Chapter 518: The Wrath of Sword Peak

When Zhou Yuan's declaration of war sounded, the disciples of Sword Peak, who were not far away in the air, all showed a look of horror, although their number was dominant at the moment, but when Zhou Yuan stood here, They still felt palpitations.


Especially with the premise that even Zhong Yun was impressed by Zhou Yuan's punch.




"Go back and inform the two Chosen Ones and the boss!"




Nearly a thousand Sword Peak disciples hurriedly retreated.


"Stop them!" Zhou Tai, Zhang Yan, and Luyan spoke in unison.


Hundreds of other Saint Genesis Peak disciples also burst into a roar, as if to spit out all the previous stifled grievances, although Saint Genesis Peak declared war on Sword Peak they were not afraid, while Zhou Yuan, the boss was not afraid. has withdrawn, then naturally they will not fear.


Hundreds of disciples roared from all directions and pounced directly on the Sword Peak disciples.


In the sky, there was a moment of chaos.


Zhou Yuan's gaze once again fell on Tun Tun, who was not far away, and he stared at him, saying, "If you don't go to help, and continue to be lazy, I won't feed you for days!"


Although he left them with Tun Tun, but apparently underestimated this guy's temper a little, Zhou Tai and the others simply couldn't make it halfway.


Even if they sometimes work, they still seem lazy, otherwise, I don't think Zhong Yun and the others would dare to get so close.


Threatened by Zhou Yuan, Tun Tun only then let out a low roar, cast a dissatisfied glance at Zhou Yuan, transformed into a burst of red light shot out, and rushed towards the thousand Sword Peak disciples.


And wherever he passed, the Sword Peak disciples were all defeated.


So, in just half a pillar of time, nine out of ten of the Sword Peak disciples were captured, and only a few of those who fled quickly were able to escape.


Zhou Yuan just sat in command and did not fight, because he knew that the morale of Saint Genesis Peak was low nowadays and he needed a battle like this to restore the morale of the people.


The island was a mess, many of the Saint Genesis Peak disciples guarding the captured Sword Peak disciples, although the former were covered in some wounds, but they seemed incomparably exuberant, with morale clearly different.


Zhou Tai, Luyan and Zhang Yan also sighed a little when they saw the situation, the peak boss was really the backbone of all the Saint Genesis Peak disciples, no matter how much they cheered when Zhou Yuan was away, they couldn't cheer them up.


Now that Zhou Yuan has appeared, morale has begun to rise.


"Big Brother Zhou Yuan, what shall we do with these people?" Zhou Tai asked.


Zhou Yuan looked at them and said weakly, "Take the genesis marrow from their hands, break the seals, and eliminate them directly."


Each disciple would be marked with a mark upon entering the genesis pool, which would protect them in the event of a fatal attack, but would also automatically send them out of the genesis pool once used.


Zhou Tai was a little surprised when he heard that by doing so, he would completely tear off Sword Peak's face.


"Sword Peak has no longer given us a way back, in that case, let's have a clear fight." Knowing what he was thinking, Zhou Yuan said calmly.


Zhou Tai, Zhang Yan, Lu Yan the three looked at each other, bit their teeth and nodded, in fact, Sword Peak after the defeat that just happened will not leave this matter lightly.


Now that the other party has not shown mercy, he does not have to show any more courtesy.


So, the three of them turned around and nodded fiercely at the many Saint Genesis Peak disciples.


The next moment, a mark of genesis qi erupted and those Sword Peak disciples burst into furious curses, but all to no avail, they were directly eliminated by a light and directly thrown out of the genesis pool.


Zhou Yuan looked around, looked at those Saint Genesis Peak disciples with exuberant faces, and slowly said, "This time, we have caused a lot of losses to Sword Peak, and next time, Sword Peak should pour out all its strength." efforts to besiege us."


The many disciples were silent, but with a fiery look.


"Guys, are you afraid or not?" Zhou Yuan asked.


Many disciples looked at the last one, smiled and said: "Our Saint Genesis Peak was originally a broken pot, people bullied us, but with Chief Zhou on our side we will not be afraid of anyone."


They have thought it through, and instead of tolerating everything and not getting better in the end, they might as well fight, at least to show their blood, and let other peaks know that even if they are weak, they are not free from being bullied!


Seeing this, Zhou Yuan also had a flash of relief in his eyes, and then nodded his head.


"Since we are not afraid, then this time, let's have a real encounter with Sword Peak..."




On the huge island where Sword Peak is located.


When he saw the hundred disciples who had cowered away, he couldn't help but be shocked, and then his eyes were filled with anger, and he said, "What's wrong with you? Where is Zhong Yun?"


"Boss, it was Zhou Yuan who did it, Senior Brother Zhong Yun was also injured by him, and the other Senior Brothers, all of them were eliminated!" There were shouts of disciples.


A rock on the side exploded with a single blow. Losing hundreds of disciples at once is a bad thing!


"Why did Zhong Yun attack? I only told him to keep Saint Genesis Peak in sight, how dare he approach it easily?!" Baili Che said angrily, although Saint Genesis Peak is weak, but at least there is Zhou Xiao Yao, Zhou Yuan and that little mysterious beast, Zhong Yun attacking with that small number of people, how dare you do this?


"Zhou Yuan and Zhou Xiao Yao didn't show up for several days, Brother Zhong Yun suspected something was wrong and only then took the risk of investigating it, now that I look at it, I'm afraid it was all a conspiracy by that Zhou Yuan!" The disciple responded.


With gloomy eyes, Baili Che said, “This Zhou Yuan is really bad!”


Without hesitation, they eliminated the Sword Peak disciples from the festival, which was a clear sign that they were hitting face.


(NT: In case you forgot, the "face" is respect)


At this moment, there are also a lot of Sword Peak disciples who rushed over, apparently they also heard the news, and became enraged.


"That Zhou Yuan has a lot of courage!"


“Saint Genesis Peak is also too arrogant, even our Sword Peak disciples dare to be eliminated!”


"They must be taught a hard lesson!"


"Yes, I can't stand them anymore!"




The Sword Peak disciples were furious, these years Sword Peak in the Cangxuan Sect has created many strong-willed disciples, now even Saint Genesis Peak dares to mess with them, naturally it is unbearable.

The disciples who escaped even gritted their teeth and said, “And that Zhou Yuan, he even told us to return with a message that they, Saint Genesis Peak, have declared war on us, Sword Peak, from now on.” forward!"




When these words came out, all the Sword Peak disciples were all laughing.


A small Saint Genesis Peak, a few hundred disciples, even dared to take the initiative to declare war on Sword Peak, it is simply a big joke.


Baili Che also laughed angrily and said, “This Boss Zhou Yuan, he really doesn’t know what to do.”


"Originally, I still wanted the Holy Genesis Peak to last a little longer, but now it seems that it no longer gives us face, don't blame me for being impolite, Sword Peak!"


He took a deep breath, his eyes glassy.


"Send a signal immediately to inform the two Chosen Ones and the rest of the team that you are searching for Genesis Marrow."


“Since Saint Origin Peak dared to declare war, then…”


"We just have to remove them from the genesis pond!"


At the end of the sentence, there was already a murderous intent in Baili Che's voice.

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