Chapter 536 - Emperor Dan's Conference

"Ungrateful son! Come back to me!" The head of the Zhuge family shouted angrily in extreme rage.


Unfortunately, Zhuge Liancheng ignored him in the slightest and walked off with the unconscious Mo Ling'er.


Zhuge Liancheng was determined and seemed to have made up his mind to be an enemy of Feng Wushen.


"Don't worry, Emperor Dan, I will definitely discipline my dog son properly and never let him cause trouble for Emperor Dan." His heart burning with anxiety to the bottom, the Zhuge Family Head rushed over to cup his fist at Feng Wushen and said.


"I admire Zhuge Liancheng." Feng Wushen said nonchalantly.


Fearing nothing for the sake of his beloved, Zhuge Liancheng's courage is truly worthy of respect.


"My matter has been resolved, and I'm really sorry for delaying the alchemy assembly for some time, senior Tian Xianzi, you can start the alchemy assembly now." Feng Wushen spoke lightly.


The Alchemy Conference is definitely an occasion for alchemists to exchange ideas with each other, as well as holding alchemy contests to select some outstanding alchemists.


The Alchemy Congress is a very big event for all alchemists, and everyone is very honored and proud to be able to participate in it.


All the alchemists with high alchemy realms counted out their alchemy tips one by one, while the other alchemists listened intently.


Feng Wushen sat in the meeting room, not saying a word, but listening to the alchemists exchange their ideas.


Ling Xiaoxiao and Liu Qingyang, for their part, observed the beauty of the sea from outside the compound.


As time passed, the assembly, which lasted for almost two hours, finally came to an end.


"The realm of the Dan Emperor, compared to all of you have more or less heard of it, that is the legendary realm of alchemists, today we are lucky to have the Dan Emperor to teach us, please have the Dan Emperor!" On the high platform of the meeting room, Tian Xianzi was laughing happily, it was as if he had waited for decades for this moment.


"A lecture from Emperor Dan?" Numerous alchemists were shocked.


"Is he really in the realm of Emperor Dan? Isn't Emperor Dan calling him?"


"How is it possible, the Dan Emperor is young and could never have reached the legendary realm of the Dan Emperor."


"Is Emperor Dan an alchemist? Isn't he a sixth grade enrollment master?"


The public was shocked, no one believed that Feng Wushen had reached the legendary realm of the Dan Emperor, and they thought that the Dan Emperor was just an honorific for Feng Wushen.


"Silence". Tian Xiaozi clenched his hand, not bothering to explain the crowd's doubts.


When Feng Wushen went up to the high platform, the entire hall was quiet, and the few people from Tian Xianzi were like students, sitting in the first row of seats under the high platform.


Tian Xianzi's move further shocked many alchemists.


Is Feng Wushen really in the realm of the Dan Emperor?


Naturally, Feng Wushen was able to see the crowd's suspicions, but he didn't care in the slightest.


Feng Wushen's lecture was devoted entirely to the exchange of ideas among alchemists, pointing out their mistakes and instructing how to correct them.


At first, the crowd didn't believe it, but when Feng Wushen pointed out his mistakes and how they could be corrected, many alchemists were shocked to understand, even the sixth grade and seventh grade alchemists, who revealed a look of disbelief.


Every time Feng Wushen pointed out a mistake and pointed out its correction, it gave the alchemists a feeling of increasing enlightenment.


In just a few minutes, Feng Wushen's lecture had benefited the crowd and made them feel that they had broadened their horizons in the realm of the Dao of Pills in general.


As the saying goes, listening to a lecture is better than reading a book for ten years.


As Feng Wushen told about the most esoteric alchemy, the crowd was even more shocked, the many details as well as the methods, the areas involved, were completely beyond their imagination, even Tian Xianzi had never been exposed to them.


Many alchemists, who have already slowly passed from initial belief to worship, had respectful and excited faces.


They had realized that Feng Wushen's height in the Dao of Pill realm was beyond their imagination.


Being able to listen to Feng Wushen's lectures was the most valuable thing in their lives, absolutely priceless and at the same time a great honor for them.


However, the tendrils fought for them.


Feng Wushen would not have agreed to this if not for the repeated pleas from Tian Xianzi and the others.


In the end, when Feng Wushen spoke of true alchemy, he performed the divine ability of forming pills with a single thought in front of the crowd, a powerful magical alchemy that left everyone speechless.


Having seen the divine ability to form a pill with a single thought, the crowd only believed that Feng Wushen had entered the legendary Dan Emperor realm.


Such a terrifying presence was a shock to the great powers.


The alchemists' faces showed that they did not regret dying if they could see the divine ability to form a pill with a single thought in this lifetime.


"Emperor Dan, what would it take to reach the realm of pill refining without the need for a dan furnace?" Tian Xianzi intently asked for advice, and the crowd looked at Feng Wushen nervously.


"The oven is just an external object, as long as you have the oven in your heart, you will be able to do it one day, well, the lecture is here." On the high platform, Feng Wushen smiled slightly and stood up.


At these words, the crowd was stunned at first, and then everyone revealed a look of reluctance.


Feng Wushen 's lectures have benefited them greatly, at least in the future on the path of alchemy, with far fewer detours.


"Emperor Dan is upstairs, please accept the disciple's bow." The alchemists knelt and worshiped one after another, treating Feng Wushen with respect and reverence as a god.


Faced with Emperor Dan, any alchemist is a disciple.


If Mo Ling'er were there at that moment, her jaw would have dropped.


Feng Wushen's status is so supreme that alchemists throughout the Infinite Domain respect her as a god, and with her status, she is far inferior to Feng Wushen.


"Thank you, Emperor Dan, for teaching us." Tian Xianzi bowed deeply in respect.


Tian Xianzi is an eighth grade alchemist, but after listening to Feng Wushen's lecture, he also greatly benefited from Feng Wushen's achievements in the Dao of Pills, which can be described as divine.


Tian Xianzi is nowhere near as good as Feng Wushen by a hair.


Feng Wushen said nonchalantly, “Alchemists are loved by the world for the purpose of refining pills, not to flaunt their power.”


"I wish to follow the teachings of Emperor Dan." The alchemists respectfully bowed one after another.


"Well, I have other things to do, so I'll say goodbye, in the future, if you encounter any difficulties in alchemy that you can't solve, you can always go to the Star Realm Dragon God Temple to find me, I am the master Temple, but I have to collect money, I am very poor, I earn a lot". Feng Wushen smiled slightly and said.


The moment they heard the words, the crowd cheered, this meant that they could receive Emperor Dan's guidance at any time, this would definitely be of great benefit to their pill-making realm.


Gold coins are just dung to them.


"Greetings to Emperor Dan." All the alchemists together respectfully followed Feng Wushen as he left the place.


Even if they had a million reluctances, no one dared to hold them back, no one dared to be greedy for more.


"Emperor Dan, any difficulties in the Illusory Sea Realm can come to Heavenly Sea City, and my disciples will do their best." At the entrance to the meeting room, Tian Xianzi said respectfully.


Who else in the Illusory Sea Realm would dare to provoke Feng Wushen?


The Infinite Realm as well as the great powers of the Western Region have also spoken out.


This Alchemy Conference is enough to make Feng Wushen famous in the Endless Domain.



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