Chapter 530 - Who are you?

The alchemy conference venue is located on the ground floor of the main hall, which is large enough to accommodate tens of thousands of people at the same time and is extremely magnificent and grand.


As the alchemy lecture was about to start, the attendees made their way to the venue one by one.


The venue is like a football field, with the center as the playing field and the seating area around it.


The number of alchemists who came to participate was over 300, which could be considered a gathering of all the alchemists of the Endless Domain.


The number of people in the place was over 5,000, all of them powerful people from the major regions of the Infinite Domain.


In the center of the enclosure, on the competition ground, there is also a high platform, which is the exclusive seating place of the person celebrating the competition.


The high platform was reserved for the three Tian Xianzi and Zhang Wu Feng, the highest status in the hall.


The powerful alchemists and the strongest members of the great powers were all sitting in the front row, Zhuge Liancheng and Mo Ling'er then sat in the front row, others could only sit in the back, and Feng Wushen was among them.


Nie Fengyun and the Divine Martial Patriarch, on the other hand, were sitting next to Feng Wushen in a respectful manner.


"A heavenly number? Hmph!" Mo Ling'er's face was smug as she cast a scornful glance at the few behind her, looking at the subordinates with a mocking intent that couldn't be more apparent.


Zhuge Liancheng also took a look at the few people from Feng Wushen, a hint of arrogance appearing on his face.


Zhuge Liancheng sent someone to inquire, but to no avail, and the reason was not asked.


Feng Wushen completely ignored him, as if he didn't see it, the alchemy lecture, no matter where you sit.


"Mo Ling'er really takes herself seriously." Liu Qingyang shook his head helplessly.


"He has some skills, that's for sure, he's just too arrogant." Beidou Tianye said nonchalantly.


What Beidou Tianye said was not far-fetched, if Mo Ling'er did not have some skills, how could she sit in the front row?


"Me? Isn't this the great heavenly number? Why are you sitting in the back? Aren't you supposed to sit in the front? It's not appropriate to sit in the back, right?"


"Wow, it's not very nice for the big man to sit in the back, is it?"


"For the bigwigs who have the heavenly name plate, hasn't anyone arranged for them to sit in the front? Do you want me to fix it for you?"


Seeing Feng Wushen and the others sitting in the back, the alchemists and cultivators who had problems with Feng Wushen and the others sneered, and no one put Feng Wushen and the others in their eyes.


"It's you guys again, are you done? Are you sick of living?" Liu Qingyang yelled in rage, his eyes filled with killing energy, he wanted to kill those people on the spot.


"What? You still dare to make a move?" A fourth grade alchemist asked with a cold smile.


"I dare not do it?! I even dare to kill you." Liu Qingyang became furious and urged his true essence to dodge at the first opportunity.






Liu Qingyang appeared in a strange flash and hit the fourth grade alchemist on the head with a single palm, and with a thunderous explosion, the terrifying force shook the alchemist's mouth and spat out blood.


Liu Qingyang struck or fiercely and the fourth grade alchemist died on the spot.


At that moment, the great hall fell silent.


Liu Qingyang really dared to kill someone!


Feng Wushen did not stop, already tacitly allowing Liu Qingyang to kill.


Everyone in attendance cast shocked looks, no one could believe that someone would dare to kill someone at the Alchemy Conference!


"Dammit, I've put up with you for a long time! Seek your own death." Liu Qingyang yelled angrily.


Liu Qingyang's angry shout broke the silence of the gathering.


"You... How dare you kill an alchemist at an alchemy convention?"


"Bastard! How dare you! How dare you kill an alchemist?! Go and report to Master Dan Tian Xianzi!"


"How dare you kill an alchemist at an alchemy convention? This is an insult to Master Dan Tian Xianzi! I will watch some of you die."


As the silence was broken, all of the alchemists and powerhouses surrounding Feng Wushen boiled, screaming in a torrent of anger.


"How ungrateful! How dare you kill an alchemist?" Mo Ling'er stared coldly, her face filled with contempt.


"Cut the shit out of them, kill them now!" A fifth grade alchemist yelled angrily and, with a push of his true essence, launched his palm towards Liu Qingyang.






Feng Wushen's face was cold as he reached out and grabbed it through the air, and that fifth grade alchemist's entire body burst into flames as he screamed in fear.


"Fire poison!"


The crowd broke out in a cold sweat and everyone retreated in fright.


"What are you?" Feng Wushen said in a morose tone, a bitter murderous aura permeating the air.


Feng Wushen had also become intolerant. These people had repeatedly provoked and mocked and angered Feng Wushen.


Feng Wushen took out all the fire poison that was in that fifth grade alchemist's body, and black smoke billowed out, devouring him wildly.


In a few moments, the fifth grade alchemist was cleanly consumed by the fire poison, leaving no trace of him.


The entire room fell silent again, the faces of the crowd were written with horror.


The alchemist was burned to death by his own fiery poison!


Feng Wushen killed when he said he would, without hesitation and in extremely cold blood!


"Brother Feng! Good kill!" Liu Qingyang said in relief.


Awesome! Incredibly impressive!


The alchemists present had never seen such a terrifying fire poison!


They didn't know why that fifth grade alchemist's fire poison had suddenly shot up like crazy, but they did know that it had something to do with Feng Wushen!


A single hit could easily kill a fifth grade alchemist, what kind of terrifying tactic was this?




The crowd swallowed in horror and cold sweat.


The alchemists and powerful people who had been looking for trouble with Feng Wushen before were all scared at this moment.


The many powerful alchemists in the field, such as Han Kun, were so frightened by that scene that they broke out in cold sweat and trembled, they simply couldn't believe the image of the fire poison devouring them like mad.


Mo Ling'er and Zhuge Liancheng and the others froze. Liu Qingyang could be called arrogant for killing someone, but Feng Wushen then killed another alchemist, what was this?


This gave the crowd the feeling that Feng Wushen and the others were not taking the Alchemy Conference seriously and had no regard for Tian Xianzi at all.


With an icy gaze that swept over to the other alchemists, Feng Wushen said morosely, “Everyone has a bottom line, and for you to challenge my bottom line again and again is to seek death!”


Feng Wushen wouldn't have wanted to take it personally, but some people like to be killed, and Feng Wushen can't help it.


"Who are you? How dare you be so arrogant as to kill an alchemist here!?" At this time, a powerful man of great power asked in a deep voice, walking step by step.


The visitor was a sixth grade alchemist, but Feng Wushen had not yet entered his eyes.


"None of your business, so stay out!" Feng Wushen said coldly, casting an icy look at that sixth grade alchemist.


"Elder Wang! Quickly, kill this child!!"


"It's just lawless! How dare they kill an alchemist at an alchemy convention?"


"He's arrogant! Too arrogant! He just doesn't take us alchemists into account."


Many fourth and fifth grade alchemists shouted in anger, the feeling of being insulted spreading throughout their entire body, making them tremble with rage.


Elder Wang glared at Feng Wushen, his bitter murderous aura surging as he said sadly, “I will never tolerate such wrongdoing from you! This is the Alchemy Conference, a holy place for every alchemist, not a place for you freak out!"






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