Chapter 517 - Who else but you?

Entering the city, Feng Wushen and Ling Xiaoxiao planned to find a restaurant to get something to eat and find out the exact location of the Divine Martial Sect in the meantime.


At that moment, on the street, a woman rushed towards Feng Wushen and Ling Xiaoxiao in a panic, with a man chasing after her.


"Help! Help me." The woman screamed in panic and ran as fast as she could.


The woman is wearing a green sarong with a unique air and a delicate face that is very charming, while possessing a proud and seductive figure.


"Little beauty, today you will not be able to escape from this young master, today I will eat you!" The man had a leering smile on his face, completely ignoring the pedestrians on the street.


Ignoring the presence of the crowd in broad daylight, abusing a woman in public is simply rampant!


The crowd shouted softly, but no one dared to come to their aid.


Seeing that the woman was only half a meter away from Feng Wushen and Ling Xiao Xiao, but she was grabbed by the man behind her and dragged back.


"Help me! Save me quick!" The woman's fearful and pleading gaze looked at Feng Wushen and Ling Xiaoxiao.


"I'll see where you're going!" The man sneered playfully and was about to lower his head to kiss the woman's pink cheek.


As the man's mouth was about to kiss the woman, a flying sword suddenly appeared, blocking the man's lips with its body.


“Fourth level of the Heavenly Human Realm!” Feng Wushen secretly said in his heart, feeling a powerful aura coming instantly.


The sudden cold sword made the man immediately break out in a cold sweat, and the cold and murderous aura frightened him for a moment.


"Let go of Yueh-Lan, or I'll kill you!" An icy voice sounded.


"Barbarian brother!" Yueh-Lan's heart was greatly gladdened.


"I thought about who it was, but it was Barbarian Qing." The man grimaced as he released his hand, and when he saw that the visitor was Barbarian Qing, the man's frightened look instantly disappeared and was replaced by arrogance and cockiness.


The visitor was a man of twenty-six or twenty-seven years old, dressed in a long black robe, quite handsome for the public, with long hair and quite spontaneous.


Feng Wushen had originally intended to make a move, but instead he sensed that someone else was making a move, so he didn't.


Free from the man's grasp, Yueh-Lan rushed into Barbarian's arms like a frightened rabbit.


Barbarian Qing's icy gaze fixed on the man as he said coldly, “He Ming, don't think that because your old man is the lord of the city I dare not kill you.”


Hearing this, He Ming said with an arrogant expression, “I know your cultivation level is above mine, but you still don't have the guts to kill me! If you kill me, you'll never leave Divine Martial City alive, and you won't You want this little beauty to die, right?"


He Ming, as the Young Lord of Divine Martial City, was clad in magnificent white brocade, quite demonic in appearance, and his cultivation had reached the level of the third level of the Heavenly Human Realm, which was considered relatively powerful among his peers. .


Hearing those words, Barbarian Qing's face instantly darkened as his fierce gaze stared deadly at He Ming.


As He Ming spoke, his gaze inadvertently caught up with Ling Xiaoxiao's figure, and his expression froze for the first time, his gaze instantly turned to Ling Xiaoxiao, already attracted by Ling Xiaoxiao's beauty.


He Ming was completely frozen, looking directly at Ling Xiaoxiao. At this moment, it was as if in He Ming's eyes, only Ling Xiaoxiao existed in the entire world, and even Feng Wushen, standing in front of him, was invisible.


He Ming's wild gaze was fixed on Ling Xiaoxiao, making Feng Wushen very miserable in his heart.


"Dumbass!" Noticing He Ming's gaze, Yueh-Lan cursed maliciously, looking extremely unpleasant.


"Brother Barbarian, let's ignore it." Yueh-lan said.


"We can't let him wreak havoc on the others!" Barbarian Qing said lazily, seeing that He Ming wanted to hit Ling Xiaoxiao again.


Hearing Barbarian Qing's words, He Ming coldly said, “Barbarian Qing, you'd better not meddle in this Young Master's business, if it wasn't for Yue Lan's sake, this Young Master would have sent someone to kill you. With you at the fourth level of the Heavenly Human Realm, do you really think that this Young Master cannot kill you?”


"If you can kill me with your own skills, I have nothing to say, you must not try to whip others in front of me!" Barbarian Qing yelled angrily, not flinching in the slightest.


Hearing this, Feng Wushen couldn't help but look at Barbarian Qing with an appreciative look.


"Burning Shadow!" He Ming coldly yelled.




A figure appeared in front of Barbarian Qing in an instant, an icy killing aura emanating from his body.


“Fifth level of the Heavenly Human Realm!” Barbarian Qing frowned deeply and shielded Yue Lan behind him at the first opportunity, eyeing Burning Shadow suspiciously.


"If he dares to interfere, kill him for me!" He Ming said coldly, glaring at Barbarian Qing.


The Burning Shadow is He Ming's personal guard, so whenever He Ming's life is in danger, it will appear.


"Brother Barbarian, we'd better go, you won't be able to beat him." Yueh-Lan worried and advised in a low voice.


"Not!" Barbarian Qing gritted his teeth angrily, determined not to leave.


He Ming didn't bother, his gaze drifting back to Ling Xiaoxiao, his face revealing an evil smile as he said, “Little beauty, what's your name? You look very pretty, is this your first time in Divine Martial City? How about brother take you around? In Divine Martial City, I am in charge."


"Outside!" Ling Xiaoxiao responded coldly.


Ling Xiaoxiao's reply made He Ming's evil smile instantly harden, embarrassed in the extreme.


"Stinky girl! Embarrassing." He Ming said ominously, his fierce gaze sweeping a glance at Feng Wushen next to Ling Xiaoxiao, whose anger shouted: “Do you think I am going to kill your friend?”




The moment He Ming's words fell, there was a sudden cracking sound as He Ming sensed a black shadow swinging towards him, but before he could see clearly, his face was slapped.


This slap was naturally given by Feng Wushen.


With a slap, He Ming was dizzy, and a trace of blood spilled from the corner of his mouth, a fiery red slap mark appeared on his face, and hot and sharp pain spread throughout his body.


"How fast!" Burning Shadow stared at Feng Wushen with a stony face, he was unable to see when Feng Wushen struck.


"How outrageous! How dare you hit me?" He Ming was on fire, ferociously exerting his terrifying power, and was about to deliver a strike at Feng Wushen.


The one closest to him was also Feng Wushen, and other than Feng Wushen, no one could have given him that slap!






At the moment when He Ming, who was roaring in rage, urged his true essence, there was another crackling sound as Feng Wushen slapped again, faster and with a crackling snap, sending He Ming flying directly and spitting out a mouth. full of blood.


He Ming was stunned!


Within the Divine Martial City, someone actually dared to hit him!


"It's you I'm hitting, not only do you have a dirty mouth, you're also ugly and you scare me, so who am I going to hit if not you?" Feng Wushen said coldly, his face expressionless.


"Son of a bitch! You seek death." He Ming was furious and murderous.


"Young master, wait!" Burning Shadow was the first to block He Ming, who wanted to strike, and said, “He is above you in strength.”


Although he couldn't see the depth of Feng Wushen's cultivation, Burning Shadow could intuitively feel that Feng Wushen was very strong.


"Knowing you still haven't made a move? Kill him for me!" Ming roared at Burning Shadow, his face full of veins.


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