Chapter 515 – Divine Doctor Lin is invited

As soon as those words fell, Han Qian's chopsticks that had just reached his mouth immediately stopped.

He turned his head to the side and looked at Director Zhu in disbelief.

Tang Xiaoshi's mouth opened wide.

The public was stunned.

"It can't be? Does this mean... it's Divine Doctor Lin?" Ding Qiuna asked.

"How is it possible? Going to war with Huang Entertainment over a Lin Shi Zu? Is Doctor Lin out of his mind? Or is Yang Hua not going to enter the entertainment industry anymore?" Hou Nan frowned.

Han Qian put down his chopsticks and stood up to stare at Director Zhu: "You are very efficient, did you say it so quickly to Divine Doctor Lin? It's just that since it is an invitation from Divine Doctor Lin, I have to face him as Be it true! Lead the way."

"No hurry".

Director Zhu stepped aside and pounced on Ding Qiu and Hou Nan: “Our Boss Lin has explained that he invites the two bosses to go together as well.”

The two looked at each other, but they were not afraid.

Even Han Qian was gone, so what were they afraid of?

They could only side with Huang Entertainment, and not even Divine Doctor Lin could deal with them.

"Tang Zonghao, you go back and make dinner, I'll have a cup of tea with Dr. Lin and go back." Han Qian said indifferently, deliberately looking at Tang Hui Xue before leaving the house.

Ding and Hou were busy following them.

As they left the restaurant, a Bentley car stopped on the side of the road.

Hou Nan's step was stunned.

"Boss Hou, what's wrong?" Ding Qiu, who was next to him, asked curiously.

"This car... It seems to be Gong Xi Yun's car." Hou Nan said in a deep voice.

Ding Qiu's heart suddenly shook.

Gong Xi Yun?

One could say that this name was as familiar as thunder.

At this moment, the passenger side of the Bentley opened and Gong Xiyun, wearing sunglasses, walked out of the house and stood next to the car.

"A few people, come in."

"Miss Gong?"

Ding Qiu and Hou Nan's faces changed in horror.

"What's wrong with you guys? Who is this woman?" Han Qian asked with a frown, he was not a local and naturally did not know Gong Xi Yun.

“It's one of Divine Doctor Lin's people…” Ding Qiu didn't know how to explain it and held back a sentence for half a day.

"Oh, I thought it was something, so it's Divine Doctor Lin's person, are you guys afraid of him? Are you still afraid that he will eat you?" Han Qian frowned and cursed the two for their lack of talent, so they went straight to the car.

The two opened their mouths, but in the end they said nothing and could only harden their heads and continue.

The Bentley continued on.

Gong Xi Yun lit a cigarette and opened the window to let the clouds swallow him up.

Han Qian, in the back row, narrowed his eyes and took a few glances at Gong Xi Yun, seeing that although this woman was over thirty years old, she still had her charm and was very tasty.

He licked his tongue and smiled: "I didn't expect Divine Doctor Lin to have such a beauty by his side, what a surprise, this one is called Miss Gong, right? Hello, my name is Han Qian."

"I know your name and I know what you are, what? You're looking for me for a date?" Gong Xi Yun slightly turned her head to the side, revealing a very seductive look, with her hot body, she truly seduced the soul.

Han Qian was stunned, probably because he didn't expect this woman to be so open, he immediately laughed out loud, "Hahahahaha, it's the first time I've met someone as direct as Miss Gong, not bad, I really like her." kind of character, Miss Gong, we can go out for a cup of tea sometime!"

"No problem!" Gong Xi Yun flicked the ash from her cigarette, narrowed her eyes and smiled, "But only if you make it through the day unscathed."

"That?" Han Qian was slightly stunned, "What does Miss Gong mean by that?"

"Nothing, haha, just kidding! We're here." Gong Xi Yun said laughing.

The three people in the car looked at each other and realized that the Bentley was not going to Yang Hua Company, but was arriving at the front of a leisure club.

The club was very luxurious and glorious, with stone lions falling to the left and right of the main door, looking very grand and imposing, but as it was noon, the place had not yet opened for business, and although The main door was open, very few people came and went.

"This doesn't look like the Yang Hua Group, does it?" Han Qian looked at the door strangely and asked Gong Xi Yun.

"This is also a property belonging to the Yang Hua Group, and is currently under my management." Gong Xiyun laughed.

"So it's like this, I didn't expect Yang Hua Group to have such a wide participation?" Han Qian said in surprise.

However, Ding Qiu and Hou Nan at the back were left speechless, the two of them were trembling and unable to move even a step.

Clearly, they had realized what was happening.

"You two, go! What? Do you want me to take you inside?" Gong Xi Yun looked at the two and said.

“Gong… Miss Gong, it’s none of our business… I… I don’t know anything…” Ding Qiu said with a crying and trembling face.

“Miss Gong, in this… Is there some kind of misunderstanding?” Hou Nan also stumbled and said carefully.

"It's better to talk about what's going on inside!" Gong Xi Yun secretly laughed coldly and said indifferently.

Han Qian looked at the two with a confused face, bewildered.

Could it be that there was something wrong with this Gong Xi Yun? Why else were they both so scared?

It doesn't matter!

Even if this bitch is powerful, how can she kill me?

Han Qian growled darkly and, with a fearless stance, took large strides inside.

Ding Qiu and Hou Nan had no choice but to follow them.

When they entered Gong Xiyun's office on the third floor, the three of them finally saw the famous divine doctor Lin.

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