Chapter 53 – Lian Chong

The moment Li Luo's voice reached his ears, a thousand thoughts ran through Yu Lang's mind, after all, in the current situation, closing his eyes would certainly give his opponent a chance to take advantage of him.


So, the moment that blinding light emerged, Yu Lang avoided the light stimulus and, relying on his previously remembered route, reached out and grabbed the ghost-faced fruit with one hand.


On the other hand, the figure who had attacked was startled by the sudden bright light, his eyes stung and his body speed involuntarily slowed down a bit.


The strong light appears at first and disappears quickly.


Yu Lang grabbed the ghost-faced fruit, and with a cold and stern gaze, a thin sword shot out from his sleeve, the power of Green Resonance surged out, causing the sound of wind breaking, and stabbing at the nearby figure without piety.




The man who had attacked understood at that moment that his punch had missed, and he immediately let out a cold snort as he threw out a fist, the force of the Yellow Resonance roaring out with a great force that collided directly with Yu Lang.


As the power of Resonance burst forth, the assaulting figure's body merely swayed, while on the contrary, Yu Lang's figure shot backwards and landed on the ground not far away.


And at the moment Yu Lang won, Li Luo and Zhao Gao also quickly moved out of the Ghost-Faced Vine Tree's attack range, and then rushed to Yu Lang's side, their eyes coldly staring at the figure in front of them.


"Heh, what a quick response, this wasn't even grabbed." The figure laughed weakly at the trio's icy gaze.


At that time he also revealed himself to be a tall and strong teenager, with short hair and a muscular body filled with a sense of brute strength, giving him a visually oppressive aura.


"Anyone from the Eastern Abyss School?" Zhao Gao saw the crystal plate on the other party's chest at a glance, and the school emblem there belonged to the Eastern Abyss School.


“It is Lian Chong of the Eastern Abyss Academy, he is the second rank student of the Eastern Abyss Academy, sixth grade Earth Resonance, eighth seal strength.” And Yu Lang was able to tell the identity of the other party as well as the information in a single sentence, not bad for someone who had compiled the information for the Grand Examination, and knew all the top students of the various university houses. .


Li Luo turned pale and said, "Do the people of the Eastern Abyss Academy like to steal so much? Their teaching philosophy, it is very troublesome."


"In the rules of the Grand Exam, it doesn't say that you can't steal oh." That Lian Chong smiled and said.


"It doesn't matter if you grab something, the key is to hide like a mole for half a day and still not grab it, that's a bit of a piss." Li Luo laughed.


The smile on Lian Chong's face faded, he had planned this sneak attack for a long time and originally thought that he would be able to capture it and taunt his opponent, but he did not expect that Li Luo would react so quickly and give a direct counterattack, making him miss. .


"Li Luo, I really underestimated you."


Lian Chong's gaze fell on Li Luo, and then he smiled lightly: "But this is just a small seasoning dish, you don't need to be proud of it."


"Are you still keeping an eye on me, for what you say?"


"It can't be helped, the boss let it slip that he didn't have time to greet you, so he asked us to have fun." Lian Chong said with a seemingly helpless smile.


"Shi Kon?" Li Luo pondered.


"There's no point in fighting you here now, after all, you can't win points here yet, I will come to you when we pass this level and start the elimination rounds." Lian Chong said.


Turning his gaze towards Zhao Gao, Yu Lang said: "You two, if you are smart enough, should separate from him before, the boss has made it known that everyone from my Eastern Abyss Academy is going to target him, just "They are asking for bad luck if they follow him."


"Fuck off".


Zhao Gao's eyes flashed as he cursed, "I'm dying for the dogs from Eastern Abyss Academy to come and give away points."


Yu Lang waved the fine sword in his hand and said with a thoughtful expression on his face: "Li Luo and I are life and death friends, our love is as deep as the sea, wanting me to leave him, unless ... Add money."


"Insensitive things, then it's up to you." Lian Chong shook his head and did not bother to say anything else, and with a movement of his figure, he walked into the depths of the Dark Forest.


"Add more or less, the minimum is to give a figure, you can still return the price if you really can't!" Yu Lang hurriedly said.


He still wanted to hunt down, but was stopped by Li Luo: "There is no need to waste time here, and in fact there is no point in doing so here, it's not like you can steal his points."


"Damn, that's arrogant." Yu Lang cursed, evidently still angry, he wasn't sure if he was angry at Lian Chong for trying to sneak up on him or at his opponent for refusing to even raise his price.


Zhao Gao looked at Li Luo and frowned: “Li Luo, if the people from that Eastern Abyss Academy really want to attack you then, let's go find others to counter them as well.”


The other side is clearly outmatched if they don't look for someone.


"No hurry, let's see first."


Li Luo seemed more relaxed, that Master Khon obviously didn't put too much in his eyes, so the task of cleaning him up was left to this Lian Chong and the others, only if the other party really wanted to do it, then he didn't really mind letting If the other party knew what it means to hit a dog with a bag of meat, there is no return.


Huh, no, I'm not a dog.


"Here, this time it's the harvest." At this moment, Yu Lang handed over the ghost face fruit in his hand.


"Let's give it to Zhao Gao first, he has taken the brunt." Li Luo laughed.


At this moment, there were still streaks of blood on Zhao Gao's torso, looking quite miserable, but they were only superficial wounds, and with his defense, he would soon be able to recover.


Zhao Gao smiled, but didn't say anything else, reached out and took the ghost face fruit, anyway, later he will help Li Luo, Yu Lang take another ghost face fruit.


He held the ghost-faced fruit, then crushed it, took out its core, squeezed it hard, and finally squeezed out a drop of green juice, which dripped onto the crystal plate on his chest and mixed together.


Then the points on the top of that crystal token jumped directly to one hundred.


"Let's move on to the second one." Li Luo said, before continuing to delve deeper with the two.


In the next hour, the trio found two ghost-faced devil vines again, and then continued as they had done, and this time there were no other interruptions, so the two ghost-faced fruits arrived without incident, and Li Luo and Yu Lang's base points also reached one hundred.


After reaching a base score of 100, it would be ineffective to continue capturing the ghost-faced fruit, so the three of them no longer stopped and directly began to travel at full speed in the direction of where the third elimination level was located.




At the foot of the White Spirit Mountain, above the huge crystal wall, the dots change and pulsate.


Countless eyes were focused on her and it was a hilarious sight to see.


On the leaderboard, it is still clear that the full points occupy the first row, with two hundred base points, and of them, they are led by Lu Qing'er, Shi Kon and others.


And the most striking thing, above the glass wall, are two mirrors that project very striking images.


The first was Lu Qing'er, who was standing playfully on the top of a ghost-faced devil vine tree, and at that moment, the incomparably painful vines of the devil vine tree were all frozen by the crystals of ice, with his long flowing hair and slender posture, coupled with that beautiful and clear face, at that moment, I don't know how many people appreciated the charm of this number one person of the South Wind School.


And that second image is of Shi Kon, holding a smiling, ghost-faced fruit, behind which is a demonic vine tree with black smoke and occasional lightning flashes above it.


These two, relying on their individual strength, defeated the Devil Vine Tree and seized the Ghost Face Fruit.


Their impressive track record has also earned them greater recognition, and everyone understands that the odds of first place in this year's Grand Exam lie between these two.


Cai Wei and Yan Lingqing did not pay too much attention to these images, their eyes were fixed on the scoreboard, and only after seeing that Li Luo's points had finally gone from zero to one hundred, did they breathe a sigh of relief.


Although this level of rating is only to obtain the base score, it would be too strange for Li Luo to actually enter with two zeros.


And as more and more participants took the Ghost Face Fruit by various means, the atmosphere here began to become more and more bustling, as everyone knew that the two levels of judging were just a pre-show to provide everyone with some base points to use in this next round of elimination.


So, when the elimination rounds begin, the big test officially opens.




At the White Spirit Mountain.


Li Luo, Yu Lang and Zhao Gao emerged from the dark forest and a stream appeared in front of them, on the other side of which was a complex terrain of rolling hills filled with trees and rocks.


The three men looked at each other and understood in their hearts that after crossing the stream, they would be on the field for the elimination round.


But they did not hesitate much and, as their Resonance power increased, their figures flashed and crossed the river several meters away, passing to the other side of the river and opening the elimination round of the Grand Exam.

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