Chapter 521 – The Desperate Su Tai Family

The entire sum of nine million was used by Liu Manshan in just a day or two, leaving only 150,000...

This person was simply a genius at spending money.

If it were anyone else, if he was suddenly given a large sum of money, he would never spend it recklessly, but would have to think about how to spend it.

Several people stood speechless, with their jaws hanging and their mouths open.

"Auntie, you... How did you spend it? Nine million in two days and you keep 150,000? Did you buy a gold mine?" Su Yan asked with a shout.

"I haven't bought a gold mine, I've just bought a house... I just bought a house... and a car, these two things add up to a few million, and then some gold bracelets and necklaces... Oh yeah , I can't count the three million that Xiao Yu's classmates spent, I actually only spent six million!" Liu Manshan began to explain, but the more he said, the more vague he became...

"Six million is a lot of money!" Su Guang's eyes were red!

He understood why Su Yu was thinking about suicide.

With such a loser mother, if she didn't die, she would be sold to the furnaces to pay off her debts.

The eldest brother's family would be led to death by this loser...

"I say, Liu Manshan, you are really capable!" Zhang Qingyu was amused, the corners of his mouth raised in mockery.

This time I wasn't depressed.

"Qing Yu, don't say that, after the video of Xiao Yu having dinner with Director Song and signing a contract was spread, everyone took the initiative to lend me money, but after last night's incident, Xiao Yu's new drama was canceled, these people immediately forced me to pay the debt... We are all relatives, we are family, you can't see death and not save, you must do something, otherwise... Otherwise... I'm going to have to do something, or else..."

Liu Manshan choked, and before he could finish his sentence, he let out a loud scream.

"Hehe, you asked for it, who told you to lend you so much money for nothing?" Zhang Qingyu hummed: "But I have to tell you, our family also has no money, although Xiaoyan's company has taken off, but all her money has been invested, even her mother and I do not receive a share of the dividends, if you pay attention! Xiaoyan, you are very wrong!"

Although Zhang Qingyu did not consider himself stingy, he would not lend money that was impossible to repay, with the ability of Su Tai's family, a few million in debt would take forever to be repaid.

“Okay mom, don’t talk nonsense here, big mom also doesn’t feel good in her heart, what she should think about now is how to persuade Xiao Yu, and get rid of those people outside.” Su Yan hugged Su Xiaoqing and said complaining.

“Girl, you are also becoming more and more unruly, you still haven't finished with Lin Yang before, and you dare to lecture your old mother?” Zhang Qingyu was a little furious.

Su Yan's willow eyebrows knitted together, and then he whispered, "Let's discuss that kind of thing behind closed doors."

"Anyway, you have to give me an answer as soon as possible!" Zhang Qingyu hummed.

Su Yan was so distracted that she didn't bother talking to her own mother anymore, and said to Liu Manshan: "Big mother, hurry up and take out all your valuables now, sell what you can first and pay some people." more urgent! As for money borrowed from friends and family, call them and hold on for now."

"I....I didn't borrow money from my friends and family..." Liu Manshan said carefully.

"What do you mean?" Su Yan froze and asked.

“These outsides… These are all the moneylenders I borrowed from… I haven't asked my friends and family for a penny because… Because it feels too humiliating…” Liu Manshan said in a low voice.

When these words fell, Su Yan was also confused.

"How did Xiao Yu end up with a mother like you?" An honest person like Su Guang couldn't help but burst out.

"You... You're really something." Zhang Qingyu was stunned.

Did he borrow the nine million from moneylenders?

With the nature of lenders, this must be more than ten million to be repaid?

Including the luxury items that Liu Manshan had bought, and selling them again, it would be nice for the house to be exchanged for five million.

In just two days, Liu Manshan had added five million dollars to his family's debt... Not to mention Su Yu, if he were Zhang Qingyu, he would have probably jumped off a building.

Lin Yang couldn't help but shake his head.

In comparison, Zhang Qingyu was much better than Liu Manshan, at least he hadn't gone that far.

"The only one who can save our family now is Xiao Yang, Xiao Yang, you can't see death and not save us! You must help Great Mother, I beg you." Liu Manshan clung to Lin Yang's arm as he begged and cried.

"How do you want Lin Yang to save you?" Su Yan asked.

"Xiao Yang, you and Director Song must be on good terms, right? Please help us contact Director Song. As long as Director Song can put our Xiaoyu back as the female lead, our family's crisis! will be resolved!" Liu Manshan cried.

"How could Lin Yang know Director Song? Are you kidding me?" Zhang Qingyu laughed coldly.

"It's true, Xiao Yu said before that it was Xiao Yang who introduced her to Director Song." Liu Manshan cried.


Su Yan looked at Lin Yang in surprise.

“How did you, a loser, come to know Director Song?” Zhang Qingyu couldn't help but ask as well.

"It's just a one-time acquaintance, so it's not really an acquaintance." Lin Yang said indifferently.

This was true.

He had been introduced to Song Jing through Ma Hai, and technically speaking, he had not met Song Jing a few times, so he knew him, but not in a deep way.

"I heard that Song Jing's drama was reversed by Yang Hua Group, and this time Song Jing's casting was also limited to our Jiangcheng area. According to me, it was not Lin Yang who introduced Song Jing to Xiao Yu, but another person, Doctor Lin, right?" At this moment, Su Guang beside him suddenly spoke.

When these words fell, Liu Manshan, who was crying, froze and looked at Su Guang: "Ah Guang, what you mean is..."

"Hehe, isn't it clear? Instead of saying pleading with Lin Yang, this hooligan, why don't you plead with my daughter, let my daughter intervene and make a call to Boss Lin, tell Song Jing to continue using Su Yu, won't this whole matter with your family be over?" Zhang Qingyu laughed condescendingly.

The wind and water had changed.

Zhang Qingyu had never thought that there was still this matter here.

That said, the news that Yang Hua Group was an investor in Song Jing's new movie, "War Tiger", had spread on the Internet.

He didn't pay much attention to it because he didn't connect to the Internet.

Now that he thought about it, what was Su Yu? Wasn't his own daughter the biggest winner?

Thinking of this, Zhang Qingyu became smug.

"Ah Guang, you should have said it before, making me beg for this trash for half a day!" Liu Manshan wiped the tears from her face, then went directly to Zhang Qingyu and begged him.

In fact, Liu Manshan also didn't believe that Lin Yang knew Song Jing, but she was really desperate, so she broke the jar and begged Lin Yang.

Before long, Lin Yang was hung out to dry.

He really knows how to make the wind blow.

Lin Yang frowned and a hint of anger surged under his eyes.

However, just at that moment, a scream sounded from inside the door.

"Oh, daughter, no!"

Hearing the voice, the faces of the crowd changed drastically and they rushed towards the house...

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