Chapter 533 – You can save him!

Xia Guohai froze, then smiled bitterly: "It seems that you are the only one who believes it, brother!"

"What? Has word of this matter spread?" Zhang Shihe asked.

"Yes, I have secretly spread the news to many figures in the Yanjing family, but the vast majority do not believe me and think I am crazy." Xia Guohai said helplessly.

"So, Guohai, do you have this medicine or not?" Zhang Shihe asked again.

"Do you want this medicine?"

Zhang Shihe sighed and said hoarsely: "Of course I want it, I won't lie, brother, I'm already seriously ill!"

Xia Guohai's face changed instantly: "Brother, what do you mean by that?"

"Guohai, I am too old, too old! My organs are failing, the heart, liver, spleen and lungs are not in good condition, the doctor has said that I only have less than six months to live, maybe After a while, I won’t even be able to touch the ground…” Zhang Shihe shook his head and sighed.

"It's like that... Years push people to grow old! You're over eighty, right?" Xia Guohai sighed.

"It's actually almost enough to live to this age, but our Zhang family... We can't do without me! Without Jianzhong, the Zhang family has no backbone, and the family is in a state of flux, so we can't "I can leave now. That's why I must live a few more years, so that when Hua is old enough, I can hand over the family business to him, so he can die in peace! If I let go now, the Zhang family will collapse!" Zhang Shihe's eyes were cloudy and his voice was hoarse.

The young woman holding him next to her was secretly wiping her tears.

Xia Guohai sighed again.

Zhang Shihe's son Zhang Jianzhong passed away from cancer a few years ago, this is known, although the Zhang family in Yanjing influence is huge, but the family has always been a single lineage, Zhang Jianzhong gone, Zhang Shihe can only drag his aging body, recover control of the Zhang family, he can only wait for his grandson Zhang Hua to grow up.

But... Can the old man in this state still last a few years?

Let alone a few years, whether he can survive this year is anyone's guess...

"Guohai, to be honest, I don't believe in your medicine, for any reason to increase life expectancy by ten years, no one will believe it, but the old man I have no choice!" Zhang Shihe said.

"So, do you want to try it?" Xia Guohai asked.

"The old man is not afraid of death, but he is still worried about the Zhang family."

"Cheng, if you want to try, I can give it to you, but you have to know the rules, right?"

"I know, but I want to try the medicine, if it doesn't work, I won't follow the rules, if not, wouldn't I be making a big enemy for my Zhang family for no reason?"

"If that's the case, brother, then please come back, Divine Doctor Lin has said in advance, if you don't believe me, you can't give the medicine first!" Xia Guohai shook his head and said.

When Zhang Shihe heard this, his old eyebrows knitted: "Guohai, when have you listened to such a prudish boy like this?"

"This boy saved my life!"

"Is that why your Xia family is willing to serve him?"

"No." Xia Guohai shook his head: "There is another reason!"

"What reason?"

"I took the medicine he gave me."

Zhang Shihe's pupils rose.

"How did it work?" He asked busily.

"Don't know". Xia Guohai shook his head: "But I can clearly feel a noticeable change in my body, I feel that my strength has become greater, my reactions are faster, my breathing is smoother, and everything is fine."

"Guohai, did it never occur to you that this was just a scam by Dr. Lin? A ten-year increase in life expectancy? Who can know how long they have lived? Those who live ten years think it is the work of the God Doctor Lin, and those who die tomorrow, how can they go after God Doctor Lin? Guo Hai, don't you think this is child's play?" Zhang Shihe said soberly.

"Brother, you don't have to set me up, like I said, I don't know how effective this medicine really is, I can only tell you that Divine Doctor Lin has saved my life, so I will believe in him, as for you, if you believe in it, then follow the rules, if not, come back. Xia Guohai got straight to the point.

Zhang Shihe's old eyes stared at Xia Guohai, without saying a word.

In fact, he didn't know that Xia Guohai had taken the medicine just a few hours ago, and in these few hours, how could he see any effect?

"Grandpa... How about... Let's try it?" The woman next to him couldn't help but advise him.

"Girl, if that medicine really works, then offending the Sima family is an offense, at least our Zhang family can breathe for a few years until Hua grows up, but I'm afraid... But I'm afraid... this person is offended, medicine is useless!" Zhang Shihe sighed.

This was also one of his biggest concerns when coming here.

"But Grandpa, do we have any choice now?" the woman asked, wiping tears from her eyes.

This statement immediately left Zhang Shihe speechless.

He stay quiet.

He tilted his head, thoughtful.

But at this moment, Zhang Shihe suddenly coughed violently, and his entire old face suddenly became extremely pale.

"Cough, cough, cough, cough..."

The violent cough caused Zhang Shihe to stagger on his feet, and his entire body curved downwards, almost falling to the ground.

The woman was horrified: "Grandpa! What's wrong, grandpa?"

"Brother, are you okay? Hurry! Go and call a doctor." Xia Guohai hurriedly shouted.

Xia Yulan hurriedly called a doctor.

But at this moment, Zhang Shihe opened his mouth violently and spat out a large mouthful of blood in one go, followed by his entire body collapsing to the ground, his breathing becoming incomparably weak and his pupils loosening…

"Grandfather!" The woman screamed in pain.

A few moments later, the Xia family doctor came running with a toolbox and immediately administered first aid to Zhang Shihe.

But after a burst of resuscitation, the doctor was also exhausted.

"Doctor, what's wrong with my grandfather?" The woman asked urgently.

"Miss, Master Xia, Master Zhang's body has aged very poorly now because he did not take care of it when he was young, just now he might have broken a blood vessel due to poor circulation of qi and blood, the situation is very bad, it is It's better to run to the hospital, but I think that even if we send him to the hospital..." The doctor wanted to say something, but stopped.

People's faces changed a lot.

Who had thought that Zhang Shihe's condition had reached such a serious state...

"Get a car right away! Hurry." Xia Youlan screamed.

The Xia family was in trouble.

All the Zhang family members accompanying them had sad faces and were in pain.

Xia Guohai sighed repeatedly.

But at this moment, the woman suddenly knelt in front of Xia Guohai and screamed in pain: "Grandpa Xia! Grandpa Xia, please save my grandfather! I'm begging you."

"How can I save him, girl?" Xia Guohai was also anxious.

"You can save him! Grandpa Xia, please take out the divine elixir that Divine Doctor Lin gave you to save my grandfather, we, the Zhang family, are willing to do whatever Divine Doctor Lin wants!" The woman cried.

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