Chapter 533 - Cold Blooded and Heartless

"This is the end..."


The crowd in the meeting room was terrified to the core.


The respectful address of Tian Xianzi and the four Zhang Wu Feng could be said to have scared the crowd.


The word Emperor Dan seemed to carry a monstrous amount of energy that weighed down on the crowd.


The venue was abuzz with excitement.


"Who the hell is he? To be able to make Tian Xianzi and Zhang Wu Feng so respectful!" The Zhuge Family Master's heart became more and more curious and scared.


Other than him, some high-grade alchemists and powerful people from the great powers were also very curious.


They had never seen any junior who could scare Tian Xiaozi and Zhang Wufeng with such respect.


"Rest in peace, Emperor Dan." Tian Xianzi hastened to say respectfully, hating in his heart that he could kill everyone present.


It wasn't long before someone offended Feng Wushen, whom they had managed to beg to agree to teach.


Tian Xianzi was very concerned that Feng Wushen would leave in a fit of rage, in which case they would not be able to count on Feng Wushen to guide them in alchemy.


At this moment, no matter what had happened, even if it was Feng Wushen's fault, Tian Xianzi and the others would still agree with Feng Wushen.


"Dan Emperor, what happened?" Zhang Wufeng asked respectfully.


"A small matter, give me the list of the fifth floor of the Immortal Sea building." Feng Wushen spoke coldly.


The moment they heard it, all of the alchemists and powerful people who were on the fifth floor of the Immortal Sea Building at that moment had their hearts raced and their guts ruptured in utter fear.


A creepy and terrifying atmosphere permeated the room, no one dared to speak, and a cold sweat broke out behind everyone.


"Bring the list!" Tian Xianzi coldly yelled, his fierce gaze sweeping the crowd once more.


A lady-in-waiting quickly brought a list of names and respectfully said, "The names of the two murdered are crossed out."


Tian Xiaozi respectfully handed the list over to Feng Wushen.


“The alchemists who were on the fifth floor of the Immortal Sea Building at that time, except for Nie Fengyun, the second elder of the Heavenly Dao Sect, the Great Elder of the Divine Martial Sect, the Great Elder of the Jiang Family, and the Ge Family… All other alchemists are disqualified.” Feng Wushen said nonchalantly.


"Suppress rating?" Hearing this, the faces of the dozen or so alchemists on the fifth floor changed drastically.


"Exactly! Abolish the rating." Feng Wushen said nonchalantly, his icy gaze turning to those alchemists.


Looking at Feng Wushen's imposing appearance, Mo Ling'er's pale and pretty face was extremely ugly, and her heart was extremely resigned.


The years of hard work he had put in to get to where he is now is enough to leave many others behind.


But, what Mo Ling'er never expected was that her efforts of the past few years were not worth mentioning in front of Feng Wushen.


The terrifying status displayed by Feng Wushen is beyond the reach of even the Zhuge family, let alone her.


Thinking of her previous insults to Feng Wushen, who had completely mocked her on the spot, Mo Ling'er only felt that she had lost all of her face, while the resentment towards Feng Wushen in her heart grew more and more.


"Everyone with an opinion stands out." Liu Qingyang smiled weakly and coldly.


At that time on the fifth floor of the Immortal Sea Tower, aside from Nie Fengyun and the head of the Jiang family, the rest of the alchemists and powerful people had badmouthed Feng Wushen and the rest of them, and over and over again. time.


"I'm not convinced! The Alchemy Conference was organized by Senior Tian Xianzi, who are you to abolish our qualifications?" An old man who was a fourth-grade alchemist couldn't help but ask angrily, his old face incomparably gloomy.


"This is an alchemy convention! This is not a place for you to strut around." Another alchemist yelled angrily.


“Senior Tian Xianzi, you held the alchemy conference, we stared at each other like a senior, an eighth grade alchemist, we only came to learn, but never to suffer, how can you allow this boy to humiliate us here?” A fifth grade alchemist said angrily, Feng Wushen's approach made him extremely unhappy.


Tian Xianzi said coldly: "Feel wronged, lose yourself!"


Tian Xianzi was indifferent and did not show his face.


These alchemists considered themselves to be arrogant, so how could Tian Xianzi offend Feng Wushen because of him?


Tian Xianzi's reply instantly froze the dozen alchemists.


"Good! Very good! Tian Xianzi, don't think that just because you are an eighth grade alchemist, we have to be insulted by this boy, since you are defending him, then I will leave!" A fifth grade alchemist said angrily, angrily throwing off his sleeved robe and turning to leave.


"Starting today, the fifth grade alchemist Zhou Gao Ran will no longer be able to participate in any Alchemy Conference in the Infinite Domain!" Tian Xianzi spoke coldly, everything depended on him in the Endless Domain Alchemy World.


"Any alchemist here, if he feels wronged, he can leave at any time, and I will never stop him." Tian Xianzi said morosely, not even looking at the departing fifth grade alchemist.






The fifth grade alchemist, who had just walked out of the compound, suddenly let out a violent scream as his entire body was engulfed in flames and black smoke billowed out.


A few moments later, the fifth grade alchemist flew into ashes.


Feng Wushen attacked with cold blood and no mercy.


No one in the room dared to speak, nor did any alchemist come out.


"Those whose names are read aloud stand out to me."

Feng Wushen then said coldly, before reading the names one by one.


One by one, those whose names were read by Feng Wushen introduced themselves.


They were quite a few, more than thirty.


An icy gaze swept over these men, frightening them to the point that their bodies trembled as if they had fallen into an ice cellar.


“On the fifth floor of the Immortal Sea Building, did I and some of my kind offend you?” Feng Wushen asked in a morose tone.


More than thirty people simultaneously shook their heads in horror, and no one dared to speak.


"Where did they get the idea that me and some of my friends are not qualified? Or is it that they are proud of their high alchemy realm and don't put anyone in their crosshairs?" Feng Wushen nonchalantly asked again.


Dozens of people fell silent, not daring to look up or speak.


"Come and tell me from where you see that we are not trained." Feng Wushen pointed at a fourth grade alchemist, with a completely subservient commanding tone.


"I... I..." The fourth grade alchemist was filled with fear and stuttered for half a day.






With a wave of Feng Wushen's hand, that fourth grade alchemist's entire body turned into blazing fire, black smoke billowing out as the fire poison consumed him, causing him to let out a pig-killing scream.


Within moments, that fourth grade alchemist was cleanly consumed by his own fiery poison and died in a cloud of dust.


The ferocity of the tactic again surprised the entire public.


Tian Xianzi and the other two seventh grade alchemists gaped at this, it was the first time they had seen this terrifying tactic from Feng Wushen.


Zhang Wufeng had also not told them that Feng Wushen was capable of controlling fire poison.


"You tell me". An icy gaze was directed at a strongman of the fifth level of the Heavenly Human Realm.


Killing an alchemist with a wave of his hand, Feng Wushen did not even raise an eyebrow.


"I don't know, I don't know, don't kill me, don't kill me!" The strongest person of the fifth level of the Heavenly Human Realm knelt down and bowed in fear.






In an instant, Feng Wushen made an instant move and magically and strangely appeared in front of the man, slamming his palm mercilessly into the man's heavenly head, and the man spat out a mouthful of blood and died on the spot.


A strong man from the fifth level of the Heavenly Human Realm was slapped to death by Feng Wushen!




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