Chapter 528 – I'm not kidding!

The reason Sima Zang had come was because of this.

He originally wanted to kill Lin Yang first before making a move to get him.

However, he discovered that this Divine Doctor Lin did not seem to be as easy as he thought and killing him seemed to be a bit difficult, so he planned to move the people around him as a warning.

When Divine Doctor Lin felt pressured, he would step in to negotiate.

He just didn't expect Lin Yang to discover so quickly that it was the Sima Family that was behind the design.

Since the other party had realized it, Sima Zang did not want to hide it and got straight to the point.

If the other party was willing to return the Order of Heavenly Pride, then everything was negotiable.

Only, Lin Yang did not answer Sima Zang, but instead asked a question in turn.

"You told Gong Xi Yun and Qin Baisong to do both, right?"

Sima Zang's eyebrows moved slightly, but his expression remained unchanged as he said bluntly, "Not only these two people... Including the time with Miss Su Yan, I also sent someone to do it."

That tone was as if he was talking about a very insignificant matter.

"I see". Lin Yang nodded gently, before closing his eyes and remaining silent.

"What? Divine Doctor Lin? Are you very angry? If you really want to get angry, it would be with me, you have only ruined two hands, as for the woman you like, who came out unscathed, compared to me, compared to our entire family Sima, what's the point of this of yours?

“Do you know what we have lost? We have lost the only seed of our family because of you! Do you know what it means that our Sima family's only hope is gone? Divine Doctor Lin, compared to us, what do you lose?"

Sima Zang said solemnly, his eyes were gloomy and cold.

But Lin Yang was unfazed by the change and said indifferently: "I have always been a person who does not offend others, I do not offend them."

Many people in the Sima family were irritated upon hearing this.

However, Sima Zang suppressed his anger and said in a deep voice, “We may have had some disagreements and misunderstandings before, but I believe that all of this can be overcome!”

Hearing these words, he suddenly leaned his body forward and said in a low voice: "Those who achieve great things do not cling to small things, Divine Doctor Lin, if you can return the Order of Heavenly Pride to our Sima Family, perhaps our Sima family can cooperate with you! Think about it, if you and I join forces, is there anyone else in the country who can be compatible with you and me? When the time comes, we will surely be invincible at the conference, and we will have whatever we want "Isn't that great?"

When these words fell, all the people of the Sima Family stared at Lin Yang, waiting for his response.

Some had smiles on their faces.

Some were full of ridicule.

Although the Sima family was not quite a first-class family in Yanjing, how could it be better than someone from a corner like Jiangcheng?

Being able to work with a major Yanjing family was something that many people could not even dream of, and although this Divine Doctor Lin was capable, he must be very attached to this, right?

The audience looked at him, expecting him to be grateful and ecstatic.


Lin Yang continued to sit, not raising his head much, his expression did not change, and he only said slowly.

"This matter will be discussed later!"

The clouds were light, the waves were not shocking...

The people were surprised.

Sima Zang frowned: "Then what do you want to talk about now?"

"Sending someone to kidnap Su Yan, designing to kill me, sending someone to run over Qin Baisong with a car, whose idea was it to do these things?" Lin Yang asked with an expressionless face.

"Didn't I say it before? I sent people to do all of them." Sima Zang said in a hoarse voice.

"In that case, these few ideas, were they your ideas?" Lin Yang asked again, but his expression was morbidly colder by countless amounts.

"Hm?" Sima Zang felt that something was not right.

An expert from the Sima family at the back of the room couldn't hold it in anymore and coldly snorted, "Lin, what tone is that? What do you want? Are you going to make a move? Whose idea was it to kill you?" Then I'll tell you, these three things were suggested by me, I suggested the head of the family to do it, so what?"

"Is that so?"

Lin Yang finally raised his head, and his pair of cold eyes glared deathly at the man.

The intent to kill overcame him.

"Divine Doctor Lin, I know that you are a doctor with extraordinary strength, but I advise you to think about the consequences before taking a step, since I dare to come, I am naturally prepared for anything, if any of us are here is injured, I am afraid that if any of his friends or family suffers, there will be someone who also suffers, or will have a car accident, or will fall into a river, or lose his balance from a height... You better you think about it." Sima Zang said indifferently.

This was already a threat.

Sima Zang had known about the House of Wonderful Medicine for a long time.

Since he had dared to come all the way from Yanjing for the appointment, how could Sima Zang be unprepared? Therefore, even before getting off the plane, the power of the Sima Family had already seeped into Jiangcheng.

But at this moment, Lin Yang stood up.

It was a very simple action that immediately made the people of the Sima Family incredibly nervous.

But they saw Lin Yang walking towards the man who had made the noise.

"What do you want?" The man's face was stunned and he immediately threw out a question.

"Stop there!"

"What are you doing?"

The rest of the people from the Sima family also opened their mouths and stopped in front of Lin Yang.

Sima Zang also cast a slight sidelong glance and asked indifferently, "What? Divine Doctor Lin, are you planning to make a move?"

"I'll give you two options."

Lin Yang said in a hoarse voice.

"What two options?" Sima Zang asked as he looked at him.

"One, hand this man over to me for disposal. Two, you all die here." Lin Yang said.

When these words fell, all the people froze.

Immediately after...


Laughter erupted from the room.

The entire room was shaken by violent laughter.

The people were hilarious, they laughed so much that they brought tears to their eyes.

Even Sima Zang couldn't help but laugh a little.

I don't know how long it took before people calmed down a little.

"What did this fool say?"

"Let us all die here? Hahaha, are you dreaming?"

"Let's not even talk about whether he dares to do it or not! Even if he does, it's just two people, can he fight us?"

"We are not a medical family, we are an ancient martial arts family! Do you understand what an ancient martial family means?"

The man from the Sima family said with a smile.

Sima Zang smiled and said, “Divine Doctor Lin, you are not joking, are you?”

Lin Yang didn't say anything and still kept his eyes closed. He only raised his hand slightly.

Xu Tian, who was next to him, understood and took out his mobile phone and pressed it twice.



The front door suddenly opened, followed by a large number of men dressed in black who rushed into the house, one by one taking out their coal-black pistols and pointing them at each and every person in the family. Sima who were in the place.

The smiles of the Sima Family people froze instantly.

"I'm not kidding!" Lin Yang said in a low voice, murderous intent swirling in his eyes.

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