Chapter 535 - Self Made

"Mo Ling'er, your abilities are truly formidable, and have left many people in the dust."


"But what Brother Feng has given these past few years is more than you can imagine."


Her icy beautiful eyes looked at the shocked and unacceptable Mo Ling'er, Ling Xiaoxiao spoke, with an icy tone and a hint of disgust.


"Shut up! Who are you to say anything about me? How do you know how much I've given these last few years?" Mo Ling'er coldly yelled at Ling Xiaoxiao, having completely lost her nerve.


Mo Ling'er couldn't stand people pointing fingers at her, and especially at Ling Xiaoxiao, because it would make her feel inferior to Ling Xiaoxiao and make others feel that she had made the wrong choice in leaving Feng Wushen.


Only, Mo Ling'er probably didn't even think about it, she was now very jealous of Ling Xiaoxiao.


Before Feng Wushen appeared, Mo Ling'er was undoubtedly an existence that ruled the roost in the Illusory Sea Realm, but after Feng Wushen appeared, she felt like the sky had collapsed and there was no place for her.


Mo Ling'er was not willing to let herself be stepped on by Feng Wushen.


The status that Mo Ling'er had gained through her efforts over the past few years was not worth mentioning in front of Feng Wushen.


However, Mo Ling'er has no power to change this.


"Feng Wushen, you're just a little Imperial Grand Commander!" Mo Ling'er yelled at Feng Wushen, looking extremely angry and defeated.


“This is just the tip of the iceberg you know, it is true that we are from the Yan Huo Empire, but a few years ago, Big Brother Feng already ruled the empire, pacifying the four empires, and was known as the strongest person of the four. empires!" Liu Qingyang said proudly.


A few years ago? Feng Wushen only seems to be 20 years old now, wouldn't he be 16 or 17 a few years ago?


The crowd was incomparably shocked, at the age of sixteen or seventeen he had the terrifying strength to level the four empires and become the strongest person in the four empires, how terrifying was this talent?


Feng Wushen shook his head and said, “Mo Ling'er, you have let me down too much, not only have you not changed in the slightest in recent years, but you have become even more aggressive.”


"Why should I change, what's wrong with me? I've come this far on my own merit to make myself stronger, to avenge the Mo family, to avenge you, what am I wrong about?" Mo Ling'er drank arrogantly, emotionally agitated.


"Ling'er! You are badly injured , don't get too excited." Zhuge Liancheng said worriedly.


"Shut!" Mo Ling'er scolded Zhuge Liancheng.


An emotional Mo Ling'er shows her rawer side.


At this moment, everyone present was able to see Mo Ling'er's essence.


"Mo Ling'er, you are hopeless, you think that you are not inferior to Big Brother Feng, and you are determined to trample him, but unfortunately you don't know how much Big Brother Feng has experienced along the way." Liu Qingyang shook his head and said.


"Big Brother Feng leveled all four empires with just one person, do you have that ability?" Liu Qingyang asked with a cold smile.


“Big Brother Feng has cultivated the Huo Yan Empire's Black Flag Army and the Heavenly Shadow Fire Cavalry into the strongest generals in the four empires, do you have that ability? Among the most elite generals of these Two empires, there are dozens of people whose cultivation is more powerful than yours, they are only elite generals of the empire, and they are not as talented as you."


"You think you are stronger than Big Brother Feng, but you don't know that if Big Brother Feng wants to kill you, one finger will be enough, even Qingqing, it is just as easy to kill you."


“After that, Brother Feng went to Kyushu and the Heavenly Domain, and with his great strength, he destroyed many powerful forces, made Kyushu and the Heavenly Domain into submission, and became the hegemon of Kyushu and the Heavenly Domain, and there are too many other things that you can't imagine, and you have that ability?"


Liu Qingyang's series of words stunned everyone present, and Mo Ling'er was completely shocked.


Among these people, even some geniuses, even Zhuge Liancheng, would not dare to claim that they have such an ability.


Who among them didn't get to where they are today with the help of their old man and his powerful career? If they only depended on them, they would have died many times.


"Stop being cocky, wake up, you can never surpass Big Brother Feng in your life! With this mentality, it's useless to try harder, stop making a fool of yourself." Liu Qingyang laughed coldly, and could be said to have called Mo Ling'er worthless.


"Ridiculous?" Mo Ling'er's tears rolled down her face, with the look of a lost soul.


At that moment, Mo Ling'er felt as if she had fallen into a world of darkness, her insides completely consumed by darkness, with no trace of light.


"Liancheng, break off your relationship with Mo Ling'er immediately! Or don't come back to the Zhuge family!" The Zhuge Family Head yelled coldly, Feng Wushen was more powerful than the Zhuge Family Head could imagine.


The head of the Zhuge family would never wish to offend Feng Wushen because of Mo Ling'er.


"Father! How can this be done? Ling'er is already very sad!" Zhuge Liancheng wailed.


"Humph! This is his fault! No one else is to blame. Don't bury your future for a woman." The head of the Zhuge family said cold-blooded and ruthless.


“I've made a fool of myself…” Mo Ling'er's eyes were hollow and her body swayed, as if her soul had left her body.


Mo Ling'er had lost everything, and the appearance of Feng Wushen caused her to instantly lose a piece of her body and reputation.


"Ling'er!" Zhuge Liancheng wanted to go after her, but was stopped by the head of the Zhuge family.


Mo Ling'er approached God Feng Wushen with a jolt, her eyes were hollow as she looked at Feng Wushen and tears kept rolling down.


"Feng Wushen, I have lost everything, my body is in tatters, I have come so far, the Zhuge family no longer loves me, and you are happy? It is you, it is all of you, you have made me lose everything." Mo Ling'er ripped out her heart and yelled, venting the resentment and anger in her heart.


"This is your own fault, Brother Feng didn't want to upset you, but you had to take revenge on Brother Feng yourself, you brought it on yourself, so you can't blame Brother Feng!" Miao Qingqing said coldly.


“Yes, I can't blame him, Master Dan Han Kun is under his ministry, Elder Nie is his disciple, Elder Tian Xianzi and Elder Zhang treat him with respect, how dare I, a weak woman, blame him? Yes, I asked for it, I asked for it, but did I deserve it? Is it wrong for me to seek revenge? Why did the gods do this to me? Why? I'm not willing, I'm not…" Mo Ling' er became more and more agitated as he spoke, and finally fell into a coma.


"Ling'er!" Zhuge Liancheng was so surprised that he rushed out in a hurry.


"Lian Cheng! Come back!" The head of the Zhuge family shouted angrily.


"Father, Ling'er is the love of my life, I only love Ling'er in my life, I can never leave her behind! Forgive me for being antiphilic!" Zhuge Liancheng said embarrassedly, shaking his body to preserve the unconscious Mo Ling'er.


His fierce gaze turned towards Feng Wushen, Zhuge Liancheng said ominously: "Feng Wushen! What you have done to Ling'er, I will make sure you pay me back ten times, I will never let it go! We'll see."





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