Chapter 528 - Heavenly

On board the magnificent ship, alchemists and various powerful have entered their rooms to rest by card number.


The ship has four stories, with the Celestial Room on the top story.


The crowd was envious of the strongest who could enter the Heavenly Room, which represented their status and received the highest level of treatment.


Around the ship, dozens of Heavenly Human Realms stand guard, forbidding anyone to get close.


The crowd from Heavenly Sea City could only watch from afar.


"What room are you in?" asked a bridesmaid with a smile on her face.


"Heavenly Number". Feng Wushen handed over the license plate.


"My lord, please follow me." Hearing the heavenly name, the maid's beautiful eyes lit up, and her attitude instantly turned incomparably respectful.


"Heavenly?" The waitress was about to give out the card number when someone else took it from her.


"I take it this Heavenly Mark poster is fake?" asked a young man sardonically, followed by other young men behind him.


“Big Brother Feng, they are Zhuge Liancheng's men, and they have deliberately come to cause trouble.” Liu Qingyang said quietly, his face cold.


Feng Wushen nodded slightly, recognizing at a glance that several of the men were Zhuge Liancheng's, he just didn't know what powers the young masters were of.


"Just like you and continue to live in a heavenly house?" The other man, tall and thin, had a look of contempt.


The lady-in-waiting stared at the celestial sign in the man's hand, her pretty face not changing in the slightest.


On the fourth floor of the ship, Han Kun watches with cold eyes.


“It's you guys again! And the Heavenly Name? Hmph! I haven't heard of anyone on the fifth floor of the Immortal Sea Building being able to stay in the Heavenly Mark, this must be a fake, you brats! they are too wild!" A fourth grade alchemist sneered.


"How dare you guys use fake license plates! You don't know what you're doing! There must be a degree of arrogance, right?"


“Only the bigwigs on the seventh floor of the Immortal Sea Tower can stay in the Heavenly Name, do they really think they're bigwigs?”


"Ha ha! Just a few brats and they're still big?"


Quite a few people came over, and among them were the alchemists from the fifth floor of the Immortal Sea Building. When they learned that Feng Wushen and the others were staying in the Heavenly Pavilion, they took the opportunity to deliberately mock and embarrass Feng Wushen and the others, and the crowd ended up laughing.


Liu Qingyang playfully sneered: "What? Are you envious? Or are you jealous? No wonder you are envious of us, you don't know how to see the good in others, I really don't know what made them come up here, just their filthy mouths?"


"You bastard! How dare you insult us?" One of the gentlemen shouted angrily.


"Arrogant to the core!" Another man yelled angrily.


"So what? What do you want? Do you have the guts to do it? I don't think you have the guts! What arrogance, what insults, I've heard these words from you too much!" Liu Qingyang said coldly and arrogantly.


Liu Qingyang's sharp words instantly stimulated their brain nerves, and every single one of them was furious.


"I'm going to see how long you can be arrogant, brat, fooling people with a fake license plate, you're insulting senior Tian Xianzi and all the alchemists here, get lost if you know what you're doing or jump into the sea." The man said slowly, and with his hand, he threw the license plate number he had in his hand to the ground.


Seeing this, the maiden's face finally changed and turned icy.


"Hurry up and get out of there!" The public responded.


The faces of the alchemists and powerful ones who had originally faced Feng Wushen and the others wore gloating smiles.


"The license plate is real." Just as the crowd was gleefully jeering, the maid suddenly spoke.


At the maiden's words, the faces of the crowd changed drastically, those jeers, those gloating smiles, instantly hardening.


"The sign from heaven is... really?" The man who had thrown the license plate to the ground had a look of horror on his face, realizing he was in trouble.


"Are you sure that's true? I was on the fifth floor of the Immortal Sea Building with them, there's no way they're qualified to stay in the Heavenly House!" A fifth grade alchemist questioned and asked.


“I don't think they can stay in the Heavenly Mark, they're not alchemists and they're not powerful people, so how can they stay in the Heavenly Mark? If we were to stay in the Heavenly Mark, it would be us, not some of your brats! !" Another fifth grade alchemist said nonchalantly, putting on the appearance of a master alchemist.


"That's right! Only a few of them are not qualified to stay in the Heavenly House!" The public responded.


"Since the heavenly tuition is in their hands, then they are qualified to stay." The waitress said, without condescending, that she only recognized the license plate and not the person.


Furthermore, those with the Heavenly Name Plate are undoubtedly big shots.


The license plate would never be forged, the maiden was very clear about that, and the Heavenly Name Plate was only available to the few seniors holding the alchemy conference, so ordinary people couldn't get it at all.


With those words, the servant girl tried to squat down and pick up the license plate, but was stopped by Feng Wushen.


"Let whoever throws it pick it up." The Feng Wushen said nonchalantly.


Hearing these words, the maid of honor looked at Feng Wushen and nodded her head.


"You!" The man who threw the license plate turned gloomy, gritting his teeth, but not daring to take offense, holding back a trembling body.


He expected to embarrass Feng Wushen and the others, but he did not expect to make a fool of himself.


“If you don't pick it up, in case Tian Xianzi sees it, or if someone informs Tian Xianzi that you have thrown the Heavenly Name Plate recklessly, I don't know what will happen to you, I'm afraid even Zhuge Liancheng won't be able to save you then! !" Feng Wushen had a playful look.


Hearing this, the man's face changed radically and he hurriedly bent down to pick up the sky sign.


No one here dares to offend Tian Xianzi, or the consequence will be death!


"Your Excellency, please." The maiden took the Heavenly Name Plate and respectfully led Feng Wushen and the others up to the fourth floor.


At this time, no one dared to stop them anymore, and they could only look at Feng Wushen and the others with anger.


When they went up, the crowd was very curious to see the young Feng Wushen going up.


Seeing Feng Wushen's few people go all the way up to the fourth floor, the crowd's curiosity turned into surprise.


"Brother Zhuge, they are staying in the Heavenly House!" Several gentlemen re-introduced themselves.


"What? Heavenly House? How is it possible?" Zhuge Liancheng stood up in shock, his face full of disbelief.


"A little Imperial Grand Commander could never live in a Heavenly House, he is not qualified enough, and we are only living in an Earthly House!" Mo Ling'er frowned, also very surprised in her heart.


As a young master of the Zhuge Family, Zhuge Liancheng could only be placed in the earthly category, and only his elder was qualified to remain in the heavenly category, so you can imagine how much status is required to remain in the heavenly category!


Even Zhuge Liancheng is not qualified, but Feng Wushen and the others have the qualification?


"That's a thousand times true! That's the heavenly name card you're holding." A man said solemnly.


Zhuge Liancheng frowned and said, “Heavenly Number is a place dedicated to big shots, how could Feng Wushen and the few there be stay there? Li Zifei, immediately go to Heavenly Number Six and tell my father to tell him ask Senior Tian Xianzi if there is a mistake."


"Yes! I'll go right now." Li Zifei nodded respectfully.


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