Chapter 516 - Half Treasure Map

"A magic weapon that controls time simply cannot exist; no one can control time."


Seeing the shocked expressions of Feng Wushen and Ling Xiaoxiao, Zhao Huaifeng slightly shook his head.


The reason why Zhao Huifeng did not send anyone to search for the treasure was precisely because he did not believe that such an incredible treasure existed.


Not to mention Zhao Huifeng, I think many practitioners wouldn't believe it.


The magic of time control is too illusory.


However, Feng Wushen is convinced.


"It's true". Feng Wushen nodded.


Until he was sure, Feng Wushen didn't know if it was the legendary Ancient Time Tooth.


“From the beginning I guessed that the treasure map was fake, but the Extreme Royal Sect believed that it was real, so I used it to keep the Extreme Royal Sect at bay, but as the enmity between the Burning Cloud Sect and the Valley Without Emotions has grown deeper and deeper over the years, I had to think of a way to borrow a knife to kill people, and if we don't get rid of Emotionless Valley, my Burning Cloud Sect will die tragically sooner or later . ." Zhao Huai Feng snapped.


“Patriarch Zhao wants a hundred sixth grade pills and a hundred spiritual weapons, with the goal of improving his strength so that he can take on Emotionless Valley.” Feng Weshen said.


“Good! If the Burning Cloud Sect wants to survive, they must suppress Emotionless Valley, or even destroy it!” Zhao Huai Feng said fiercely.


Such is the cruelty of the world of the weak and the strong.


Not wanting to be trampled underfoot by Emotionless Valley, the Burning Cloud Sect could only think of all possible ways to deal with Emotionless Valley.


With a twinkle in his eye, Feng Wushen had a plan in mind and looked at Zhao Huai Feng and said, “Patriarch Zhao, I have a way to help your Burning Cloud Sect deal with Emotionless Valley and at the same time make the Extreme Royal Sect did not dare to threaten the Burning Cloud Sect.”


"Oh? Can you still make the Extreme Royal Sect dare not threaten?" Zhao Huai Feng looked at Feng Wushen in amazement, curious as to what method was so miraculous.


The Extreme Royal Sect is one of the five major powers in the Western Region, and its power is so terrifying that it is not something that can be resolved by means.


The three elders also became interested, and their gazes turned to Feng Wushen.


"Not bad, but Patriarch Zhao will have to show me the treasure map, I'll just take a look at it, I won't hoard it, the Extreme Royal Sect places such importance on the treasure map and has never stopped looking for it, I think it can have other uses." Feng Wushen smiled and said.


Hearing this, Zhao Huifeng frowned slightly, puzzled: "Are there other uses for it?"


When he was stumped, Zhao Huifeng took out half of the treasure map and tossed it to Feng Wushen without hesitation, saying, “If you can really help my Burning Cloud Sect deal with Emotionless Valley and deter the Extreme Royal Sect , there is nothing wrong with giving you the treasure map."


Seeing Zhao Huai Feng so forthcoming and confident, Feng Wushen was surprised and asked, “Does Patriarch Zhao trust me so much?”


"I'm a trusted sixth grade alchemist! Besides, I'm not interested in the treasure at all, I don't want to bury my life for it." Zhao Huai Feng said, knowing that Feng Wushen was a Sixth Grade Alchemist or a Fifth Grade Refiner, Zhao Huai Feng would not be stupid enough to offend Feng Wushen.


Zhao Huifeng was not only not stupid, but he was smart, otherwise he would not have been so generous as to give the treasure map to Feng Wushen.


A terrifying genius like Feng Wushen, Zhao Huifeng naturally wanted to bind him.


“Then thank you, Patriarch Zhao, I will help you refine the pills and spiritual weapons as soon as possible, within seven days, someone will deliver the pills and spiritual weapons, the pill herbs and refining materials will not need to be prepared by you". Feng Wushen clenched his fist and thanked him.


"In seven days?" Gao Yuanshan frowned slightly, somewhat unconvinced by Feng Wushen, and asked, “How do we know if you are lying to us? In case you take the Immortal Spirit Stone and the treasure map and never come back, where are we going to find you?” The Burning Cloud Sect is not strong enough to fight the auction."


“What the Second Elder said is very true, Sovereign, if you don't return, we will have given away two treasures for nothing!” The Third Elder agreed.


At these words, Feng Wushen smiled slightly and said, “I am here under Star Realm Dragon God Temple Master Feng Wushen, if you don't believe me, I can stay here and refine spiritual pills and weapons, but you will have to prepare your own spiritual pills. herbs and refining materials, which I don't have here."


Gao Yuanshan's face paled slightly, speechless.


To refine a hundred Sixth Grade Pellets and a hundred Spiritual Weapons, the amount of materials required was enormous, and all together, it would cost many gold coins.


"Seven days is seven days." Zhao Huaifeng agreed without hesitation, preferring to trust Feng Wushen.


"Bye". Feng Wushen stood up and balled his fist, leading Ling Xiaoxiao out of the Burning Cloud Sect.


After Feng Wushen and Ling Xiao Xiao left, Liu Jian Gen asked, “Patriarch, do you trust that boy that much?”


Zhao Huaifeng frowned and said: "Immediately send someone to the Star World to check, this person is not simple, we can't offend him."


Liu Jiantian nodded and said sharply: "I have not seen such a demon genius in my life, this person is not simple at all."


Leaving the Burning Cloud Sect, Feng Wushen and Ling Xiaoxiao headed for the Divine Martial Sect.


“Brother Feng, is that Immortal Spirit Stone a Thousand Year Immortal Spirit Stone or not?” Away from the Burning Cloud Sect, Ling Xiaoxiao hurried to ask.


"Well, it's a thousand-year immortal spirit stone." Feng Wushen smiled and nodded.


"Brother Feng is really lying to you." Ling Xiaoxiao covered her small mouth and laughed.


Feng Wushen shrugged and said, “Emotionless Valley doesn't hold a grudge against me, I don't want to help them destroy Emotionless Valley for this reason, let them settle the matter of the Burning Cloud Sect on their own.”


Ling Xiaoxiao nodded, also feeling justified.


"And the treasure map? A magical treasure that controls time, does it really exist?" Ling Xiaoxiao asked the question again.


“It is true that the ancient times possessed a heaven-defying and time-controlling magical treasure called the Tooth of Time, which is an ancient divine weapon, but one must possess the power of time to harness it. The treasure map is just half a sheet, and I'm not sure it's the Tooth of Time." Feng Wushen said nonchalantly.


"Tooth of Time?" Ling Xiaoxiao slightly frowned, having never heard of it.


"This is a legendary divine weapon, whether or not it exists, I'm not sure, but the power of time must exist, this time out, the harvest is not small." Feng Wushen laughed with a bit of excitement.


If the power of time exists, the Tooth of Time must exist!


"The other half of the treasure map is in the hands of the Extreme Royal Sect, how does Brother Feng plan to trick him? The Extreme Royal Sect I don't think they will hand over the other half of the treasure map easily." asked Ling Xiaoxiao.


Feng Wushen smiled and said: “The other half of the treasure map must be obtained, no matter which method we use, even if we destroy the Extreme Royal Sect, we must seize the other half of the treasure map.”


Regarding the Tooth of Time , since Feng Wushen had inadvertently discovered the news, he would definitely not miss such a divine weapon.


In about half an hour, Feng Wushen and Ling Xiaoxiao arrived at the Divine Martial City.


“Divine Martial City? Could this be the territory of the Divine Martial Sect?” Ling Xiaoxiao looked at the city gates in surprise and asked:


“Brother Feng, are you going to the Divine Martial Sect?”


“Well, since the Divine Martial Sect is the strongest force in the Western Region, it would be most appropriate to seek the help of the Divine Martial Patriarch, and it would be easy to suppress the Extreme Royal Sect.” Feng Wushen smiled slightly and pulled Ling Xiaoxiao's jade hand towards the city.


As the strongest hegemon in the Western Region, the Divine Martial Sect is far above the Extreme Royal Sect in terms of strength.




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