Chapter 521 - The Divine Martial Sect

Feng Wushen's sudden arrival made the Divine Martial Patriarch flattered, unexpected, and surprised.


Up and down the Divine Martial Sect, everyone's eyes fell on Feng Wushen.


They had heard of the mighty name of Emperor Dan, but had never seen it in real life.


"Why is Big Brother in a group with Emperor Dan?"


"Too young! Even a few years younger than me! Is Emperor Dan really as scary as the Patriarch and Young Patriarch say?"


"Emperor Dan just turned twenty, right? What an awful talent."


"Is it Emperor Dan? How handsome! But I didn't see that he was as powerful as the Young Patriarch said."


"Wow! What a beautiful woman next to Emperor Dan! It must be Emperor Dan's woman, the second sister is much worse than her."


The disciples measuring Feng Wushen, male and female, were shocked and envious, but Feng Wushen's age made them question his ability a bit in their minds.


Of course, asking is asking, but they did not dare to say it, lest they offend Feng Wushen.


“Welcome, Emperor Dan, to the Divine Martial Sect! It is an honor for the Divine Martial Sect that Emperor Dan has come to visit the Divine Martial Sect!” The Divine Martial Patriarch personally came forward to greet him with the utmost respect.


The Divine Martial Patriarch is called Zhen Xiaoyun, he is an old man in his sixties, dressed in a magnificent gray brocade robe, he is not angry and powerful, his cultivation has reached the level of the Heavenly Extreme Realm, his strength is extremely terrifying.


Zhen Xiaoyun is the strongest man in the West!


Next to Zhen Xiaoyun is the Young Patriarch Zhen Shaokong, one of the main heavenly figures of the Western Region.


Behind them are the three elders, the eldest, Tang Qingfeng, a fifth grade alchemist who has also reached the level of the Extreme Heavenly Realm and is extremely prestigious in the Western Region.


“The Divine Martial Patriarch is very kind.” Feng Wushen said with a slight smile.


“Greetings, Divine Martial Patriarch, Three Grand Elders.” Ling Xiaoxiao greeted politely.


Zhen Xiaoyun and the three elders were puzzled, they did not dare to accept Ling Xiaoxiao's great gift.


"Emperor Dan, this is not the place to talk, please come in!" The Divine Martial Patriarch hurried to make an inviting gesture, the disciples of the Divine Martial Sect had definitely never seen Zhen Xiaoyun receive such a valued guest with such respect.


As Zhen Xiaoyun led Feng Wushen and Ling Xiaoxiao into the main hall, the crowd of disciples milled wildly and blocked the hall's entrance to steal glances.


In the main hall, Zhen Xiaoyun and the others were very respectful.


"I wonder what is the reason for Emperor Dan's visit to the Divine Martial Sect?" After a brief courtesy, Zhen Xiaoyun went straight to the topic.


Feng Wushen took a sip of the tea and smiled slightly: “This time, I have come because I want a favor from the Divine Martial Patriarch.”


"A favor?" Zhen Xiaoyun first froze, and then asked: "I wonder what kind of help Emperor Dan wants from me. As long as I can help, I will do my best."


Feng Wushen nodded, and then told them what had happened before Zhen Xiaoyun and the others understood where Feng Wushen had come from.


"Don't worry, Emperor Dan, I will instantly send someone to the Extreme Royal Sect, they will never dare to deal with the Burning Cloud Sect again." Zhen Xiaoyun boldly agreed and sent his men to the Extreme Royal Sect at the first opportunity.


As he had promised the Burning Cloud Sect, Feng Wushen naturally could not go back on his word.


Zhen Xiaoyun was originally worried that it was something heavenly, but unexpectedly it was just a warning to the Extreme Royal Sect.


“Sorry to disturb the Divine Martial Patriarch.” Feng Wushen said with a slight smile.


"You're welcome, Emperor Dan, it's just a help." Zhen Xiaoyun waved her hand, she couldn't wait for Feng Wushen to ask her for help a few more times.


Being able to make Feng Wushen owe the Divine Martial Sect a favor is definitely a great gain for them.


What's more, the Extreme Royal Sect is much less powerful than the Divine Martial Sect, and a warning is enough to shake the Extreme Royal Sect without any trouble.


“The treasure map in the hands of the Extreme Royal Sect must be very important to the Dan Emperor, right?” Tang Qingfeng asked respectfully.


Feng Wushen nodded and solemnly said, “Yes it does matter, there is something up there that I need.”


As for what it was, Feng Wushen did not specify, and Zhen Xiaoyun and the others had the good sense not to ask.


"How does Emperor Dan intend to seize the treasure map?" The young patriarch Zhen Shaokong asked.


“I have my own solution for this, but now time is short, the Illusory Sea Realm Alchemy Conference is about to start, I have to rush to the Illusory Sea Realm, and the Grand Elder should be almost ready to leave as well. , TRUE?" Feng Wushen said flatly, his gaze fixed on Tang Qingfeng.


“Is Emperor Dan also attending the Illusory Sea Realm Alchemy Conference? I was planning to leave tomorrow.” Tang Qingfeng asked excitedly.


"Well, if there's nothing else, I'll say goodbye." Feng Wushen nodded.


Zhen Xiaoyun and the others send Feng Wushen and Ling Xiaoxiao off respectfully.


Facing Zhen Xiaoyun, Ye Tianwei had not yelled, and only when he reached the mountain gate did he speak.


"Emperor Dan, although your status is terrifying, a meeting between us is still inevitable, I hope Emperor Dan will forgive us." Said Ye Tianwei, the self-respecting Ye Tianwei who wanted to get something back from Feng Wushen's face.


Star Realm Dragon God Temple to find me whenever you want, you only get one chance." Feng Wushen laughed.


Seeing Feng Wushen's confidence, Ye Tianwei's brows slightly wrinkled.


Thinking back to the previous time in the Divine Martial City, when he heard Feng Wushen heavily hit the Burning Shadow with a punch, Ye Tianwei was able to guess how powerful Feng Wushen was.


"I will defeat you! Even if you are a Dan Emperor." Ye Tianwei said secretly in his heart, very confident in his own strength.


In the Dao of Pills, he had already lost to Feng Wushen before the competition, and in terms of strength, Ye Tianwei must win again.


"If you lose, you will have to submit to me." The moment Feng Wushen turned around, he said the words.


Ye Tianwei looked faintly, and then asked: "What if I win?"


"You can't win." Feng Wushen replied confidently.


Ye Tianwei frowned deeply, his fists clenched, as the first genius of the Western Region, no one dared to underestimate him like that.


"I will defeat you!" Ye Tianwei gritted his teeth.


After leaving the Divine Martial Sect, Feng Wushen and Ling Xiaoxiao went to the Extreme Royal Sect at the first opportunity.


In the main room of the Extreme Royal Sect, the patriarch and the other higher-ups looked incomparably gloomy, and an eerie coldness permeated the room.


“The Divine Martial Sect is simply bullying people too much!” The Patriarch thundered, his face extremely grim, and his anger filled the entire room.


“The Divine Martial Sect does not have any friendship with the Burning Cloud Sect, why is it suddenly trying to protect the Burning Cloud Sect? It is also not possible for Zhen Xiaoyun to know about the treasure map, so who has leaked the news?” An old man wondered, unable to understand what was happening.


Another old man frowned and guessed: “We are the only ones who know about the treasure map, except for the Burning Cloud Sect, could it be that the Burning Cloud Sect has informed Zhen Xiaoyun about the treasure map?”


"Most likely!" The audience nodded in agreement.


The Patriarch said gravely and angrily, “No matter what, half of the Burning Cloud Sect's treasure map must not fall into Zhen Xiaoyun's hands!”


The Divine Martial Arts Sect is powerful, Zhen Xiaoyun is the strongest being in the Western Region, and no one from the Extreme Royal Sect can defeat her.


Once the treasure map fell into their hands, the Extreme Royal Sect would not stand a chance, and even the other half of the treasure map they had would be taken from them.


“Your Holiness, Elder, there is a person outside who claims to be Feng Wushen from the Dragon God Temple seeking an audience.” As the high command was agitated with rage, a disciple entered the great hall and reported in alarm.


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