Chapter 520 - Broken Hands

"He... who the hell is he?"


He Ming's eyes began to bulge in horror, his body couldn't help but tremble, he felt that he had broken into a monstrous mess.


"Father do you know who it is? Why don't I know?" Looking at He Changqing, who had been terrified and not saying anything, and the senior members of the main city, He Ming only felt that he was falling into hell.


"Father, what exactly do you know? He... And who is he?" An increasingly frightened He Ming asked in a panic.


“Young Master Zhang’s master of the Star Realm Zhang Family…” He Changqing said with a trembling voice.


"Young Master Zhang's Master?" These six words burst into He Ming's ears like thunder, his face written with horror and despair, his heart beating so fast that it was about to burst.


He Ming was completely in a daze, as if his soul body had left his body and his eyes were dull.


Who is Young Master Zhang? That was the young master of the Zhang family, the refining genius of the mainland!


He Ming is just a small young city lord, a hundred thousand miles behind Zhang Junlan.


“He City Master, your son is so wild, how dare you do something so embarrassing in broad daylight, in front of so many people in Divine Martial City, simply insulting the word Divine Martial!” Feng Wushen finally spoke, his voice extremely cold and indifferent, breaking through the eerily silent space.


"Yes Yes Yes!" He Changqing nodded his head repeatedly in a panic, not daring to make any rebuttal.


Seeing the city lord in such a pitiful state, the crowd in the city completely gasped.


“That Feng Wushen guy must be something big!”


"The City Lord must know what it is! Otherwise, he would never have been so alarmed."


"It seems that the Young City Lord is done for this time."


As the silence was broken, there was another clamor from the crowd, which grew increasingly curious as to Feng Wushen's identity.


Looking blankly at He Changqing, Feng Wushen said nonchalantly: “City Master He, I will give you two options, one is for me to kill your son, and the other is for you to break your son's hands, choose one.” .


He Changqing shuddered and couldn't accept either of them.


The unacceptable has to be accepted, and it is easy to choose between the two options.






He Changqing did not hesitate to hit and cut off He Ming's hands. With the sudden strong pain, He Ming let out a piercing scream and blood spurted wildly, staining the street floor.


“The city lord really cut off the hands of the young city lord without hesitation, um… um…”


Seeing this scene, the surrounding cultivators, who had gathered around, gulped in horror, each in disbelief.


Who would choose to die if they could live?


Alongside Feng Wushen, Barbarian Qing and Yueh-Lan gaped.


He did not hesitate to cut off both of He Ming's arms at Feng Wushen's mere words. What exactly was Feng Wushen's status for He to feel so slighted that he did not dare to disobey Feng Wushen's words?


"My hand! My hand! Father, why? Why?" Ming cried out in terror, looking in horror at the decapitated arm on the ground.


He Changqing did not reply and closed his eyes while holding back the sorrow in his heart.


He Changqing knew better than anyone that if he offended Feng Wushen, he would have to pay the price.


However, He Changqing has been very lucky to have a choice.


Cutting off both of He Ming's arms would have at least saved his life.


"If I didn't have something important to do, it wouldn't be as simple as breaking my hands, do you know what I mean?" Feng Wushen asked nonchalantly.


"Understood!" He Changqing nodded in fear, cold sweat running down his back, secretly grateful that this son of his would not have been able to save his life otherwise.


"If there is another time, there is no need for him to stay in this world." Feng Wushen said morosely.


"There will never be a next time! No way." He Changqing repeatedly shook his head in horror.


He no longer paid attention to He Changqing, his eyes turned to Ye Tianwei, and Feng Wushen's face relaxed as he said, “Please take me to the Divine Martial Sect.”


"Please come with me!" Ye Tianwei said, although he knew Feng Wushen's identity, Ye Tianwei strove to remain calm.


Knowing the identity of Feng Wushen, Ye Tianwei's attitude also became courteous.


Only after Feng Wushen and Ling Xiaoxiao left did He Changqing and the others breathe a long sigh of relief, the pressure that Feng Wushen had exerted on them was so terrifying that it almost took their breath away.


"City Lord, who is that Feng Wushen?"


“The City Lord is so jealous of this person that he didn't hesitate to cut off the Young City Lord's arm, that Feng Wushen's identity must be terrifying, right?”


"City Lord, who the hell is that man?"


Many powerful came in to ask, they all wanted to know the identity of Feng Wushen.


"Do not even ask". With a gaunt and helpless face, He Changqing hurried to say, “Great Elder, quickly take Ming'er back to heal her injuries.”


Feng Wushen only gave his name, and He Changqing and the others did not want to divulge it, making the crowd even more uneasy.


The longer they go without answers, the more curious and anxious they become.


The Divine Martial Sect was not far from the Divine Martial City, and within a few minutes, Ye Tianwei had arrived at the Divine Martial Sect with Feng Wushen and Ling Xiaoxiao.


The palace of the Divine Martial Sect is vast and imposing, not as impressive as the Dragon God Temple, but impressive enough.


"Emperor Dan, this is the Divine Martial Sect." Ye Tianwei said kindly, not mentioning a word about the challenge.


Feng Wushen nodded and smiled: “The Divine Martial Sect is worthy of being the hegemon of the Western Region, with strong people, very powerful indeed.”


While chatting, the three of them had reached the gate of the mountain.


"Big brother! Are you back?" The disciple guarding the mountain gate was overjoyed.


"Big brother, are they?" Another disciple looked at Feng Wushen and Ling Xiaoxiao in confusion.


"The Dan Emperor". Ye Tianwei said: "Go quickly and inform the Patriarch and the Elders that the Dan Emperor has arrived."


"Emperor Dan?" The two disciples shook their bodies and looked at Feng Wushen with an adoring look before desperately running over to report.


"Patriarch! Old man! Emperor Dan is here! Emperor Dan is here!" The two of them shouted excitedly, wanting to spread the news throughout the entire Divine Martial Sect at large.


“Emperor Dan? The Master of the Star Realm Dragon God Temple, Feng Wushen?”


"Young Master Zhang's Master? Oh my, he has really come to our Divine Martial Sect!"


“Did I hear correctly? Emperor Dan is coming to our Divine Martial Sect?”


"Everyone, hurry up! Emperor Dan has really come to our Divine Martial Sect, go and say hello to Emperor Dan!"


But all the disciples who heard the cry were surprised and excited, and even a little incredulous.


"Emperor Dan is here!"


"Young Master Zhang's Master!"


"The Old Master of the Young Master of the Immortal Weapons Pavilion!"


The great hall was in turmoil, as the Divine Martial Patriarch and the higher-ups rushed from the various palaces at the first opportunity.


In an instant, the vast and imposing plaza of the Divine Martial Sect was filled with a large number of disciples, tens of thousands.


At this time, Ye Tianwei had led Feng Wushen and Ling Xiaoxiao to the mountain gate and was walking up the stairs to the plaza.


"Greetings to Emperor Dan!"


The entire Divine Martial Sect, led by the Patriarch, tens of thousands of people saluted respectfully, their voices echoing throughout the Divine Martial Sect and the surrounding mountains, echoing for a long time.


Feng Wushen's arrival in the Divine Martial Sect could be described as a great deal of excitement for the Divine Martial Patriarch, who had never imagined that Feng Wushen would visit the Divine Martial Sect.



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