Chapter 526 – Arriving at the door

Liu Mu opened his mouth, still wanting to argue slyly, but in the end… Still, he compromised.

In fact, he knew who the person before him was, and even more so, he knew Xu Tian.

Considering the temperament of someone like Xu Tian, chopping someone up or something was no joke!

In fact, after Liu Mu was caught, he knew that he had fallen this time. He had planned to flee, however, the other party arrived so quickly that he didn't even have time to gather his things before Xu Tian's men killed him at the gate.

There was no way to defend this anymore...

“I said… I said… Boss Lin, you… You don't want to get into trouble…” Liu Mu said with tears in his eyes.

"Oh? Do you know me?" Lin Yang asked with narrowed eyes.

"Of course you do, although you rarely appear in front of the media, there are still photos and videos of you on the internet."

"Were you the one who convinced Li Nan to take over the bar? Did you also add hallucinogenic drugs to the wine you invited him to drink?" Lin Yang asked.

“Yes….Yes…” Liu Mu stumbled and said.

“Liu Mu… Was it really you who did this to me?” Li Nan asked in shock.

Liu Mu didn't say anything.


Li Nan became furious and immediately tried to approach him, but because of the handcuffs, he couldn't rush too quickly, so he could only stare at him and curse.

Liu Mu was so scared that he backed away.

Xu Tian hurriedly held Li Nan down.

"Damn, you really set me up, Liu Mu, I'm blind to be friends with someone like you!" Li Nan's eyes were bloodshot.

Lin Yang waved his hand, signaling Li Nan to shut up, and then said: "You made her drink hallucinogenic drugs, and then you made someone lie to her that her daughter was sick and told her to drive home, you should know your route home, right? And that hallucinogen of yours must not be an ordinary banned product, but a new type of medicine, if I'm right, this hallucinogen will have a stimulating effect when you see a certain special color, I think it must be the yellow of the teeth, after all, that shirt I'm wearing is the yellow of the teeth."

At this statement, Liu Mu was surprised.

"This design is simply impeccable, if the authors are made to believe that it was an accident, who will think that the traffic accident was done deliberately? I have to say that the man behind the curtain is very intelligent, he is just It's a pity that this mastermind behind the curtain is a hundred times more careful, he has made all the links very meticulous and has taken everything into account, but he has only overlooked one point, that is, what should I do in case "Don't the crash kill me? That was the biggest risk of your operation, because once I didn't get hit, I would have definitely detected the hallucinogen and I would have definitely discovered his plan, and I think he would have known by now that he had proven it!"

"Liu Mu, you'd better tell me the truth obediently, not only is it useless for you to continue keeping this secret, it will sink you, think about it yourself."

Lin Yang said indifferently.

Everything had been seen by Lin Yang!

Liu Mu was silent.

Xu Tian was also surprised, he didn't expect Boss Lin's thinking to be so meticulous and careful...

“I say…” Liu Mu took a deep breath and let out a hoarse voice.

"Who is it?" Lin Yang asked.

"I don't know that man... He found me a few days ago and gave me two hundred thousand to do all this! He didn't tell me any information, not even who he was, or why he was doing it, he hid everything from me, but I didn't ask , I didn't care anyway, who wouldn't be happy to have money to earn? What's the point of asking so much...?" Liu Mu said.

When Xu Tian heard this, he felt very disappointed.

"So you don't know anything about him?" Lin Yang frowned.

"More or less..."

"What does almost mean?" Lin Yang asked immediately.

"I heard your accent, it seems like you're from Yanjing, that's all I know."

“Yanjing people? Boss Lin, why don't we ask you to describe the man's appearance and then ask the inspector to print it out for comparison?" Xu Tian said.

"Alright". Lin Yang nodded: "Go and fix it."


Xu Tian nodded and walked out.

Lin Yang stood up and prepared to leave.

"Mr. Lin!"

Liu Mu and Li Nan hurriedly got up.

“I… That… Mr. Lin, you can let me go now, right?” Liu Mu asked with his voice slightly trembling.

Lin Yang looked at him and then at Li Nan and said indifferently: "Am I not an agent? I have no power to dispose of any of you, it is better that you talk to the inspector about what you have committed."

With those words, he walked out the door.

The two of them were depressed to the core, but they were also especially happy.

At least in the hands of the inspector, it could be much better than in the hands of a gray area kingpin like Xu Tian.

After just over half a day of work, Xu Tian obtained the drawings of the suspect's hands from the inspector.

Everything was drawn according to what Liu Mu had said, and in addition to the facial features, the dress was also drawn on purpose.

Lin Yang took this bust and looked at it, nothing seemed special.

"The patrol party is also searching, after all, this involves a bought murder case." Xu Tian said.

"If it's the forces on Yanjing's side, I'm worried that relying on them alone won't lead to any follow-up, so you might as well investigate yourself." Lin Yang said indifferently.

Suddenly, his eyes fell on the man's neck, which looked somewhat familiar.

After examining it carefully for a while longer, as if something occurred to him, Lin Yang picked up a pen and roughly drew a small flower on the inside of the necklace.

"Take it and ask Liu Mu if there is such a flower on the inside of that person's neck in this place."

"OK". Xu Tian's eyes showed confusion, but he responded and ran away.

An hour later...

"Boss Lin, there is, Liu Mu says it is exactly the same!" Xu Tian nodded solemnly.

"Okay, no need to check, I know who it is." Lin Yang took a deep breath and said indifferently.

"Who is it?" Xu Tian asked busily.

"You will know later, help me prepare, I want to invite a few people to dinner, here in our Jiangcheng." Lin Yang said.

"Director Lin, who do you invite?"

"Yanjing, the head of the Sima family!" Lin Yang said without any expression on his face.

Xu Tian's breath trembled as he suddenly understood something as well.

He stared at Lin Yang in a daze for a moment before coming back to his senses.

"I'm going to do now".



A day later, a man with a briefcase and glasses entered the Sima family mansion.

The Sima family's butler, Uncle Zhong, had his hands clasped behind his back and stood in front of the hall door calmly watching the man enter.

He was calm and unperturbed.

"People from Yang Hua Group? What are you doing here in my Sima family?" Uncle Zhong asked with an expressionless face.

The man didn't say anything, he just walked to the coffee table next to him, took out a folder from his briefcase and placed it on the coffee table.

Uncle Zhong looked at the folder silently, a little confused.

But then he heard the man say indifferently.

"Our Chief Lin, sincerely invite the head of the Sima family to Jiangcheng for a banquet! The time is set for tomorrow night."

Uncle Zhong's breathing became agitated.

A moment later, he took a deep breath.

"Did you find out so quickly? As expected of Chief Lin..."

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