Chapter 527 – Divine Doctor Lin, I'm coming

With a smile on his lips, the glasses man looked at Uncle Zhong and said, "I hope the old man will tell the head of the family! Our Chief Lin has said that he will receive as many guests as he can."

Uncle Zhong walked to the coffee table, picked up the folder and scanned it, his face expressionless: “Okay, I’ll tell the teacher!”

"Bye bye". The man with glasses nodded politely and left the house with a smile.

Uncle Zhong immediately picked up the documents and headed to the backyard.

The gazebo in the backyard.

Sima Zang, the head of the Sima family, was drinking tea with an old man dressed in a white Tang suit.

Sitting in his wheelchair, Sima Shuofang approached the lotus pond and looked at the fish swimming under the pond with a blank and melancholy expression.

"What did they say there?" Sima Zang asked as he put down his teacup and cast a glance at Sima Shuofang.

The old man who was about to drink his tea stopped his hand slightly, then shook his head, " This Lin's medical skills are really excellent, I took Shuo Fang to see him, but he said there was nothing he could do. "

"It is so difficult?" Sima Zang's hand that was squeezing the teacup secretly tightened, and the cup broke unknowingly.

The old man frowned and then laughed: "There is no need to give up, Master Sima, in this great world there are many capable people, and didn't Divine Doctor Lin just suddenly appear? He is just so young, and yet He has such terrifying medical skills, that in itself is incredible... wait a little longer, maybe in the near future there will be a medical genius who is even more remarkable than Divine Doctor Lin, then won't Shuo be saved? “Fang?”

"I hope so". Sima Zang also knew that those were the old man's comforting words, so he didn't say more.

"By the way, head of the Sima family, forgive me for talking too much, but has the Order of Heavenly Pride recovered yet?" The old man suddenly asked once again.

Sima Zang's body trembled, but his face quickly recovered calm: "What? Old Mr. Zheng also believes those rumors from outside?"

"Sima Zang, what kind of friendship do we have? Do you really think the old man is senile? Shuo Fang is in such a state, do you think he can still maintain the Order of Heavenly Pride?" The old man said with a light laugh.

Sima Zang was silent.

"What's more, word has spread about Jiangcheng, that one has an extraordinary relationship with you, he suddenly appeared in Jiangcheng for no reason and kidnapped that woman named Su Yan, if you didn't send him there, could it be that he has a grudge against Divine Doctor Lin? I don't remember Liu provoking Divine Doctor Lin?" The old man laughed.

"After all, I can't hide it from you, Zheng Anshan! That's right, I called Scar Liu, my intention was for him to deal with Divine Doctor Lin and create an opportunity for me so that I can have a way to recover the Order of Heavenly Pride." , but... I overestimated that idiot Scar Liu!" Sima Zang growled darkly and his eyes filled with great rage.

"I shouldn't be able enough to ruin it!"

"If he had given it his all, I'm sure he wouldn't have screwed her up, but he screwed her up on purpose! He knew I had used him, so he turned around and dragged me with him. Divine Doctor Lin already knows that I, the Sima family, I have struck, so he is trying to put Divine Doctor Lin's fire on me, the Sima family! And... Scar Liu is also listed in the Order of Heavenly Pride!" Sima Zang said coldly, with even greater killing intent coming out of his body.

"Without the Order of Heavenly Pride, the Sima Family will only be passive in the assembly, they originally depended on this Order of Heavenly Pride from Shuo Fang to grow, without this, sooner or later you will be torn apart by those great clans!" The old man took a sip of his tea and said.

"Do you really think that our Sima family relies on a small token to compete with those clans?" Sima Zang raised his head and cast a glance at the old man.

This look made the old man startled.

"Does it mean that the old man has read it wrong?" the old man asked in a daze.

"I will let you see the real Sima family clearly." Sima Zang said in a hoarse voice.

This statement was filled with boundless dominance and confidence.

The old man was slightly surprised and did not speak again.

At this time, Uncle Zhong walked quickly, handed the folder to Sima Zang, and whispered a few words in his ear.

Sima Zang's brow furrowed immediately.

"Oh? What's new?" the old man asked with a smile.

"It's nothing new, it's just that someone invited me to a banquet." Sima Zang regained his composure.


"Divine Doctor Lin of River City... How? Is Master Zheng interested? Let's go together."

"Divine Doctor Lin? Hahahahaha, this guy is really something, he really found his way to me so quickly! Good! Good! The old man is also very interested in this rising star, he must go if he can, hahahaha... "

"With Elder Zheng around, this junior, can't be unrestrained!"



Lin Yang did not go to see Qin Baisong and Gong Xi Yun, their injuries were enough for Xiong Changbai to take care of.

He slept in the company overnight and went to Century Luxe Central early in the morning, told Xu Tian to make preparations, and waited leisurely in the villa.

There were no dishes.

There is no wine.

Only Xu Tian followed him.

Throughout the night, several luxury cars stopped at the entrance of the villa.

Those who came down were none other than Sima Zang and Zheng Anshan.

Furthermore, there were several senior members of the Sima family and experts with extraordinary abilities.

Xu Tian stood at the entrance to greet the crowd.

Looking at these illustrious people who had come from Yanjing, Xu Tian felt a little overwhelmed.

The others were fine, but Sima Zang and Zheng Anshan's aura was so strong that even he, a gray zone lord, couldn't stand it.

Even he, a lord of the gray area, couldn't stand it.

Especially Sima Zang!

Xu Tian thought that an old man like him, who had been on the edge of the sword for many years, would not be afraid of anything at all, but today, it seemed that he was very wrong.

Xu Tian breathed secretly and said in a low voice: "Mr. Sima, gentlemen, please come in, our Chief Lin has been waiting for you for a long time."

"You are Xu Tian, right?" Sima Zang asked as he gave her a weak glance.

"Yes, does Mr. Sima know me?" Xu Tian asked.

"Originally, I didn't know you, but I did it for Divine Doctor Lin, and by rights, I shouldn't." Sima Zang said and walked in.

Xu Tian's face sank and his fists clenched tightly, but he didn't say anything.

The meaning of Sima Zang's words could not be more obvious, he, Xu Tian... He is not worthy of being remembered by Sima Zang...

The crowd entered the villa.

Lin Yang was sitting calmly on a chair, his face expressionless as he looked at the people walking in.

Sima Zang and Zheng Anshan were sizing up this young man who was barely 20 years old.

Everyone was surprised.

This was the man who was even younger than Shuo Fang, who had discredited the huge Sima family, and had even snatched away the Order of Heavenly Pride…

There really were talented people coming out of the mountains and rivers!


Lin Yang shouted.

Not to say I was excited.

" Divine Doctor Lin, I'm here, let's get to the point! How about we return the Order of Heavenly Pride to our Sima family?"

Sima Zang sat down unceremoniously in front of Lin Yang and said bluntly.

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