Chapter 532 - But a doctor by trade

A few BMW business cars headed towards the Sima family.

In the car.

Sima Zang's face was gloomy and his eyes were especially cold.

"Has the person been notified?" Sima Zang stared.

Uncle Zhong, who was driving, said with a sidelong glance: "Family head, everyone has been notified, they are already rushing here."

"Very well, prepare the tea immediately."

"Yes, Family Head!"

Sima Zang looked to the side: "Let Elder Zheng join us for a cup of tea too."

"Sima Zang, is it necessary to make such a fuss? The congress is just around the corner, if you fight with Yang Hua here, I'm afraid it will only affect the congress!" Zheng Anshan said after a moment of hesitation.

“Elder Zheng, I am not afraid to tell you, no matter whether Divine Doctor Lin hands me the Order of Heavenly Pride today or not, I will eliminate the Yang Hua Group, including everyone around Divine Doctor Lin who is involved with him! !"

"Because?" Zheng Anshan asked unexpectedly.

"Because he has provoked my Sima family!" Sima Zang said coldly.

"That is..."

“Elder Zheng, word has already spread about what happened in Shuo Fang, right?”

"Paper can't cover the fire, the entire Yanjing has long since spread, even though your Sima family has tried their best to cover it! I took him to seek medical treatment, and they also asked about it. Your Sima family has been visited by people who have been looking for confirmation of this matter for a long time, right?" Zheng Anshan said.

"Of course! Shuo Fang is the first genius of my Sima Family, a person on the Heavenly Pride List, a star in the eyes of many people, but he was wasted, and it was a blow to my Sima Family's face, and now our Sima Family has been reduced to the laughing stock of the entire Yanjing people, and to restore the prestige of the Sima Family, there is absolutely no second way to go but to destroy Yang Hua and eradicate Divine Doctor Lin, so even "If Divine Doctor Lin cooperates with me, after the conference is over, he will still be dead! The only difference is that after cooperating with me, he will have a slightly better death." Sima Zang said coldly.

"So you're using Yang Hua to establish your authority..." Zheng Anshan drew back a breath and said with concern, "Just like that, things are going to fall into place? I heard that Yang Hua might have a problem." little of that kind of background, some of their pharmaceutical factories, you can often see those kind of cars coming and going, if you really want to move, you still have to pay attention to the above..."

"Master Zheng!" Without waiting for Zheng Anshan to finish his sentence, Sima Zang interrupted him and said seriously, “In terms of connections, do you think our four families are not as good as a Jianghu Langzhong in Jiangcheng?”

Zheng Anshan was silent.


This divine Doctor Lin was, in fact, considered a doctor from Jianghu!

But that... He wasn't a normal Jianghu doctor...

Half an hour later, several luxury cars stopped at the gate of Sima Zang.

Then, a group of well-dressed and expensive-looking men and women entered the villa.

Sima Zang put on the tea, the three family heads lit their cigarettes, and Zheng Anshan sat next to him, his eyes closed.

"Confirmed?" Asked a man with a head full of centimeters who looked to be over fifty years old.

"It is confirmed". Sima Zang nodded his head.


"Yang Hua, the Xuan Medical School, and the contacts in the hands of Divine Doctor Lin!"

"Then I will take care of Yang Hua." The head of the Qiao family sank.

"I will be in charge of the Xuan Medical School, the thing is that my Meng Family is also a medical family, and I have long wanted to see what the people of the Xuan Medical School can do, and this time it is just!" to see if that Divine Doctor Lin is a guy with an empty reputation!" The head of the Meng family said with a smile as he flicked the ash off his cigarette.

"Doctor Lin's connections are better treated, we have to find out which ones he has and warn them first, with the deterrent power of our four families, no one should be willing to antagonize us! If there really is some unenlightened one who wants to call our bluff , let's show him how good we are!" The head of the Duan family laughed.

"Very good! It's decided, everyone go to prepare immediately, the Golden Blood Tiger Show has been sent, I believe it will soon spread throughout Yanjing and even the country, how many eyes are watching it, we can't let them others look at it as a joke!" Sima Zang said soberly.

"Don't worry, he's just a charlatan, what's there to fear?" The head of the Qiao family laughed.

"But having said that, you should all be careful, the conference is just around the corner, don't reveal our cards too much, otherwise, if our adversaries get an idea of us, the situation will be unfavorable!" The head of the Duan family said.

"Then we have to hide something!" The head of the Qiao family said.

"No! Let's not hide." Sima Zang stopped immediately.

The three men looked at him in unison.

"Give me the most domineering means, the most furious attack, and level Yang Hua!"

"Because?" The head of the Meng family asked with a frown.

"Because there are countless pairs of eyes on us now, if we don't resolve Yang Hua sharply, this face, it won't hold up!" Sima Zang said in a hoarse voice.

The three remained silent.

A moment later, the Qiao family head stood up.

"When are we going to start doing it?"

“If Divine Doctor Lin does not come to the gates of my Sima Family to bow in thanks by today, then after midnight, we will begin to do so!” Sima Zang closed his eyes.

"If you wanted to kowtow, you would have already done so! This scum is clearly trying to call our bluff, so it looks like we can prepare."

"I'll get the contacts! Let's start by sending a hundred men to Rio City tonight!"

"The stock market tomorrow should be interesting"

"More than the bag, I think Doctor Lin's expression will be even more interesting!"


Laughter echoed in the meeting room.

Zheng Anshan, who had his eyes closed next to him, opened his eyes slightly, smiled weakly, and muttered to himself.

"It's a shame that a good seed, if he was willing to endure a few years, would have been a figure in the party..."



Xia family, a Volkswagen car stopped at the entrance.

A woman walked in with a trembling old man.

A moment later, Xia Kai, the head of the Xia family, quickly ran out with Xia Youlan and the others.

“Elder Zhang? What brings you here? Fast fast fast! Please come in."

Xia Kai trotted forward and personally helped the old man in.

For the head of the Xia family to personally come out to welcome him and even help him, it was clear that this old man was extraordinary.

"Xiao Kai, where is your father?" The old man raised his sunken eyes and asked Xia Kai.

"Quickly, go report to the old man!" Xia Kai hurriedly shouted.

Xia Youlan immediately ran down.

A moment later, laughter came from the inner hall.

"Hahahaha, old Zhang, I didn't expect you to have time to come to my house, you can still walk with your old bones, a miracle, hahaha..." Xia Guohai greeted him with a big smile.

“Guohai, please forgive me for intruding…” The old man, Zhang Shihe, nodded slightly and said.

"Hey, Elder Zhang, why are you being so polite? Don't you treat me like a brother anymore?" Xia Guohai laughed.

"Guohai, let's talk about old times later, today I came to ask for proof of something!" Zhang Shihe said.

"What does it matter what you say!" Xia Guohai said boldly.

"Guohai, let me ask you, do you... do you really have a medicine on hand that can extend your life by 10 years?" Elder Zhang Shihe stared at Xia Guohai and asked seriously.

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