Chapter 54 - The trio of fishermen

When Li Luo crossed the stream and set foot on the other bank, they also saw some figures passing by not far away, but after meeting each other's eyes for a moment, they dispersed in unison and quickly entered the complex terrain. and the densely forested mountains.


The three also entered the shady mountain forest. They heard the sound of birdsong among the mountains and their expressions became a little more serious.


"What do you plan to do next?" Li Luo asked as he looked at the two, Zhao Gao and Yu Lang.


Zhao Gao laughed, “I was thinking of going to the elimination rounds here first to mix up some points on my own, but now I think I’ll follow you a bit first.”


"Because of that Lian Chong's words?"


Li Luo said, "No need, your threats haven't bothered me much."


"Li Luo you are definitely capable, of course I know that you are not afraid of him, but just worry that the other party will gather people from the Eastern Abyss School to surround you, although I am not as strong as you, but if I encounter this situation, at least I can help you share a little." Zhao Gao said.


Then he smiled again: "Besides... Wouldn't it be faster to follow you, Li Luo, and mix points?"


Li Luo smiled. He knew that Zhao Gao did it more because he wanted to do something for him, so he didn't advise further and nodded.


"And you?" He looked at Yu Lang.


Yu Lang ruffled his bangs and said in a deep voice: "You know what I can do, as long as I am willing, this elimination tournament I, Yu Lang, will be like a fish in water, so if you are willing to pay a high price For hiring me to protect you, I can give you a discount in addition to our friendship, a thousand golds!"


Just before the words left his mouth, Li Luo and Zhao Gao walked away towards the front.


Yu Lang was anxious: "Five hundred gold!"


Li Luo still didn't pay attention to him.


Yu Lang said angrily, "If you think the price is bad, then you should return it! You are so disrespectful! Where did you learn all these bad habits."


“Equipment .” Li Luo stretched out his left hand and shook it, with a smile on the corner of his lips.




Li Luo almost turned his back on him and said, "Bird, you are a real slut."


Yu Lang said smugly: "As long as you dare to return it, I dare to answer it. Li Luo, do you think the equipment will be able to humiliate me? How naive."


Li Luo shook his head helplessly, but there was a faint smile in his eyes. He knew that both Zhao Gao and Yu Lang were still worried about whether he was really in the sights of the Eastern Abyss School, so that was why they decided to follow him, lest he fall into the gutter when the time came.


These two men, with different personalities, are nevertheless good friends worthy of a deep friendship.


"I have a proposition".


Yu Lang suddenly said: "The three of us together will be too conspicuous, I suggest Zhao Gao go ahead alone, then Li Luo will use his water shadow technique to take me to hide at the back."


Li Luo said thoughtfully: "Do you want to fish?"


And the bait is clearly Zhao Gao, who, alone and looking naive and honest, could easily be targeted by others with bad intentions who would then try to steal his points.


"It is a good idea".


Zhao Gao smiled, then picked up his expression, and immediately his whole person gave off a naive, wooden, and even a little shy feeling.


"Zhao Gao, with this acting ability, you have really buried yourself in the South Wind School." Yu Lang said shocked by the sight.


Zhao Gao laughed nervously and scratched his head.


"Then let's do". Seeing this, Li Luo also clapped his hands and settled into the fishing trio, which was officially formed.




In the dense forest, full of bushes, there are many spots of light that filter through the gaps in the leaves.


A somewhat burly figure walks cautiously through the forest, his constantly flickering gaze looking in all directions, a cautious gaze of the utmost importance.


From time to time, he would even hide in a shadow for a moment before remaining silent.


He lives with the air of I'm afraid and I'm weak.


And in some hidden places behind the burly figure, Li Luo and Yu Lang were watching in the shadows, and both of them were a little lost in thought as they looked at Zhao Gao's cautious appearance.


"This performance is very down to the bone." Yu Lang sighed, he originally thought that he was already good at acting, but right now it seemed that this Zhao Gao was not a simple character either.


Li Luo nodded with deep empathy, and felt that Zhao Gao was really putting his heart and soul into his performance and had a lot of potential.


"But others are also being cautious."


Li Luo looked somewhere in the shadows, for he had long ago noticed that two men had been staring at Zhao Gao earlier, but the other had not made a move, but stood more obscenely behind him, keeping an eye on him. .


Obviously, the other party was also checking whether Zhao Gao was really as timid and scared as he seemed.


Furthermore, those two had already detected Zhao Gao's rear several times, but Li Luo's concealment techniques were obviously not something they could spy on, and instead, Li Luo detected the trail as a result.


But Li Luo could sense that those two were already starting to push a bit, as Zhao Gao's performance was so absorbing that those two were afraid to take the bait.


And just as Li Luo silently recited the countdown in his mind, in the dense forest, leaves shook and two figures shot out, finally landing in front of and behind Zhao Gao, just in time to block his path of retreat.


This change of events made Zhao Gao immediately shocked and said with an angry expression on his face, "What do you want? I'm from the Southern Wind School, do you dare try to touch me?"


This stern look made Li Luo and Yu Lang in the shadows applaud again in their hearts.


The two people who appeared seemed to be from two different academies, but their strength was not weak, with their Resonance power increasing throughout their body, and both of them had obviously reached the Seventh Seal realm.


"Brother, I have been following you for half a day, you are that Zhao Gao from the South Wind School, right? I have seen you from the top of the big exam material... Let's not talk nonsense, let's hand out the points." The two people blocking the road said.


"Keep dreaming!" Zhao Gao roared, and as his Silver Resonance power increased, he had already activated his own Silver Bear Resonance.


As soon as he moved, the two men did not hesitate to attack directly, only to see them, facing each other, both with long swords, attacking Zhao Cuo as fast as lightning.


The blows are quite hard and merciless.


Only, at the moment when his attack was about to fall on Zhao Gao, suddenly, behind the two, a subtle sound of broken wind came loudly.


The two men's sweat hairs stood on end instantly, and then they saw a sneer emerge on Zhao Gao's originally timid face in front of them.


"Shit, they hit him!"


The two men understood instantly and their hearts were filled with unrest and anger. Obviously, they had detected the surroundings many times with great care, but why did they still not find each other?


The other side is too much dog!


They knew that they were already in a trap, and now they could only join forces to capture that guy who pretended to be a pig as a hostage, so that the other side would be afraid of him.


Zhao Gao also sensed the two men's intention, but not only did he not hide, but his eyes showed a fierce light, and that look was very different from his previous timid temperament.


He spun his great ax in his hand as if forming a wheel of swords, colliding directly with the two men in harsh contact.




The sound of gold and iron sounded, sparks flew everywhere, Zhao Gao let out a muffled growl, his body shook and he was thrown backwards, after all, the other two were not weaker than him, and now who had joined forces, naturally overpowered him instantly.


But before these two could continue their chase, two majestic Resonance forces roared behind them and struck them directly in the back.




The two men spat out a mouthful of blood and sank like rolling pumpkins.


When they stood up again, a short blue knife and a thin sword hung from their necks.


"Brother, if you move any more, you're going to bleed." A playful voice came from the side.


They both looked at each other, their faces turning gray and dejected as they cursed, “Damn, your South Wind School is too sinister to play fishing!”


"If they weren't greedy, I wouldn't be able to pick it up."


Li Luo smiled, then greeted Yu Lang and Zhao Gao, each took off the crystal token on his chest and rubbed it on the crystal tokens of the two big fish, directly cleaning their points.


As the points on the crystal tiles returned to zero, a sharp red light suddenly erupted from the tiles, and then a beam of light spread out from them, uniting them into a solid beam.


This indicates the meaning of being eliminated and the temporary binding is meant to restrict his movement so as not to disturb the other trainees.


With their points taken, the three of them didn't bother talking any more nonsense with these two guys and simply turned around and left, with faint sounds coming from them.


"Not a bad haul, I wonder who will be the next unlucky one."


"A little fatter than these two guys, I hope."


"But Zhao Gao you're really good at this acting thing, these two have been following you very cautiously for half an hour and you still ended up fooling them."


"Haha, above, there are actually some details that still need to be improved, for example, when they appeared to catch me, I should have shown some panic to make it more realistic."


"That's a very dedicated attitude you have."


"Hey, in this business, isn't it about doing what you do and loving what you do?"


"You have left me a little speechless..."

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