Chapter 522 – This House Is Already Ours


The door of the room had been forced open by Su Tai, who was guarding it.

Su Tai had been coaxing at the door, but got no response from Su Yu, and after hearing strange noises ringing from inside, Su Tai forced the door and entered.

Once he entered Su Yu's room, he saw that Su Yu was already sitting by the window with both feet dangling, her hair disheveled and tears streaming down her face.

Su Tai was horrified and immediately pounced on Su Yu, trying to knock her down.

But at this moment, Su Yu yelled sharply: "Dad, don't come!"

Su Tai was horrified to see both of her hands gripping the edge of the window, so he hurriedly stopped her body and said with reddened eyes, "Little Yu, don't do anything rash, let's sit down as a family and discuss." what's happening, don't be impulsive!"

“Dad, stop talking, I have already written my suicide note, I am tired, I am very tired, I can't take it anymore…” Su Yu said in pain, tears still streaming down her beautiful face.

Outside, he could be strong, always strong.

He could hold on no matter what happened.

No matter how hard the difficulties were, she could overcome them.

But... It wasn't outside where things were bad. It was at home...

This home, which she had called refuge, had also collapsed.

His mind is completely broken and he sees no hope in his entire life.

Maybe death will be a relief for her.

"Xiao Yu! What are you doing?"

"My daughter! Don't be reckless, mom knows she's wrong!"

Liu Manshan, Su Yan and the others ran in, Liu Manshan sat on his knees and howled.

"Xiao Yu, calm down, come down, let's talk about what's wrong!" Su Yan said urgently.

This time even Lin Yang couldn't sit still and shouted: "Xiao Yu, you come down first, I will make sure you can continue filming the new scene."

"Brother in law..."

Su Yu looked at Lin Yang who came in, his eyes were red again, and his tears were like broken pearls, falling non-stop.

"Xiao Yu, calm down, no matter what happens we can solve it, listen and come down!" Lin Yang advised.

"But... How is our family going to return so much money?" Su Yu cried.

"When you have filmed with Director Song and become a big star, will this money still be a problem? Think about it, you are still young, don't be so impulsive, go down first, I will have Director Song renew your contract right away!" " Lin Yang said.

"But... I don't want to shoot anymore." Su Yu said bitterly: "I have told my mother clearly that you introduced me to Director Song, but she never believed me and treated you like this, but you didn't resent her to get revenge on her, you even treated me as well as before. Ya I told you I won't do any more movies, and I don't want to be a star..."

Su Yu let out his sincere words.

But he didn't know that he had been wrong about Lin Yang all along.

It's not that Lin Yang was generous, it's that his revenge would never be so forceful...

"Child, I'm sorry, I'm so sorry! Come down quickly, if you really jump, I'm afraid I will have to jump with you!" Liu Manshan was crying his eyes out.

Su Yan didn't say anything, but calmly picked up his mobile phone and called the police.

The situation was already serious.

"Xiao Yu, since you don't want to film, then don't do it, it's not that you have to film to make money, go down first, the money your family owes, brother-in-law will help you find a way!" Lin Yang said again.

"Brother-in-law, don't say that, I already owe you too much, I won't ask you for more this time no matter what, as for what I owe you, I will only be able to repay them in my next life." Su Yu's eyes were red from crying.

But Zhang Qingyu gave a dark snort and looked at Lin Yang: "Lin Yang, I have to tell you that it's still okay if you want to help her, but you're not allowed to touch a single penny of Xiao Yan's money! Our family too."

"Mom! What time is it that you keep saying those things?" Su Yan became angry.

Lin Yang stared at Zhang Qingyu, his face incomparably gloomy.

Those deep eyes looked like they were about to eat someone.

Zhang Qingyu was scared.

It was the first time he saw Lin Yang reveal that look…

"You... Why are you looking at me like that?" Zhang Qingyu said somewhat shyly.

Lin Yang didn't say anything, but he had reached the limit of his patience with Zhang Qingyu.

He could tolerate Zhang Qingyu hurling insults and even ridicule at him, because in his opinion, they were nothing more than the comments of a womanizing market rat, but he couldn't stand someone so cold-blooded!

"Don't worry, I, Lin Yang, won't use a single cent of your money even if I starve to death!" Lin Yang said coldly.

"You... What did you say? Hooligan, how dare you talk back?" Zhang Qingyu exploded instantly.

But Su Guang, who was next to him, gave him a tug in time, signaling him not to make a mess.

People were still resting by the window, so if they argued here again, wouldn't the chaos increase?

"Wait for me, you will leave our house sooner or later!" Zhang Qingyu was furious, gnashing her teeth.

Lin Yang snorted coldly, he didn't want to face Zhang Qingyu right now, but instead, he and Su Yan continued to comfort Su Yu.

Su Yan and Lin Yang continued to persuade, and Su Tai and the others also comforted themselves next to them.

Finally, there was some effect.

When Su Yu was not paying attention, Lin Yang suddenly jumped up and rushed towards Su Yu, directly pulling her little hand.

Su Yu was stunned and did not struggle, but instead obediently threw herself into Lin Yang's arms and let out a loud cry.

The audience breathed a sigh of relief.

"Silly girl!"

"Why are you so stupid!"

Liu Manshan pounced on her and cried so hard that the beams of the room almost collapsed.

Su Tai and the others were still in a heavy mood.

"Xiao Yan, go tell those outside to pay them back little by little, and if they don't come out again, call the police." Lin Yang said.

"Alright!" Su Yan nodded and walked out.

Lin Yang continued to comfort, while silently giving Su Yu a needle to stabilize his emotions.

With this injection, Su Yu was actually much calmer and had a few moments of wanting to sleep.

However, before Su Yu could fall asleep completely…


Another loud bang was heard.

Then Su Yan's screams came from the hall.

"What do you want?"

Everyone was stunned.

Su Yu was startled.

"Don't be afraid, brother-in-law is here, I'm going to check it out!" Lin Yang busied himself with comforting, and then hurriedly said to Su Xiaoqing: "Xiaoqing, take care of your sister."

"Good brother-in-law." Su Xiaoyin said weakly, and then took Su Yu's hand.

Lin Yang and the others immediately ran out of the room.

However, they saw a group of big, strong men in black vests burst directly into the door.

"What are you doing? Are you trespassing? Get out of here! Or I'll call the police." Liu Manshan shouted.

"Intrusion? I'm afraid not. "We already own this house."

The corner of the mouth of a burly man with sunglasses on the front said with a smile as he took out a contract and presented it to the crowd.

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