

But the next second, a slap prompted his face.

And at the same time, a hand fiercely grabbed her by the hair and threw her away.


Tang Hui Xue screamed in pain before realizing that the one hitting and pulling her was Han Qian.

At this moment, his face was filled with jealous rage.

The Tang family was stunned.

But then they heard Han Qian glare at Tang Huixue, “Don't think I don't see that that bitch has deliberately forced that dog to leave, right?”

Han Qian punched and kicked.

"Young Han, young Han, don't fight, put out the fire!" Zhang Aiyu hurriedly stepped forward to stop him.

"Fuck off!" Han Qian backhanded Zhang Aiyu and pushed her to the ground.

"I've given so much for you bitch, I've even offended Yang Hua and Guang Zhu, but at this point you're still thinking about other men! You're amazing, Tang Hui Xue!" Han Qian Zhen said angrily.

With these words, he immediately made the Tang family pale.

"This young man Han, he is really something." Hou Nan stared at him and whispered.

“Yes, when the Tang family chooses him and offends Yang Hua and Guang Zhu, then he immediately goes crazy, the Han family has no way back, they can only agree to complete and let him do his will, this young Han city.. . It is very deep". Ding Qiu said with some trepidation.

The Tang family was terrified as the Han youth was shaken by anger.

"Young Han, don't be angry, it's all because Xiao Xue doesn't know what to do, we'll just teach her properly, it's not good for you to get angry and break your health." Tang Zonghao was busy advising.

"Can we educate her? That's not enough." Han Qian said angrily.

"So... What Young Han wants to say is..."

"Let him come to my room tonight and apologize properly." Han Qian said coldly.

Tang Hui Xue's face changed in horror.

Tang Song and his wife were stunned.

It was Tang Zonghao who felt nothing and hurriedly replied: "No problem! No problem. We will have a banquet at the Tang family tonight, so if Young Han appreciates the pleasure, come and have a drink, and I will make sure that little Xue sincerely apologizes to you!"

"Good! Good! Your Tang family is still sincere, hahaha..." Han Qian laughed loudly.

Tang Hui Xue's face was pale and she sat paralyzed in her chair, limp.

"It's decided, let's have Boss Ding and Boss Hou come at night too."

Han Qian narrowed his eyes and smiled, then sat down with great satisfaction.

Everything had gone according to his plan.

Although Lin Shizuo's appearance had taken him by surprise, it was not a problem.

Now, this Tang Hui Xue was already in his pocket.

"Bitch, when I catch you, let's see if you still dare to call my bluff!"

Han Qian grunted darkly, looking at the almost desperate Tang Hui Xue thoughtfully.

At that moment!

A figure entered with quick steps.

The crowd cast a sidelong glance.

"Me? Isn't it Manager Zhu? Why are you back again?" Tang Xiaoshi laughed out loud.

Now that the Tang family was tied to Han Qian, he was no longer afraid of Yang Hua's people.

However, Director Zhu did not pay attention to Tang Xiaoshi, but instead stared at Han Qian and said in a low and deep voice , “Young Han, our Chief Lin has an invitation!”

"Boss Lin? Lin Shi Zu? Tell him I'm not available." Han Qian stuffed a mouthful of food into his mouth and chewed.

Director Zhu shook his head and said especially seriously.

"It's not Lin Shizuizu, it's our Yang Hua divine Doctor Lin!"

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