Chapter 516 – Which Hand Hits Which Hand

"Are you Divine Doctor Lin? How are you, how are you, I'm lucky to meet you today, hahaha..." Han Qian seemed to be familiar with himself, and after sizing up Lin Yang, he laughed loudly and walked forward. to extend his hand.

But just as he approached, Gong Xi Yun's two thugs standing in front of Lin Yang stopped him.


Han Qian frowned and looked at the two thugs strangely, then glanced at Lin Yang: “Divine Doctor Lin, is this your way of treating guests?”

"If you were my guest, I would definitely not sit here but come out to welcome you, it's a pity that you are not my guest." Lin Yang said while doing his nails, but he didn't even look at Han Qian.

"Divine Doctor Lin, I don't remember where I have offended you."

"Mr. Han is so forgetful, Manager Zhu is standing at the door, did he forget so quickly?" Lin Yang said in a light voice.

Han Qian had long guessed that this was the matter, but he couldn't understand how Lin Yang would actually call him for such a matter, and with such an attitude.

Could it be that this divine Doctor Lin was very protective?

But... Doesn't he have a brain?

Doesn't he know that I am the young grandson of Huang Entertainment?

Offend me for the sake of these people?

You're just being insensitive!

“I admit that I had some misunderstandings with Manager Zhu before, and I also had some conflicts with your Yang Hua's guest, Lin Shizuo, but Divine Doctor Lin, this matter may be big or small, will you call me here to apologize?”

"Are you willing to make this apology?" Lin Yang asked.

"Apologies are not a problem, but first I have to know what I did wrong." Han Qian asked rhetorically.

"In this matter, you are not wrong."

"So it's Lin Shi Zu's fault?"

"He's not wrong either." Lin Yang shook his head.

"It's interesting, no one is right, what are the apologies for?" Han Qian laughed.

"I have called you here, not for this matter."

"Oh? What's it about then?"

"You messed with my friend."

"Divine Doctor Lin? What the hell are you talking about? You say I'm right, you say Lin Shi Zu is right, and now you blame me for messing with your friend? Are you playing with me?" Han Qian was almost confused by Lin Yang and couldn't help but feel annoyed.

But he saw Lin Yang shaking his head: "I haven't said that Lin Shizu is my friend, and I haven't asked you to come here because of the matter between you and Lin Shizu! Rather, I asked you to come here for the sake of my friend".

"Who exactly is your friend?" Han Qian asked angrily.

"Tang Hui Xue." Lin Yang faintly said three words.

When these three words fell, Han Qian became confused on the spot.

"Lin Shizuizu actually doesn't have much contact with our Yang Hua Group, our Yang Hua just has business dealings with the foreign company Guangzhu, strictly speaking, he is not my friend, as for between Manager Zhu and you, it is not a matter so big, I won't even bother with these, but the matter between you and Tang Hui Xue, is my business."

Lin Yang picked up the tissue next to him and wiped his hands, then walked towards Han Qian.

Han Qian stared at Lin Yang, his heart beating rapidly.

This Divine Doctor Lin was as handsome as on TV, even those top-notch male stars below Huang Entertainment couldn't compare to him, but for some reason, this Divine Doctor Lin inexplicably gave him an invisible pressure.

Han Qian was a little breathless…

"Doctor Lin, what do you want?" Han Qian was inexplicably nervous and asked subconsciously.

"To resolve what's going on here with you." Lin Yang said calmly.

"I'm telling you, don't beat around the bush, or I'll make sure Yang Hua doesn't have a good time.... Didn't he invest in the movie "War Tiger"? If you touch me, I guarantee that drama will be yellow." Han Qian said immediately.

"It doesn't matter, it's only one billion! I, Yang Hua, can still afford to play." Lin Yang said lightly.


Han Qian still wanted to say something, but in the next second, Lin Yang's fist had already viciously slammed into his face.


Han Qian instantly fell to the ground.

"What are you doing? How dare you hit me?" Han Qian covered his swollen face and roared in rage.

"Don't worry, I won't beat you to death."

"You bastard, I'm going to fight you!"

Han Qian roared and immediately went up and rushed towards Lin Yang.

But before he could get close, Lin Yang directly kicked him.

With this kick, Lin Yang had used all his strength.


Han Qian's body instantly flew out like a ball and crashed into the wall before falling to the ground, covering his abdomen with a shudder, his face was pale with pain and he could no longer stand upright.

"I don't care what kind of person you are, or what kind of person you have behind you, as long as you messed with my friend, I am a person who always returns kindness with kindness and revenge with revenge! Han Qian, I heard Director Zhu "To say that you hit Tang Hui Xue in the face, tell me, which hand did you use to do it?"

Lin Yang said as he extended his hand towards the big man next to him.

The big man understood and immediately picked up the machete and handed it to Lin Yang's hand.

Han Qian was horrified and looked at Lin Yang in surprise.

"You... What are you trying to do?"

"Isn't that obvious enough? Whichever hand hits you, I'll cut off your hand!" Lin Yang said with an expressionless face.

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