Chapter 530 – The Golden Blood Tiger Show

Sima Zang's face was extremely gloomy, and his fists were clenched in a deathly manner.

His measures were only against his opponent, not against a madman!

Because to fight a madman, you can only fight to the death.

Lin Yang sat back down and poured himself a mouthful of tea, then looked towards Sima Zang: "Next, it's time for us to talk about business."

"Is this Divine Doctor Lin's attitude when it comes to business?" Sima Zang asked with an expressionless face.

"Don't worry, I have no intention of destroying you today, nor of killing you, as long as you can be more peaceful." Lin Yang said.

"Sit down? Hmph, Divine Doctor Lin, from the moment you touched my Sima family members, I am afraid that you and I will not be able to be at peace. Say it, what is the main matter." Sima Zang said coldly.

“No big deal, the reason I have invited you here is to inform you that as of today, our Yang Hua Group and your Sima Family are now united enemies!” Lin Yang said with a light-hearted tone.

Sima Zang's breathing became heavy.

"Now, from the moment you leave Jiangcheng, I will pour all my human, material and financial resources against the Sima Family, until it is overthrown, regardless of the dead." Lin Yang said.

The tone of his voice was calm, as if he were talking about a very ordinary matter.

However, everyone around him had an ugly and stunned look after hearing this.

Sima Zang remained silent.

Although he was convinced that Yang Hua was no match for the Sima Family, with the conference just around the corner, it would be extremely unwise to go to war with any of the family powers at this time.

He took a deep breath and said, "Divine Doctor Lin, why do we have to fight to the death, you have ruined my men and even Shuo Fang has not escaped from your poisonous hands and cannot live on his own since then. Do you really want them?" two of us be defeated? Die in a net?"

Lin Yang looked away and said nothing.

"I'm still saying the same thing as before, join forces! Hand over the Order of Heavenly Pride! What do you think?" Sima Zang said seriously.

"I'm not interested".

Lin Yang shook his head.

"Then what do you want?" Sima Zang was a little impatient.

"If you want this matter to end here, then take your people away from here now, and from now on, you and I will not cross the river in well water." Lin Yang said.

"Hahahahaha, Divine Doctor Lin, you are so naive, doesn't the well water interfere with the river water? Do you think it's possible?" Sima Zang stared and laughed: "Either you ally with me today and hand over the Order of Heavenly Pride, or you and I are mortal enemies, Divine Doctor Lin, I know that you are bold and a madman, but to say that we are mad, so is it." "We are, if we really want to fight, none of my Sima Family will be afraid!"

The voice landed on the ground, all the people of the Sima Family looked at Lin Yang, each with a fierce face, showing their attitude.

"I have already given the opportunity, since you are not willing, please come back." Lin Yang closed his eyes.

Sima Zang stood up abruptly.

"Divine Doctor Lin, are you sure?" He asked with narrowed eyes.

"What? Do I have to repeat that?" Lin Yang said in a hoarse voice.

The crowd was furious.

Zheng Anshan took a step forward.

"Young man, listen to some advice from my old man, by fighting you will never be a match for the Sima family, the inheritance of the Sima family is actually not as simple as you seem, you scrapping Sima Shuo will never break the bones of the Sima family, which It is said about the Sima family outside, it is all wrong, if you insist on fighting with the Sima family, the old self believes that only you will regret it, the Order of Heavenly Pride cannot keep him, hand him over and bow your head to the head of Sima family, you will be happy about this decision in the days to come!" Zheng Anshan advised.

He didn't have the slightest idea about Lin Yang.

Although the cruelty of this Divine Doctor Lin surprised him, but in this world, cruelty is not the only way to win, connections, financial power, Jianghu experience, etc., are all a reflection of strength.

This Lin is too young, how can he have all this?

But, Lin Yang was indifferent.

I ignore it.

"Good very good".

Sima Zang nodded his head angrily and shouted in a deep voice: "Elder Zheng, you should stop talking, such an arrogant person, I have never seen Sima Zang in my life, since he is going to die, don't stop him!"

"Oh!" Zheng Anshan shook his head with a sigh.

But he saw Sima Zang take out a red cloth with gold edges from his jacket pocket and put it on the table.

Seeing this piece of red cloth with golden edges, the members of the Sima family, as well as Zheng Anshan, who were at the scene, were stunned, their eyes widening as if they had seen something extremely incredible.

"Sima Zang!" Zheng Anshan exclaimed breathlessly.

"Elder Zheng, there is no need for you to advise me, without getting rid of this son, the prestige of the Sima Family will not survive! Divine Doctor Lin, goodbye! I hope that the next time we meet, you will remain this calm and collected" .

After saying this, Sima Zang turned around directly, causing the people to leave.

The group of people looked at Lin Yang evilly, and then clattered out of the gate of the villa.

However, Zheng Anshan did not leave, but looked at the red cloth edged with gold in a daze, with residual dismay on his face, as if he had seen something extremely incredible.

Xu Tian walked quickly and picked up the red cloth and looked at it for a few moments, but he could not see anything, but a male tiger design in the center of the cloth, which was displayed with gold thread.

"Your name is Xu Tian, right?" Zheng Anshan asked.

"Yeah". Xu Tian nodded his head.

Although he didn't know what the identity of this old man was, judging from Sima Zang's attitude towards him, he was certainly not a simple person.

"If you can, persuade Chief Lin to hurry up and take refuge abroad, if possible, it is not even useful to take refuge abroad, if not, then arrange the aftermath earlier." Zheng Anshan shook his head.

Hearing this, Xu Tian became angry and snorted coldly: "What do you mean by that, old man? Are you looking down on our Boss Lin?"

"Do you know what is it?" Zheng Anshan did not get angry and pointed to the red cloth with gold edges in Xu Tian's hand.

"What is this?" Xu Tian froze and asked.

"It's called the Golden Blood Tiger Show! It has been passed down from generation to generation in the Sima family, and historically, only the head of the Sima family could have it!" Zheng Anshan said.

"That?" Xu Tian was stunned and hurriedly asked, “If that is the case, why did Sima Zang put this item here?”

“He left this because he will personally retrieve it soon, because once this item is left here, it means that the Sima Family will do everything possible to eradicate them at any cost!” Zheng Anshan said in a hoarse voice.

When Xu Tian heard this, he was struck by lightning...

So... This was Sima Zang's blood oath! It was a war letter from the Sima family!

There is no rest until death! There is no rest until death!

Xu Tian's hands and feet instantly became cold and a chill rose from the soles of his feet and shot up to his head.

"I'm ready for this!" Lin Yang returned here.

"Ready? Naive, do you think that what you are facing is just a Sima family? You are wrong. Big mistake." Zheng Anshan shook his head and laughed coldly: “The moment Sima Zang brings this to light, his enemies will be more than just the Sima Family!”

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