Chapter 529 – Total Madness

These were all Gong Xi Yun and Xu Tian's men, they were arranged around by Xu Tian, as long as Lin Yang gave the order, they would rush over.

The people of the Sima Family were all martial artists, if they were ordinary bodyguards, even if they were armed with guns, they would not be able to give them a push.

But this time it was different.

Because there were thousands of bodyguards around.

Not to mention that among them were retired special forces, and even more powerful mercenaries who had been fighting abroad for a long time, this number alone already surrounded the village.

Under such circumstances, even the most skilled people would not be able to use their skills.

Besides, these people are flesh and blood, even if they are good, can they be faster than bullets?

The atmosphere was heavy.

Swords were drawn and the atmosphere was anxious.

However, the Sima family was not scared.

On the contrary, Sima Zang laughed out loud and looked at Lin Yang with a mocking look: "I originally thought that Divine Doctor Lin was an extremely intelligent and calm person, but I never thought that when I saw you today, you were not only stupid, but also incredibly stupid and impulsive like a reckless... I have you in high regard, I have you in high regard, hahahaha..."

The laughter was full of mockery and contempt.

Even that Zheng Anshan couldn't help but shake his head frequently, looking at Lin Yang with more disdain instead of as much appreciation as before.

After all, Lin Yang's move was too impulsive and mindless.

If other people from the Sima family dared to come, how would they fear your hand?

And inviting someone to a banquet and organizing so many people to set up a Hongmen banquet, isn't this telling your opponent that you are at the limit of your strength and can only rely on the lowest level of strength to counterattack?

This is really the best.

"I have lost my eyes, I have lost my eyes, I have lost my eyes before!" Zheng Anshan shook his head and sighed.

"It's rare to hear you like this, Master Zheng, interesting, interesting, this trip to Jiangcheng, it's worth it!" Sima Zang laughed.

The people from the Sima family who were next to him couldn't help but laugh as well.

But at that moment...


A shot rang out.

Everyone shuddered and rushed to see a smoking hole on the table in front of Sima Zang.

That was a bullet hole.

And Lin Yang had a gun in his hand at some point.

The gun was pointed at Sima Zang's side.

Sima Zang's smile froze.

The faces of the Sima Family changed greatly as they rushed up one by one and surrounded Sima Zang, fearing that Lin Yang would shoot again and directly kill Sima Zang.

"Divine Doctor Lin, do you really want to kill me?" Sima Zang said in a solemn voice.

"Do you think I've been joking?" Lin Yang said with an expressionless face.

"Then you didn't hear my previous words clearly?" Sima Zang said coldly, “If something happens to us, do you think those friends and family of yours will be safe and sound…?”

"If they die, they die!"

Without waiting for Sima Zang to finish his words, Lin Yang directly interrupted him.

He looked at Lin Yang with slight bewilderment.

But he heard Lin Yang say blankly: "Anyway, you are already moving people around me, since I can't protect them and they will be chased by you sooner or later, why don't I kill you first! It would be my honor." for them that the head of the Sima family buried my friends and family with them! I want to see who finds the most valuable deal."

As soon as those words fell, Sima Zang's face changed instantly.

That Zheng Anshan also wrinkled his brow and said solemnly: “Young man, are you going to kill the fish with a net?”

"That depends on you. You may think that this tactic of mine is stupid and reckless, but this tactic, in fact, is also very direct, I am a person who does not like such far-fetched things, an enemy, it is an enemy, "A friend is a friend, if you must help, then help, if you must kill, then kill." Lin Yang handed his weapon to the person next to him, wiped his hands, and walked towards the person.

All the faces of the Sima family had an ugly look.

Sima Zang also did not speak any more.


This method was stupid and seemed cheap.

But... It worked!

Even if Sima Zang was arrogant, he would not be willing to trade his own life for Lin Yang's friends and family.

In the eyes of someone like him, how much were their lives worth?

Lin Yang's move seemed simple and crude, but effective.

Lin Yang walked over.

The people of the Sima family who stopped in front of him secretly gulped, and some stiffened their heads, still refusing to give in.

But in the next second, a dozen guns were pointed at him.

The man shuddered and had to back away.

They believed that the guns were going to actually pull the trigger.

So, slowly, everyone moved out of the way, not daring to stop.

Lin Yang continued walking until he stopped in front of the man who had provoked him earlier.

The man's face turned white, with a touch of fear in his eyes, and his body trembled slightly, obviously terrified.

He swallowed and looked towards Sima Zang with a helpful look.

Sima Zang immediately opened his mouth, “Divine Doctor Lin…”

But just as he finished shouting these three words, Lin Yang suddenly raised his hand, grabbed the man's hair, and threw him towards the wall behind him.


This burly man who was about four feet tall was sent flying like a sandbag and fell heavily to the ground.

The breathing of those present is labored.

"Divine Doctor Lin! What are you doing?" Sima Zang slammed the table and stood up.


Lin Yang turned to his profile and shouted.

"Mr. Lin!" Xu Tian lowered his head and said respectfully.

"If you want someone to get involved, shoot them!" Lin Yang said calmly.

"Yeah". Xu Tian bellowed, his voice echoing.

All the people of the Sima family were speechless.

However, they saw Lin Yang approaching and before the man could get up, he kicked him in the head.


There was a loud sound.

The man's head was instantly deformed and he crashed against the wall, falling unconscious on the spot.

But Lin Yang did not stop there, instead he picked up the solid wooden stool next to him and furiously punched the man's body.

Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang...

Breaking one, replacing it with another.

Wood splinters flew across the room.

And the man of the Sima family was directly beaten until he was bloody, without knowing his life.

All members of the Sima family watched with wide eyes.

Many of them were afraid and angry.

But no one dared to move.

After all, this environment... But all the gun muzzles were black!

Only then did Sima Zang understand that this Divine Doctor Lin was not broken. Rather, it was...


He was not reckless at all, but a real madman.

He had no fear of death, and he did not care how many people died, because he knew that his enemies were more afraid of death.

It was unknown how much time had passed, when Lin Yang stopped.

He had already destroyed six chairs.

And the Sima family man who was on the ground had long since stopped moving.

Blood filled the air...

Everyone's eyes were about to shine, and some even secretly clenched their fists in anger.

"Don't worry... He's not dead! I'm a doctor, my technique is very professional." Lin Yang took the handkerchief handed to him by the person next to him and exhaled, “The bones and tendons of his entire body have been cracked by me, so for the rest of his life, let him be a companion of Shuo Fang!” !"

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