Chapter 534 - Mo Ling'er's Shock

A ruthless and cold-blooded tactic that scares everyone.


For every question that Feng Wushen asks, if one does not answer, one is destined to die.


Feng Wushen asked them one by one, very patiently, but the one who couldn't answer must die.


More than ten minutes into the line, six people had died.


"Now it's your turn to tell me." Feng Wushen looked at a fifth grade alchemist and said, “As a fifth grade alchemist, your eyesight should be a bit better, so tell me where you can tell that we are unqualified.”


“I… I tell Emperor Dan… I say…” The fifth grade alchemist had a scared face and trembled, unable to catch his breath.


"Take your time, there's no need to rush, I have plenty of time." Feng Wushen said nonchalantly.


"I shouldn't look at people with dog eyes, the fifth floor of the Immortal Sea Tower is only for alchemists and strong people of a certain status to go up there, I saw that Emperor Dan is young and he is not an alchemist, that's why ..." The fifth grade alchemist responded in horror.


"So that's it." Feng Wushen nodded.


However, Feng Wushen didn't make a move, and that alchemist couldn't help but sigh with relief in his heart, having dodged the death scythe, so to speak.


"Hmph! You also know how to look at people with dog eyes, thinking that just because you're a fifth grade alchemist you're great." Liu Qingyang was filled with contempt.


The alchemist said in horror: "I know I'm wrong, I shouldn't have looked down on others, I hope Emperor Dan will forgive me!"


With a playful look, Liu Qingyang sneered and asked: "Who was it that said that we came to make trouble and spill the beans? Who will tell us?"


Each question asked was the moment they feared the most; not answering would mean death.


"Speak you!" Feng Wushen appointed a fourth grade alchemist.


Seeing Feng Wushen's hand pointing at him, that alchemist was instantly frightened and fell to his knees, begging for mercy in terror: "Emperor Dan, spare my life! I didn't say that, I really didn't say that, I can swear I didn't speak in Absolutely at that time, I hope Emperor Dan can appreciate that."


"Good then! Then you speak, I remember that it was you who spoke first." Feng Wushen hurried to look at the other alchemist.


" Emperor Dan spare my life, I thought at that time that Emperor Dan was mixed up, and I did not know the identity of Emperor Dan, so I rushed with Emperor Dan." The alchemist knelt down in fear.


"Mixed? Do you mean that those responsible for the alchemy conference are all blind?" Feng Wushen asked in a cold voice, his tone intensifying a few notches.


"Isn't that what I meant!" The alchemist shook his head in a panic, then said to Tian Xianzi, “Senior Tian Xianzi, we would never dare to question the meaning of the head of the alchemy conference.”






Feng Wushen waved his hand without hesitation and that alchemist burst into blazing fire, screaming in horror, before finally being burned alive and extinguished in ashes.


Seeing the image of the alchemist burned alive by the fire poison, no one could suppress the fear in their hearts.


As time passed, Feng Wushen asked questions one by one, and except for one individual alchemist, the rest were killed whether they answered or not.


Throughout, Tian Yao Zi and Zhang Wu Feng did not say a word, merely acting as bystanders.


can be said to have shown everyone present just how fierce he could be.


"By now everyone should understand that my patience is limited, these people have spoken badly and insulted me repeatedly, so which of you has a problem with me killing them?" Feng Wushen asked nonchalantly.


Who dares to comment? Don't you want to die?


Even if Feng Wushen had taken the initiative to provoke and insult these alchemists, and ended up killing them, none of those present would have dared to have a problem with it.


After a series of questions, the crowd finally understood that it wasn't that Feng Wushen and the others were wild, but that these alchemists thought highly of themselves and looked at others with dog eyes.


Seeing the young age of Feng Wushen and the others, they were hurting people with their words, trying to use them to increase their presence.


"Han Kun, clean up this ash." Feng Wushen spoke.


"Yes! Temple Master." Han Kun nodded respectfully.


Once again, Han Kun's response caused great shock in the hearts of the crowd.


Han Kun addressed Feng Wushen as a Temple Master!


Han Kun was known as the strongest Sixth Grade Alchemist in the Infinite Domain, and he had the highest hope of ever becoming a Seventh Grade Alchemist, his status was already enough to be on par with a Seventh Grade Alchemist!


Such a powerful alchemist was actually under the ministry of Feng Wushen!


At that moment, the crowd felt as if the sky had risen.


First Tian Xianzi and Zhang Wu Feng and the others were extremely respectful, and now it was Han Kun's turn, all of which made them feel like they were hallucinating and unable to accept it.


"That problem is solved! There are still some problems below." Feng Wushen said nonchalantly.


The few people in the room, even the foolish ones, could see that Feng Wushen was so terrifying that even Tian Xianzi and Zhang Wufeng had to bow down.


Feng Wushen's eyes looked towards Elder Wang, whose fire poison had already subsided, but he was already weak all over and full of panic.


"Elder Wang, do you know why I didn't kill you?" Feng Wushen asked coldly.


Elder Wang shook his head in horror and looked at Feng Wushen with a look that was truly like looking at a monster.


"You are right to go on strike for the sake of order at the Alchemy Conference, but you are wrong to be blind and have no opinion! What kind of trash are they, isn't it clear to you?" Feng Wushen asked in a morose tone.


"Yes, yes, yes! Emperor Dan has taught me a lesson, I know I'm wrong." The old man Wang said in horror.


"I won't bother with you because you are a first offender, but you are no longer qualified to stay here." Feng Wushen said nonchalantly: "Fengyun, ask him to leave."


"Many thanks to Emperor Dan for not killing me!" Elder Wang bowed his head in thanks, his heart completely calm.


Even if he loses his qualification, the old man Wang already feels lucky to have spared his life.


"Yes Master!" Nie Fengyun, the Second Elder of the Star World Auction, said respectfully.


Nie Fengyun's speech once again shocked the crowd, each with stunned looks on their faces.


Nie Fengyun was a sixth grade alchemist, the second highest in the Star World Auction, with an equally terrifying status, but no one had expected him to be Feng Wushen's disciple!


Curiosity in the mind can be getting stronger.


Who the hell is Feng Wushen? Han Kun is his subordinate and Nie Fengyun is actually his disciple!


Zhuge Liancheng and Mo Ling'er gaped, their bodies already in a state of petrification.


"He... How can he have such a terrifying identity?" Zhuge Liancheng's face was filled with horror and disbelief, thinking about the time when he had sent someone to trouble Feng Wushen, Zhuge Liancheng's heart was filled with regret to the bottom.


"This can't be! It's absolutely impossible." Mo Ling'er shook her head in dumbfounded, not believing that Feng Wushen possessed such a terrifying position.


Although they did not know what Feng Wushen's identity was, anyone could see that he was very terrifying, far above the Zhuge family.


Noticing Mo Ling'er's expression, Liu Qingyang faintly sneered, “Mo Ling'er, I told you that you would regret it, who told you that the Grand Commander of the Yan Huo Empire is unqualified? You are too arrogant, underestimating Big Brother Feng, thinking that with the help of the Zhuge family you can trample Big Brother Feng under your feet. Big Brother Feng's current achievements are even more terrifying than you imagined, and you will never be able to surpass Big Brother Feng in your life."

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