Chapter 522 - Treasure Map Delivery

“Feng Wushen Dragon God Temple?”


The patriarchs and elders frowned, having never heard of that name.


"What is?" asked one of the old men.


"The disciple does not know, he has never seen it." The disciple shook his head.


"Don't see, tell him to get lost!" The patriarch, who was furious, rebuked.


They were furious at the Divine Martial Sect for meddling in the Burning Cloud Sect's affairs, so how could they have the heart to receive an audience?


“Has it really disappeared? What if it is the map of the Qingming Heavenly Palace?”


At that moment, in the great hall, Feng Wushen's voice sounded.


“The map of the Qingming Heavenly Palace?” The patriarch and the elders greatly changed their expression, being very surprised.


The Patriarch frowned, puzzled: "How do you know about the Qingming Heavenly Palace Map? Who is this Feng Wushen?"




In the next second, two figures appeared out of nowhere in an instant, the visitors being none other than Feng Wushen and Ling Xiaoxiao.


The sudden appearance of the two figures immediately startled the senior officials, who with their cultivation levels had not noticed Feng Wushen and Ling Xiaoxiao approaching.


It must be known that the Patriarch of the Extreme Royal Sect was at the level of the first level of the Extreme Heavenly Realm, and even if the three Elders were not at the Extreme Heavenly Realm, they were at the seventh or eighth level of the Human Heavenly Realm, and their strength was absolutely terrifying.


With their cultivation levels, they did not notice Feng Wushen and Ling Xiaoxiao approaching, and that alone was enough for them to stare.


"Are you Feng Wushen?" As his eyes took in Feng Wushen and Ling Xiaoxiao, Patriarch Zhou Xuan Tong asked sharply.


"This boy is hidden so well that the clan can't see his cultivation! His body technique is very good, it must be a ground rank body technique, or even stronger, the Western Region has never seen or heard of this person." , this son is not simple." Sovereign Zhou Xuan Tong's heart darkened, and his face became more and more serious.


As his eyes turned back to Ling Xiaoxiao, the Zhou Patriarch Xuan Tong grimly said, “ Heavenly Yuan Realm seventh level, it seems this girl is not much stronger.”


Aside from the Patriarch, several elders as well as many senior members were unable to see Feng Wushen's cultivation level, which left them equally astonished.


And what shocked them even more was that Feng Wushen actually knew of the existence of the Qingming Heavenly Palace Map, that is, the treasure map.


"Exactly". Feng Wushen nodded slightly.


“Who are you? And how did you find out about the Qingming Heavenly Palace Map?” Patriarch Zhou Xuan Tong asked again, his gaze fixed on Feng Wushen.


Hearing this, Feng Wushen laughed, “I have here the other half of the Qingming Heavenly Palace Map.”


"What? You have the other half." Zhou Xuan Tong asked in shock, as the higher-ups were stunned.


"Impossible, it's impossible for you to know the Qingming Heavenly Palace Map, let alone have the other half." The Grand Elder frowned.


Zhou Xuan Tong frowned deeply and asked again: "Who are you?"


Feng Wushen said nonchalantly, “Feng Wushen Dragon God Temple, the other half of the treasure map I obtained from the Patriarch of the Burning Cloud Sect, does this old man still find it impossible?”


“What? The Patriarch of the Burning Cloud Sect gave you the other half of the treasure map?” Zhou Xuan Tong and the three Elders exclaimed in unison, their eyes widening one by one.


The Patriarch of the Burning Clouds considered half of the treasure map to be as important as his life, so how could he easily give it to someone else?


However, since Feng Wushen was able to say that he had obtained the Burning Cloud Sect's treasure map, he had convinced them again.


In the entire Western Region, only the Burning Cloud Sect and the Extreme Royal Sect know of the existence of the Qingming Heavenly Palace Map.


Seeing their faces full of disbelief, Feng Wushen swirled around and took out the other half of the treasure map and said with a faint smile, “This is the other half of the Qingming Heavenly Palace Map, do you believe it now?”


"Brother Feng, aren't you afraid of being forcibly robbed?" Ling Xiaoxiao looked at Feng Wushen in surprise and asked with a worried voice transmission.


Ling Xiaoxiao didn't know what Feng Wushen was planning to do, the Extreme Royal Sect was powerful, so wouldn't it be seeking death to reveal the treasure map like this?


The Extreme Royal Sect can kill and take the treasure at any time.


Feng Wushen transmitted a voice and laughed: "Don't worry, I have my own way."


"It's really the Qingming Heavenly Palace Map!" Zhou Xuan Tong exclaimed, fiercely rising to his feet.


"That's impossible, it's impossible for the Burning Cloud Sect to give you the treasure map." An old man still couldn't believe it.


If it weren't for this half treasure map, the Extreme Royal Sect would have struck to destroy the Burning Cloud Sect, and give away such a valuable treasure?


"What is your relationship with the Divine Martial Sect?" Thinking that the Divine Martial Sect had just sent out a warning, Zhou Xuan Tong asked, his expression grim again.


The Grand Elder instantly reacted as well, asking fiercely, “Did you ask the Divine Martial Sect to let us know?”


Looking at Zhou Xuan Tong and the others, Feng Wushen smiled slightly and said: "I can give you this half treasure map, but I have to remind you that the treasure recorded on the map may not exist, and it is very dangerous, even if you find the treasure , you may not be able to come back alive."


The fact that Feng Wushen did not respond to Zhou Xuan Tong's questions made them even more unable to understand Feng Wushen, and they only had to weigh their own strength if they wanted to kill and take the treasure.


"What do you mean? Give us the treasure map?" Zhou Xuan Tong asked with a frown, he didn't believe that cakes fell from the sky, let alone that Feng Wushen was so kind.


"I have a condition." Feng Wushen extended a finger.


"What are the conditions?" asked the Grand Elder.


"Find the treasure, and we'll split it up, you seven, me three, that's all." Feng Wushen laughed.


"What? Do you want to use us to help you on your treasure hunt, and then destroy us along with the Divine Martial Sect when you find the location? Do you really think that this master is a three-year-old?" Zhou Xuan Tong asked morosely, his face contorted.


The strongest man in the Divine Martial Sect had just come to warn and left with his first foot, and Feng Wushen had come with his second foot, and he was also related to the Burning Cloud Sect, which Zhou Xuan Tong could guess. naturally.


"Haven't you been looking for a long time? Without this half treasure map of mine, you won't be able to find it even if you search for ten years, or even decades, how about a full treasure map, to find it more easily?" Feng Wushen laughed.


"Patriarch, let's agree and get the treasure map first." The Senior Elder transmitted a voice.


"Good! This teacher promises it." Zhou Xuan Tong immediately agreed.


Without hesitation, Feng Wushen tossed half of the treasure map to Zhou Xuan Tong and said with a faint smile, “It's a deal, find the location of the treasure, and send someone to the Star Realm Dragon God Temple to inform me. , bye".


Throwing away the treasure map, Feng Wushen left with Ling Xiaoxiao.


Feng Wushen just gave the treasure map to Zhou Xuan Tong without any guarantees!


Zhou Xuan Tong and the elders were stunned.


"Is that boy a fool? Does he believe in a verbal promise?" One of the elders said in dismay.


"Just stupid!" The other old man was filled with contempt.


"This half of the treasure map is definitely not a fake, nor has it been tampered with in any way." Zhou Xuan Tong frowned deeply, puzzled: "This Feng Wushen handed us the treasure map so easily, in no case because they trusted us, but rather he trusted himself."


“When we find the treasure, won't you have a part in it? By then, even the Divine Martial Sect won't be able to stop us!” The Grand Elder said morosely.


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