Chapter 531 - I never had them in mind

"Although the Sima Family is not yet considered a first-class family in Yanjing, the depth of its heritage is not something that ordinary people dare to underestimate. This Golden Blood Tiger Show is a display of the head of the family, but it is not only a display, but also a testimony of the friendship between the Sima Family and the major families of Yanjing… Look at the back of that Golden Blood Tiger Show!” Zheng Anshan said.

Xu Tian immediately spread out the blood cloth and stared at the back of the majestic tiger on it. "There are some tiger stripes here, but... It's only half the show."

"How many lines are there?"


"Yes, this means that there are three families in Yanjing that are not weaker than the Sima Family and are allied with the Sima Family, furthermore, it is not an ordinary alliance, most likely they have exchanged marriages and have a close relationship, these tiger stripes are the witness, equivalent to taking a blood oath, the Golden Blood Tiger Show is placed here, it means that these three families will also do their best to help the Sima Family against you! Help the Sima family to recover the Golden Blood Tiger Show!"

Xu Tian was shaking and could no longer speak.

" You Yang Hua Group can resist one Sima Family, but can you resist four Sima Families?" Zheng Anshan snorted coldly.

Xu Tianzhang almost didn't sit still and hurriedly grabbed onto the table.

"But if Dr. Lin is willing to take the entire Yang Hua Group and surrender to the Sima Family, and if I personally go to the Sima Family's door to kneel and apologize, there may still be a chance, and if you have luck, they could save their lives."

With these words, Zheng Anshan threw out his hand and turned to leave.

Xu Tian stood stunned in his spot.

It took him half a ring before he came back to reality.

“Boss Lin…” Xu Tian opened his mouth: “We… What should we do now…”

"Xu Tian, what chance do you think we have of winning?" Lin Yang asked.

"It... It may not even be one percent..."

Xu Tian swallowed and said.

A Sima family was fine, the current Yang Hua was not weak, and with the Xuan Medical School Academy, plus all the contacts, it was not in vain to deal with the Sima family.

But there are three other families that are not weaker than the Sima family!

It is only feared that his connections are throughout the country.

Their financial resources are so limited that they could open an international bank.

Although Yang Hua is growing rapidly and has unlimited potential, it is only a new company that has been developing for two years, so how can it cope with those well-established families?

"So, are you afraid?" Lin Yang asked again.

Xu Tian staggered for a moment and did not respond.

"This time, when dealing with the Sima Family, your Xu Family must not be involved, I will take care of it." said Lin Yang as he gently knocked on the table.

Xu Tian's face changed in horror and he immediately bowed: "Boss Lin, I didn't mean that, how could we, Xu Tian, be afraid? If it weren't for Boss Lin, how would our Xu family be here today? Xu Tian will do everything in his power, and will never frown if he has to go to the fire or the sword!"

"Xu Tian, you have already let me down once, I hope you won't let me down again, as for the Sima Family, I have never put it in my eyes, give me a cell phone." Lin Yang said.


Xu Tian was busy handing over the phone, but in his heart he was confused.

Did Boss Lin really not put the Sima family in his eyes?

Did he have some kind of killer?

But even if he could deal with the Sima family, what about the remaining three families? Could I just ignore them all?

Xu Tian wanted to ask, but he didn't dare, so he could only wait on the sidelines.

Lin Yang dialed a number.

A few moments later, the call was answered.

"Mr. Lin, I didn't expect you to call me, can I ask what's wrong?" On the other end of the phone was a female voice that seemed very excited.

"I received the Golden Blood Tiger Show from Sima Zang, the master of the Sima family." Lin Yang said.

"What? The golden blood tiger show?" The woman over there stood in shock and gaped for half a second before crying, “Mr. Lin, did you… How did you receive the Golden Blood Tiger Show?”

He had long heard about the matter between Divine Doctor Lin and the Sima Family, but he did not expect that Lin Yang's relationship with the Sima Family had reached such a bad level.

"The Order of Heavenly Pride!" Lin Yang said.

The woman remained silent.

A moment later, he sighed and said in a low voice: "Divine Doctor Lin, if Sima Zang had used the Golden Blood Tiger Show, I'm afraid... Our Xia family will not be able to help you either, even if you saved Grandpa and he saved you." I appreciate it, but... There's no way Grandpa would use the entire family to help you and fight those families, that would only leave our Xia family broken and torn! Even if he wanted to help you, the family would definitely not agree. .. I'm sorry..."

"I don't need your Xia Family's help, I just need you to do me a favor!" Without waiting for the woman, also known as Xia Youlan, to finish her sentence, Lin Yang interrupted her directly.

"A favor?" Xia Youlan was stunned: "What kind of favor?"

"Do you know which three families are the remaining ones, apart from the Sima family?"

"The Qiao family, the Duan family, and the Meng family! What's wrong?"

"Tell all the families in Yanjing, but if anyone can help me fight these four families, I will provide them with a pill to prolong life for 10 years, and if anyone can help me destroy a family, I will present them with a pill comparable to the ' Brain Stroke Remedy 'Rhinitis Remedy', and it will be an exclusive copy! I, the Yang Hua Group, will not produce such recipes! Do you hear me clearly?" Lin Yang said indifferently.

As soon as these words fell, Xia Youlan on the other end of the phone almost didn't sit still, the person's mouth was wide open, and his heart was about to jump out of his throat.

A drug to prolong life for 10 years?

A recipe comparable to a stroke?

These... These were all rare treasures.

He came back to his senses and asked with a trembling voice, "Divine Doctor Lin, are you...? Is what you said true? Do you really have a pill to extend your life by 10 years?"

"Do it, I will give your grandfather a pill, if anyone doesn't believe me, they can see how your grandfather looks after taking the pill, if they don't believe me again, they can go to the hospital for a checkup after taking the pill, The medical data does not lie. Lin Yang said.

Xia Youlan's brain was about to explode.

“Lin… Mr. Lin… Please give me some time, I will go to Grandpa right away and discuss it with him.” He breathed several times in a row and said.

"If it's decided, do as I say! Your grandfather will agree, after all, he may not have many years to live." Lin Yang said calmly.

Xia Youlan's body trembled, and then she whispered: "Okay, Mr. Lin, I will send you a message later..."

"That is!" Lin Yang suddenly shouted again.

"Does Mr. Lin have any more orders?"

"If your grandfather decides, remember to send this matter of mine with a low profile, just let those family members know, tell them not to spread the word, besides, I don't want the Sima family and the other three families to find out." of this, tell everyone in the know to keep it a secret!"

Xia Youlan was a little confused, but still nodded seriously, "No problem!"

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