Chapter 524 - Mo Ling Er

"It's really Mo Ling Er!"


Miao Qingqing also couldn't help but exclaim in surprise, recognizing him at a glance.


"No wonder he didn't see Mo Ling'er in either Kyushu or the Heavenly Domain, so he left the Huo Yan Empire and came to the Illusory Sea Realm." Ling Xiaoxiao was quite surprised looking at Mo Ling'er in the tall building.


Feng Wushen was also very surprised, he did not expect to see Mo Ling'er in the Illusory Sea Realm.


"I can't believe that such a ruthless and unfair person is still so popular in the Illusory Sea Realm." Liu Qingyang had an expression of injustice from heaven, and said helplessly: "When the Huangfu family was kind enough to defend the Mo family, but who was to say that when the Huangfu family was in trouble, he left without saying a word, no matter if the Huangfu family lived or died."


Mo Ling'er is popular precisely because she is quite pretty, even if she is not very talented, but she is much prettier than many of the older ladies.


Above all, Mo Ling'er's mouth is sweet, deep and pretty.


When the Mo family and the Huangfu family were destroyed and Mo Ling'er left the empire to make her own way, one can imagine how angry and desperate Mo Ling'er was at that time.


When she arrived in the Western Region of the Endless Domain, she quickly made friends with some geniuses due to her beautiful appearance. In order to rise to a higher status and one day take revenge on Feng Wushen and regain everything she had lost, Mo Ling'er began to come into contact with different geniuses while finding out the situation of the major powers in the Infinite Domain.


Mo Ling'er has been to all four regions, the Western Region, the Star Realm, the Endless Realm, and the Illusory Sea Realm, and almost all the genius young masters and disciples of the major powers recognize Mo Ling'er.


Mo Ling'er approached these geniuses with the goal of tapping into the strong cultivation resources behind them, and Mo Ling'er worked her ass off to cultivate as she moved up the ladder.


With Mo Ling'er's arrogant vision, she doesn't see these geniuses at all, but only makes friends with them, perfunctorily, no matter how those geniuses pursue, Mo Ling'er is indifferent, the ultimate goal is still cultivation resources. .


As time goes by, Mo Ling'er's cultivation level has skyrocketed and the techniques and martial arts she cultivates are becoming more and more powerful, while the geniuses she comes into contact with have more and more powerful backgrounds, until reaching Zhuge Liancheng, the young master of the Zhuge Family.


Mo Ling'er's original target was the Young Pavilion Master of the Immortal Weapons Pavilion, but unfortunately she had no chance to get in contact with him, not even the Zhang Family's young master, Zhang Junlan.


Only in the end did she choose Zhuge Liancheng, and although Duan Mo Ming had a powerful background, the status of the Sacred Sun Sect was not as strong as that of the Zhuge family, so Mo Ling'er only considered Duan Mo Ming as a friend, at least one more friend, and his own strength would be a little stronger.


The more people you meet, the more sponsors you will naturally have.


In the Illusory Sea Realm, the Zhuge Family is the overlord, and Mo Ling'er's position is imaginable, commanding and no one dares to mess with her.


All the geniuses from the great powers of the Illusory Sea Realm admired Zhuge Liancheng and Duan Mo Ming, and anyone who saw them had to respectfully address them as Young Master.


Mo Ling'er knows exactly what she wants, and although she loves vanity, she is the true Mo Ling'er.


For Mo Ling'er to have reached the heights she has, it must be said that she is very capable and a normal person would never be able to do it.


Even Feng Wushen had to admire Mo Ling'er's ability, although he did not agree with what Mo Ling'er was doing.


This time, when the Illusory Sea Realm held an alchemy conference, Zhuge Liancheng brought Mo Ling'er over to join in the fun, but unexpectedly, Duan Mo Ming caught the two of them getting intimate.


Duan Mornming exploded on the spot, leading to the scene of the fierce battle at sea.


"It still hasn't changed at all, but his cultivation level has increased a lot, the peak of the ninth level of the Heavenly Yuan Realm." Feng Wushen shook his head.


Duan Mo Ming's words reminded Feng Wushen of what happened to him then.


"People who don't get it are going to get into big trouble sooner or later." Miao Qingqing shook her head, looked at Feng Wushen, and said:


"Big brother Feng, let's go, lest we get into trouble."


"What's the rush? Isn't it nice to see two geniuses fight?" Liu Qingyang brushed his lips and said.


"See for yourself if you want! Brother Feng, come on." Miao Qingqing stared at Liu Qingyang.


"Come on, there's nothing to see." Feng Wushen said nonchalantly, taking Ling Xiaoxiao's jade hand and walking across the stone bridge.


Liu Qingyang had no choice but to follow suit and leave.


"Big brother Duan, I know how good you are to me and how much you give me, I know everything and I can feel it, but loving someone cannot be forced, and I have always treated you as my own big brother." Mo Ling'er desperately explained, crystal tears rolling down her face.


“Big Brother…” Duan Mo Ming was filled with disappointment and pain.


With clenched fists, Duan Mo Ming's heart reluctantly said: "Is he a real big brother? Why? What makes me inferior to Zhuge Liancheng? Is it because he is an inscriber?"


"Duan Mo Ming! Did you hear that? The person Ling'er likes is me!" Zhuge Liancheng yelled angrily.


"Looks like I've made a fool of myself." Duan Mo Ming slowly closed his eyes and flew away.


"Big brother Duan!" Mo Ling'er cried out in worry, knowing that she had broken Duan Mo Ming's heart, but she had no choice, what Mo Ling'er wanted, Duan Mo Ming couldn't give her.


"Hmph! Duan Mo Ming, if you want to steal Ling'er from me, you're not even close!" Zhuge Liancheng was secretly satisfied in his heart.


Duan Mo Ming's talent was no worse than Zhuge Lian Cheng's, but the difference was that Zhuge Lian Cheng was an inscriber!


Duan Mo Ming was incredibly fast, and in the blink of an eye he flew over the stone bridge and disappeared over the sea.


Looking in the direction Duan Mo Ming disappeared, Mo Ling'er saw a figure walking across the stone bridge that looked somewhat familiar.


Stunned for a moment, Mo Ling'er grimly said, "Is it him?"


Mo Ling'er didn't get a good look, only an involuntary glance at her back, quickly disappearing into the crowd.


What Mo Ling'er saw was none other than Feng Wushen's back, it looked familiar to her, but Mo Ling'er was not sure.


"It shouldn't be him, a small Imperial Grand Capital, it's impossible for him to come to the Endless Domain." Mo Ling'er shook her head in her heart.


Mo Ling'er despised Feng Wushen from the bottom of her heart, she did and continues to do so.


"Feng Wushen, just wait, I'll soon let you know what it means to be unreachable, I'll let you know that little Grand Commander is nothing in front of me!" Mo Ling'er said with malice in her heart, even after so much time had passed, Mo Ling'er's hatred towards Feng Wushen still had not even half been erased.


"And Ling Xiaoxiao! I will also show you what true status is." The more Mo Ling'er thought about it, the more agitated she became, and it could be said that she hated Ling Xiaoxiao to the bone.


Thinking back to the time when Ling Xiao Xiao insulted her, Mo Ling'er was furious and seething with anger.


"Ling'er, what's wrong with you?" Apparently sensing Mo Ling'er's mood, Zhuge Liancheng asked with concern.


Mo Ling'er woke up slightly and blinked, then shook her head, “Okay, I'm just worried about Big Brother Duan…”


Zhuge Liancheng waved his hand, indicating the guards to withdraw, and then said in a soft voice: "Don't worry, I think Duan Mo Ming will notice, give him some time."



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