Chapter 527 - Bad Words

“ Brother Feng, Mo Ling Er has seen us.”


Miao Qingqing's brows furrowed slightly, and her beautiful eyes gleamed with a hint of disgust.


"If you see it, just see it, you'll run into it sooner or later anyway." Liu Qingyang stretched out his hand nonchalantly, and directed his cold gaze at Mo Ling'er.


"Go." Feng Wushen said nonchalantly, merely giving Mo Ling'er a strange look before continuing on his way.


Feng Wushen didn't kill Mo Ling'er in the first place, purely because of the old feelings, but now that he is a stranger, all the old feelings have been dispersed.


"Ling'er, were you bullied?" With his icy gaze fixed on Feng Wushen and the others, Zhuge Liancheng asked sluggishly, appearing as if he wanted to defend Mo Ling'er.


Feng Wushen did not even look at Mo Ling'er, completely treating her as if she were thin air as he held onto Ling Xiaoxiao's jade hand and continued to walk forward.


"Feng Wushen!" Seeing that Feng Wushen had the audacity to be so ignorant and act as if he were above the rest, Mo Ling'er couldn't help but laugh and look at Feng Wushen.


Feng Wushen stopped in his tracks and nonchalantly asked, “Is something wrong?”


"Yo! Isn't this our Miss Mo Ling'er? It's been a long time since we've seen each other." Liu Qingyang pretended to be surprised, but his words were tinged with a bit of sarcasm.


"Ling'er knows them, but it seems there is a problem." Zhuge Liancheng frowned a little and said in a low voice, his eyes measuring Feng Wushen.


"What a beautiful woman". When Zhuge Liancheng's eyes saw Ling Xiaoxiao, he couldn't help but be attracted to Ling Xiaoxiao's beauty as well.


However, with Mo Ling'er nearby, Zhuge Liancheng did not dare to be too reckless, let alone stare at Ling Xiaoxiao.


One by one, the alchemists and the numerous powerful ones who came aboard stopped curiously upon seeing this scene.


"Does Emperor Dan know Mo Ling'er?" Nie Fengyun, as well as the Divine Martial Patriarch and the others, were quite stunned in their hearts.


"I haven't seen you for a few years, but I never thought that you, a little Grand Commander of the Yan Huo Empire, would have come to the Infinite Domain."


Mo Ling'er said coldly and morosely, the understatement intent in her words couldn't be more apparent.


"What? You're the only one who can come, but we can't? Isn't this Illusory Sea Realm your home?" Liu Qingyang sneered with a playful expression.


"You'd better shut your mouth! Or I'll cut out your tongue." With a gaze icy to the core sweeping over Liu Qingyang, Mo Ling'er threatened as the terrifying power of the ninth level of the Heavenly Yuan Realm instantly erupted.


Mo Ling'er seemed to have done this to shock Feng Wushen and the others so they could see her current cultivation level.


"Oh? Is that so? Then try it yourself! I really don't think you dare to do it here." Liu Qingyang sneered without the slightest fear.


The two men clashed and the atmosphere turned cold.


"Brother Zhuge, what happened?" At that moment, some of the younger youths came over.


Zhuge Liancheng slightly raised his hand, signaling for them to keep their mouths shut.


Mo Ling'er was about to have a fit when Feng Wushen said, “If you don't have anything else, we'll leave first.”


"I don't care what method you used to get up here, but let me just say that this is not the place you should come to, nor are they trained, and getting on the ship will make them feel ashamed and humbled." Mo Ling'er sneered.


"That's not for you to worry about." Feng Wushen said nonchalantly, without changing his face.


"Young Master Zhuge, a few of them previously spoke out of turn on the fifth floor of the House of the Immortal Sea and insulted us alchemists!" A fourth grade alchemist rushed to step forward and said angrily.


"That's it! That's the brat! Arrogant to the core, completely ignoring us." Another strong man stood up and shouted angrily.


"Young Master Zhuge, teach them a good lesson! Drive them off the ship!" Another alchemist yelled angrily.


"That's it! Throw them off the ship!" The others responded, all their faces showing a gloating smile.


Amongst the crowd of onlookers, the faces of Nie Fengyun and the others had turned gloomy in the extreme. If Feng Wushen hadn't let them reveal his identity, Nie Fengyun and the others would have attacked long ago.


“Feng Wushen, don't be so conceited, you are nothing in my eyes like a little Grand Commander, don't pass yourself off as high and mighty, my current position is a height that you will never reach in your life! My word and I can make their lives worse than death!" Mo Ling'er coldly yelled.


Feng Wushen's nonchalant attitude drove Mo Ling'er crazy, she didn't know why, Feng Wushen always managed to anger her with just a few words.


Feng Wushen's indifferent gaze looked at the agitated Mo Ling'er and said, “I thought that you would have changed in the past few years, but unfortunately you still haven't changed at all, and you are right, your current status is indeed very high and unattainable, but Does it have anything to do with me? It has nothing to do with me."


With those words, Feng Wushen directly grabbed Ling Xiaoxiao's jade hand and stepped forward.


"What I hate the most is a self-righteous like you!" Mo Ling'er coldly yelled, much to her disgust.


Feng Wushen did not pay any attention to Mo Ling'er, not even bothering to bother her.


But Mo Ling'er's evil words had angered Ling Xiaoxiao, and he couldn't wait to kill Mo Ling'er.


However, it was about the Alchemy Conference, so Ling could only force himself to endure it.


"The one who thinks he's right is you." Liu Qingyang brushed past, dropping a comment.


"Mo Ling'er, you will regret it." Miao Qingqing shook her head and continued.


Mo Ling'er's beautiful face was extremely cold and furious as the crowd of onlookers dispersed, each going to their own rooms.


"Ling'er, do you want me to go and kill them?" Zhuge Liancheng asked, seeing Mo Ling'er so angry, how could Zhuge Liancheng just stand by and do nothing?


"It is not necessary for now, today is the alchemy conference held by senior Tian Xianzi, it is not appropriate to make a move, lest we offend senior Tian Xianzi, but it is okay to embarrass them." Mo Ling'er said nonchalantly.


Zhuge Liancheng nodded and looked at the men behind him, chin raised at Feng Wushen's departure.


Several men perfectly understood the meaning of Zhuge Liancheng and quickly followed him.


"Ling'er, do you know them?" Zhuge Liancheng asked cautiously, knowing that Mo Ling'er was angry and did not dare to be too forceful.


"Feng Wushen was my father's enemy, my Mo family was wiped out by him." Mo Ling'er said slowly, thinking about the events of that year, it was as if it happened yesterday for Mo Ling'er.


"What? Kill your father?" Zhuge Liancheng's face suddenly changed drastically as he said, “No wonder you're so angry, Ling'er, don't worry, when the alchemy lecture is over, I'll help you kill them!”


"There's no rush! Since they've reached the Endless Domain, wouldn't it be too cheap to kill them easily? I'll make their lives worse than death! The insult they've inflicted on me, I'll repay tenfold." Mo Ling'er said wickedly, her pretty face a fierce face that did not match her beauty at all.


"Ling Xiaoxiao, didn't you say then that you didn't know what status meant at all? I will trample you under my feet and let you know what status means." Mo Ling'er said wickedly.



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