Chapter 520 – Borrow More

"I'm not serious, make way, make way..."

Su Guang slipped through the crowd to enter the floor.

But at this time, the elevator was already crowded, obviously, there were many people going up.

Several people had no choice but to go upstairs.

Luckily, the floor Su Tai's family lived on was not that high in the entire building, only on the ninth.

When they reached the staircase entrance of Su Tai's apartment, they saw that there were many people crowded around the entrance, smoking.

The floor was covered in cigarette butts and the smell was unpleasant. Additionally, there were several buckets in the hallway, with yellow paper, dog blood, and even a knife.

Seeing this scene, Zhang Qingyu and Su Yan were startled.

"What is this?" Su Guang asked in dismay.

"Don't you see? This is to collect a debt!" Lin Yang said in a deep voice.

Debt collection...

Several people looked at each other.

"Let's go in first and ask about the situation!"

Lin Yang took a step and headed towards Su Tai's house.

"Hey eh eh, bro, what are you doing?" The person blocking the door immediately stopped Lin Yang.

"I'm going in to take a look." Lin Yang said.

"Get in? Brother, you don't know, do you? "If you go in, someone will have to die inside."

"This family is committing suicide, if you force them to jump off the building, you won't be able to get away with it!"

"Brother, it's better to wait, if they are forced to die, who will we ask for our money?"

A few people who were at the door convinced.

But they weren't being nice, they wanted to kick out the other collectors so they could get their money back.

When Zhang Qingyu and Su Guang heard this, they looked at each other, and both of them could see the clash between them in their eyes.

Lin Yang didn't bother to pay attention to these people and knocked directly on the door.

But there was no response from inside.

"Xiao Yu, open the door, it's Lin Yang." Lin Yang shouted.

After a few moments, the door opened.

But it was Su Xiaoqing who opened the door.

The people who were at the door immediately approached, initially wanting to shout and scold, but when they saw that it was a girl, they held back.

"Girl, where are your parents?"

"Tell your parents to pay the money back!"

"That's good, give them their money back!"

The crowd screamed.

Su Xiaoyin was so scared that her pretty face turned white and she backed away repeatedly, her mouth open, not knowing what to say.

The door also opened.

The crowd took the opportunity to crowd inside.

"Qing Yu, Ah Guang, stop them!"

Liu Manshan, who was inside the house, ran out and screamed.

Several people immediately blocked the crazy rush of people from outside.

He seemed to be learning that the door was open and more and more people were crowding towards it.

"Liu Manshan, Su Tai, pay back the money!"

"You won't get away with this! If you don't pay, we'll see you in court."

"If you don't pay, I will kill your whole family!"

The screams and screams did not stop happening.

The scene was so chaotic that the door of the house was about to be smashed.

Su Xiaoqing was trembling, so scared that her whole body crouched on the ground, her big eyes filled with tears.

"Brother-in-law, I'm afraid..." He cried out in a sobbing voice.

Lin Yang's face sank as he directly boosted the force and pushed the crowd away.

Although all these people were big and thick and there were many of them, they were unable to resist Lin Yang's strength and were pushed out of the house alive.


Lin Yang closed the door tightly.

"Me? I didn't see you being so strong! It seems like you've eaten a lot of my house." Zhang Qingyu was surprised.

Lin Yang didn't bother to pay attention to him and turned to comfort Su Xiaoyin.

Su Xiaoyin jumped into his arms and screamed in pain.

"What the hell is going on here? Where is Xiao Yu?" Lin Yang's face was sullen and cold as he turned his head towards the terrified Liu Manshan and asked.

Liu Manshan seemed to have regained his senses and shivered as he shouted, "Lin Yang! You have to save our little Yu! Xiao Yu doesn't want to live anymore! She has locked herself in her room, you have to talk to her!"

"Why would Xiao Yu do such a stupid thing? What have you done?" Lin Yang asked seriously.

"Lin Yang! Watch your attitude, Manshan is my sister-in-law, she is your elder! How do you talk?" Su Guang frowned and shouted.

"That's right, Manshan, why did you call this trash here for a good reason? Does Xiao Yu listen to him if he doesn't listen to you?" Zhang Qingyu growled.

“I don’t know if Xiao Yu will listen to Lin Yang, but… Our family will have to rely on Lin Yang this time…” Liu Manshan blushed and sobbed softly.

"Oh? Auntie, I'm just a scum who has achieved nothing and is idle, why do you need to find me?" Lin Yang hummed gloomily.

"Little Yang, earlier... Don't take it personally, Great Mother has misunderstood you, Great Mother apologizes to you, please help Great Mother..." Liu Manshan shouted.

Liu Manshan's words left Zhang Qingyu and Su Guang stunned.

Su Yan was also confused and looked at Lin Yang and then at Liu Manshan and asked in confusion, “Great Mother, what can Lin Yang do to help you?”

“It’s nothing… That… It’s just that Xiao Yang, do you know Director Song Jing?” Liu Manshan stopped sobbing and asked carefully.

"This is a big star and director, he should be considered a household name in China, of course I know him." Lin Yang said.

"No, no, no, I didn't mean that, I heard from Xiao Yu that Director Song Jing seems to be the one you introduced to him..."

"What's happening?"

“That… I want to ask you to contact Director Song Jing for me, we want to invite him to dinner and talk about this…” Liu Manshan said with bated breath.

"What? The contract was terminated?" Su Guang lost his voice.

"In that case, your Xiaoyu family can't film that drama anymore?" Zhang Qingyu froze.

“Yes… Just last night, Director Song suddenly announced that he had terminated Xiao Yu’s contract, and the story has already spread today… Now it is everywhere…” Liu Manshan laments while wiping her hands. tears.

Su Guang's family was very surprised.

"Then what's wrong with that group of people outside?"

Su Guang asked immediately.


Liu Manshan hesitated.

However, Su Yan was a civic-minded person and had knowledge of the cause.

"These are all your debtors, right?" He asked in a hoarse voice.

Liu Manshan's face changed, but he did not reply.

She agreed.

"This house is new, right? And your Maserati that you didn't have time to license... Auntie, did they lend you all this money?" Su Yan asked.

"Yes... Yes... I thought that since Xiao Yu had become a big star, this money would not be a worry in the future, so... So I borrowed some money, and when his classmate fourth died suddenly before, his family came to make trouble, they didn't have to pay 3 million.... I borrowed some more money when I borrowed money..." Liu Manshan wanted to cry and said.

"So, how much did they borrow you?" Su Yan asked.

"No... It's not much..."

"It's not much, how much is it?"

“It’s just… It’s also… Nine… Nine million…” Liu Manshan hesitated and whispered.

Several people were instantly speechless.

"How much is left?" Lin Yang asked.

"What I have on hand... Only 150,000..."

Some people's hearts were about to stop...

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