Chapter 524 – Deliberate?

Lin Yang arrived at the Xuan Medical School very windy.

At this time, the doors of the academy were already closed and Xiong Changbai was presiding over the grand situation.

With Long Hand half dead and Qin Baisong in trouble, the Xuan Medical School right now could be said to be in great chaos and danger.


Lin Yang had just gotten off the bus when Xiong Changbai led a group of senior officials to come over.

"Brother Lin, save my grandfather!" Qin Ning said with choked sobs as his eyes turned red.

"Don't worry Ning'er, it will be fine." Lin Yang comforted him with a few words.

He then followed Xiong Changbai to the operating room of the Xuan Medical School.

At this moment, Qin Baisong was in a very bad state, his body was covered in blood and he was already unconscious.

The doctor in charge of operating at his side immediately approached.

"Dean Lin, Teacher Qin's injuries are very serious, one of his arms and one of his legs are fractured, there are multiple fractures and bruises on his body, in addition to the examination for possible ruptured organs! The situation is very grim. .."

"Bring the silver needles!"

Lin Yang shouted in a deep voice.

The man next to him immediately prepared the needles.

Lin Yang directly took out the silver needles and sealed Qin Baisong's life blood, then began to treat the wound, draining the blood and sewing the tendons and veins.

Each step was especially careful and meticulous.

The people next to him immediately gathered and looked carefully.

The outside doctors who had come to study at the Xuan Medical School were even more speechless, or they took out their mobile phones to record the footage of Lin Yang's healing.

This was the divine Doctor Lin!

What a blessing it was to be able to witness Doctor Lin's hands.

Many people were enthusiastic and excited.

Lin Yang did not make any extravagant moves and was extremely straightforward as he healed Qin Baisong, trying his best and being meticulous.

After all, this was his first disciple and his right-hand man.

He wouldn't hold back at a time like this.

Gradually, under the effect of Lin Yang's silver needles and medicine, Qin Baisong's vital signs leveled out.

"There! There it is."

"As expected of a divine doctor like Lin!"

"This healing technique is simply a ghostly and divine work, a mundane Hua Tuo!"

The people next to him were amazed, and they all breathed a huge sigh of relief.

Qin Ning even secretly wiped away the tears from the corners of her eyes, and a hint of relief passed over her panicked little face.

“His condition is still very bad, send him to recover immediately, I will also prescribe the medicine to take, follow the prescription and take the medicine and decorate it, let Qin Baisong stay here during this period, Xiao Ning.”

"Big Brother Lin!" Qin Ning was busy stepping forward, a pair of radiant eyes written with adoration and admiration.

Those eyes were simply like the craziest of believers.

Lin Yang had a bit of a headache and secretly avoided Qin Ning's eyes as he spoke, "During this period of time, you should put aside your work for a while and take good care of your grandfather."

"I have already contacted my family, someone from our family will come to take care of grandpa with me."

"That's better". Lin Yang nodded and then asked Xiong Changbai, “Where did it happen?”

"Just outside our Xuan Medical School, on the road." said Xiong Changbai.

"Our Xuan Medical School is located on the outskirts of the city, there is not much traffic, how can it be so careless?" Lin Yang frowned and asked in a deep voice, “Did you transfer surveillance?”


"Take me to have a look."


A group of people ran towards the surveillance room.

The people guarding the door were from Gong Xi Yun's security company, and once they received the news, they took out the surveillance footage at the first opportunity.

Lin Yang looked at him carefully a few times.

The images showed that Qin Baisong had finished his shift at noon and was planning to come back for dinner.

He didn't like living in the Xuan Medical School, after all, it was too noisy with all the patients here during the day and night, so he bought a house in the city.

The old man didn't like driving either, and every time he returned home he walked down the street to take the 238 bus back.

But today, just as he left the door, a runaway black car knocked him to the ground, running over his tires.

However, what was infuriating was that the driver didn't even stop, didn't slow down, seemed to realize he had hit someone, and even stepped on the accelerator and fled in a rush.

"This should just be a traffic accident, right?" Someone said carefully.

"Not necessarily".

Lin Yang took a deep breath and said in a hoarse voice: “It may be an accident on the surface, but what it is in reality no one knows… Changbai, did you call the police?”

"Informed, the patrol side is already arresting this man who fled."

"Let's send someone to do it too, call me Xu Tian and Ma Hai, let's use all our strength on Yang Hua, even if we dig the ground, we have to find this person!" Lin Yang said coldly.

This time he was furious.

It would be fine if it was an accident, but I was afraid it was a premeditated accident.

Shortly after, the crowd took action.


At this moment, a Doctor Xuan sent someone running, with a phone in his hand.

"What's happening?" Lin Yang asked.

"The car has been found!"

"Have you found it? Where is it?"

"In front of the cleaning house on Guangbei Road, but the person was not there, the patrol ran over and checked, there was nothing in the car, and it was a registered car, the driver information could not be found..."


Lin Yang's face suddenly became morbid and cold.

"This must be a deliberate murder!" Xiong Changbai said excitedly.

"From now on, anyone above the management of Xuan Medical School, do not leave here casually without special circumstances, I will mobilize another group of security personnel from the security company to come to protect your safety, understood?" Lin Yang said in a hoarse voice.

"Okay, professor."

The crowd nodded strongly.

They also all knew that it must be retaliation from someone else. Otherwise, with Qin Baisong's character, how would anyone think of killing him?

Lin Yang turned around and left the house, took out the phone and dialed Xu Tian.

"Boss Lin!" On the other end of the phone, Xu Tian shouted seriously.

"Have you found out anything? At the moment there is not very clear information, but we have found out that the driver who hit and injured Gong Xi Yun had incurred a debt a few days ago because of gambling."

"You mean someone used this debt of yours to force you to do such a thing?"

"That was my assumption, but I later discovered that this driver had quietly purchased another large amount of insurance, and also had a tendency to disguise his death as an accident, trying to scam his way into a high insurance premium."

"Where is the driver who caused the accident?"

"Being held by the inspector."

"This way, find a way to talk to him alone, plus run another place for me."

"Okay, Boss Lin!"

Xu Tian immediately set about making preparations.

Twenty minutes later, Xu Tian's car stopped at the entrance of Xuan Medical School. In addition to that, there were three Mercedes-Benz cars next to him, all of which were bodyguards he had called.

Now that Gong Xiyun and Qin Baisong were out of the picture, Xu Tian naturally had to be careful in every step.

However, in Lin Yang's opinion, this was obviously redundant on Xu Tian's part, the other party had already done this twice and there would not be a third time soon.

When Lin Yang got into the car, Xu Tian stepped on the accelerator.

Soon, the duo spotted the disheveled driver at the patrol house.

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