Chapter 519: The Sword Peak Army Arrives

Shortly after Baili Che's signal was sent, the four sides of the island where Sword Peak is located began to have a constant flow of teams returning, and news also spread that Saint Genesis Peak had eliminated nearly a thousand of them, and suddenly the entire huge island was filled with a breath of anger.


No one would have thought that Saint Genesis Peak, who had yet to pay a protection fee to their Sword Peak last year, would dare to start a declaration of war against them.


How arrogant is that?


That Zhou Yuan, did he really think that defeating Yuan Hong and being the head of Saint Genesis Peak would qualify him to be on equal footing with them on Sword Peak?


All the Sword Peak disciples were clamoring to make that Saint Genesis Peak pay a high price for the arrogance of their chief disciple.


In this atmosphere, Kong Sheng and Zhao Zhan, too, led the way back.


The island is on the top of a hill.


(NT: WTF? An island on the top of a hill? Either my translation is wrong or the author smoked it :v)


Zhao Zhan's hand rested on the hilt of the long sword at his waist, with a sneer on his face, and beside him, Kong Sheng looked faintly at the many angry Sword Peak disciples on the island.


“This Brother Zhou Yuan… it is difficult to say what he is capable of, but with this guts, I am afraid that no one in the Cangxuan Sect is greater than him.” Zhao Zhan laughed, right between the words, there was sarcasm and contempt. .


Kong Sheng did not move as he said, “Almost a thousand disciples have been lost at once, which will reduce the Genesis Marrow collection quite a bit.”


He paused for a moment and said in one word, “This Zhou Yuan, he is too foolish.”


In his opinion, even if Zhou Yuan had captured his Sword Peak disciples, they should not be eliminated directly, they could use this as a bargaining chip to negotiate some terms.


Eventually, however, these conditions will be recovered with interest.


"That boy is a Lord who does not know the thickness of the sky." The tip of Zhao Zhan's Sword poked out of the ground and he smiled weakly, an extremely dangerous aura emanating from his smile.


"Now that he has declared war on us at Sword Peak... what do you say?"


Kong Sheng turned his head, looked at Baili Che who was behind him, and said, “Gather the disciples and attack with all hands, since they dare to declare war, we will make them understand how ridiculous they are.”


"That Zhou Yuan, I will make him the biggest joke of this Genesis Festival"


His voice, always flat, but beneath it, there was a chilling aura coming out.


This made both Zhao Zhan and Baili Che tremble, and they knew that this Sword Peak Chosen One was finally enraged by Zhou Yuan, who did not know the thickness of the heavenly heights at that time.




At the moment Kong Sheng spoke, all the Sword Peak disciples began to gather together, that kind of movement, it can be said to be not small, so the other peaks were also detected by the other peaks, they immediately sent disciples. to probe the news.


When the other five peaks heard that the head of Saint Genesis Peak had taken the initiative to declare war on Sword Peak, they were a little surprised.


"So, Zhou Yuan is crazy?"


“With those hundreds of disciples from your Saint Genesis Peak, how can they fight against Sword Peak?”


"Even if that Zhou Xiao Yao is there, but the power of one person, what can change in this situation?"


"It seems that Saint Genesis Peak is planning to break the can..."




After all, who would have thought that the new boss of Saint Genesis Peak would be so fierce, but even if he was fierce there was a difference in strength.


Since the two sides are not on the same level, this rigidity becomes self-destructive.


On the island where Snow Lotus Peak was located, when Li Qingchan heard the news, his willow eyebrows also frowned a little and muttered, “This guy Zhou Yuan, what exactly is he trying to do?”


The overall strength of Holy Genesis Peak is too far behind Sword Peak, if they were to fight, it would be like hitting an egg against a stone.


Even with the help of Yaoyao and Tun Tun, as long as Kong Sheng and Zhao Zhan stop them, Sword Peak will be able to crush the hundreds of Saint Genesis Peak disciples in an instant…


So he didn't understand why Zhou Yuan had taken the initiative to declare war.


At this moment, Sword Peak is completely enraged, and even the collection of genesis marrows is temporarily abandoned.


Facing the all-out siege of Sword Peak, Saint Genesis Peak was clearly going to be in danger.


Not only was Li Qingchan paying attention, but the other Chosen from the other peaks had cast a watchful eye, and of course, they were more interested in Zhou Xiao Yao, who after all had always been quite mysterious in the Cangxuan Sect.


This time, if the two peaks clashed, Kong Sheng would surely cross paths with her.


In time, perhaps it would be possible to test Zhou Xiao Yao's power.


So when all the Sword Peak disciples were dispatched, the other peaks also sent their men to keep watch…


The impending collision of these two peaks clearly became the most eye-catching point of the genesis pond at this moment.




On the island of Holy Genesis Peak.


Zhou Yuan was sitting on a huge rock near the sea with Tun Tun in his arms, and behind him were the disciples of Saint Genesis Peak.


"Boss, the Sword Peak disciples are already gathering and will come to us any time!" The voices of the disciples who had information to extract rushed in.


Many of the other Saint Genesis Peak disciples were also slightly disturbed by what they heard, but they also gradually calmed down after seeing Zhou Yuan's calm expression.


Zhou Yuan nodded his head, indicating that he knew, and then looked at the other disciples and said, "Although my Saint Genesis Peak is not as strong as Sword Peak, but at the very least, we need to let the other peaks know that Although our Saint Genesis Peak is not strong, the bones are hard.”


"There's always a price to pay for trying to gnaw at us too."


In Zhou Yuan's calm voice, there was a touch of wolf-like ferocity.


The other disciples nodded strongly, their eyes also had a fierce light, and after knowing that there was no turning back, they were no longer afraid of the pressure of the Sword Peak, which was already the worst situation anyway.


"Big Brother Zhou Yuan, what should be done is to fight, just give your direct orders, although we will be eliminated, at least, we should drag some of them away." Zhou Tai said.


Zhang Yan, Luyan and the others nodded their heads, their fists were wiped clean, and their fierce aspirations were revealed.


When Zhou Yuan saw this, he smiled, knowing that perhaps apart from him and Yao Yao, even Zhou Tai and others didn't think they would have the slightest chance of winning.


"Let's all rest first, if Sword Peak appears, just listen to my order."


He raised his head and looked at the distant sky, where dark clouds seemed to converge, creating a storm of terrifying proportions.


Time passed in silence.


And the atmosphere on the island was becoming more and more tense, and all the disciples, all of them, had adjusted their essence to the best possible state.




Zhou Yuan, who was sitting on the rock, opened his eyes and said calmly, “Here they come.”


All the disciples' faces changed slightly and they looked away, only to see that at the end of the horizon, countless shadows of light began to appear, and then the sky swirled towards them.


The scene that blotted out the sky and brought with it a terrible sense of oppression.


It was as if the sea had stirred at that moment and the waves had set in motion.


At this moment, Sword Peak arrived, as promised.

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